Fly Fishing in National Parks: Explore the Beauty

Fly Fishing in National Parks: Explore the Beauty

Fly Fishing Zion National Park

National Parks Fly Fishing
Photo courtesy of Zion National Park

Zion National Park, renowned for its breathtaking mountain views and towering sandstone cliffs, needs no introduction. It is a paradise for hikers, campers, and canyoneers. But did you know that within minutes of the park, you can also enjoy fly fishing in the nearby lakes and streams? Fly fishing adds another layer of adventure to your visit to Zion National Park.

Just a short drive from the east entrance of Zion, you’ll find our trophy trout lake. If you venture a little further north, you’ll discover blue ribbon streams teeming with aquatic life. Kolob Reservoir, a blue ribbon trophy lake, is home to impressive rainbows and cutthroats, serving as the headwaters of the Virgin River drainage. The north fork of the Virgin River flows right through the heart of Zion National Park, providing additional fly fishing opportunities.

Another nearby gem is Navajo Lake, where the water from the lake drains through lava tubes into the Virgin River waterway. The shallow depths of Navajo Lake make it challenging for rainbow trout to survive the winter, resulting in the introduction of splake, a lake trout and brook trout hybrid. These large splake have thrived in Navajo Lake, making it an exciting destination for fly fishing enthusiasts.

Heading west from Zion National Park, you’ll encounter Sand Hollow State Park, a warm water fishery known for its large bass. Anglers from all over the western United States flock to this reservoir for its fantastic fishing. Sand Hollow State Park is a worthy stop for fly fishing enthusiasts seeking a different fishing experience.

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Fly Fishing Bryce Canyon National Park

National Parks Fly Fishing
Photo courtesy of Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park boasts the largest collection of hoodoos in the world. These unique rock formations, shaped by years of erosion, create a stunning landscape that is perfect for exploration. The hikes within the park provide hours of adventure amidst these towering pillars.

To the north of Bryce Canyon, you’ll discover two blue ribbon streams and reservoirs that offer some of the best fly fishing experiences in Southern Utah. If solitude is what you seek, these pristine stretches of water will not disappoint.

About 30 miles west of the park lies Panguitch Lake, a blue ribbon reservoir teeming with big Bonneville Cutthroat Trout—the state fish of Utah. Fishing at Panguitch Lake promises an encounter with these impressive trout, living up to its name, as “Panguitch” means “big fish” in Paiute.

Fly Fishing Capitol Reef National Park

National Parks Fly Fishing
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Capitol Reef National Park is a treasure, with its golden sandstone layers, canyons, and unique rock formations like Chimney Rock and Hickman Bridge. The park is also famous for Capitol Reef, known for its white sandstone domes, as well as the towering monoliths of Cathedral Valley.

Surrounding Capitol Reef are productive blue ribbon streams and reservoirs, the most notable being Fish Lake. This beautiful alpine lake offers a variety of fish species, including lake trout, splake, rainbow trout, and yellow perch. The majestic scenery surrounding Fish Lake adds to the overall experience of fly fishing in this area.

Just a short distance south of the park, you’ll find Boulder Mountain, an elevated plateau with over 80 fishable lakes. Whether you’re a fishing enthusiast, camper, or hunter, Boulder Mountain offers activities for everyone to enjoy.

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Experience the thrill of fly fishing in the stunning national parks of Utah. From the iconic Zion National Park to the awe-inspiring Bryce Canyon and the majestic Capitol Reef, these parks provide not only breathtaking landscapes but also incredible opportunities for fly fishing. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature as you cast your line and reel in your next catch. For more information and to book a trip, visit East Coast Paddle Sports today.

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