Whitewater rafting season

Whitewater rafting season

Whitewater rafting season on Washington

When will Wet Planet’s whitewater rafting season be here?

We’re all counting down the days until the 2019 whitewater rafting season begins! The Wet Planet commercial season kicks off on March 30th with a weekend of River Rescue Courses, followed by our first White Salmon River rafting trip on April 1st. Shake off the winter and come explore the rivers of the PNW with us this spring!

Which whitewater rafting and kayaking rivers run in the spring?

Part of what makes spring so fun is all the rivers we’re able to run!

The White Salmon River

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This river has become the PNW favorite for its ability to be exciting no matter what time of year! Friendly for both first time rafters and experienced boaters, each season brings out a different personality on the White Salmon River. As the water flow increases in the springtime, the rapids feed into one another, creating a continuous, thrilling, and splashy roller coaster ride. We recommend visiting the White Salmon River during various parts of the season for totally different experiences each time you run the river!

The Wind River

The Wind River is one of the most challenging commercial river rafting runs in the Pacific Northwest, cascading through tightly-spaced boulder gardens and steep ledge drops in a series of class IV to class V rapids. We are currently booking trips on weekends in April and May.

The Farmlands

Located 10 miles north of the Forest Service put-in for the most-rafted section of the White Salmon River, this narrow gorge is awe-inspiring – if you take your eyes off the rapids long enough to look around! The Farmlands offers continuous class IV-V whitewater rafting in a series of canyons defined by vertical cliff walls and the horizon lines of stair-stepping rapids. This run is usually at the perfect flow just after the Wind season, likely in early June. If you’re not already on the call list for this incredible PNW run, you should be, so give us a call!

The Klickitat River

Weaving through thick pine forests, steep canyons, and basalt cliffs, whitewater rafting on the Klickitat River is the only way to truly see the beauty of this deep wilderness area. This is our longest Spring trip, crashing through continuous class III wave trains and discovering history unique to the area all day long. We are booking rafting trips on the Klickitat River for weekends in late April through May, and as long as water levels permit.

The Owyhee River

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Dubbed the Grand Canyon of Oregon, the Owyhee River is easily one of the most underrated multi-day trips. Due to popular demand, we’re offering 3 different opportunities to spend 5 days rafting, camping, hiking, and lounging in the hot springs of the Owyhee River. Check out OPB’s segment featuring the Owyhee River for a glimpse of this desert oasis! If you can’t make this spring multi-day trip, join us for the Main Salmon River later in the summer.

The Hood River

If everything else is too high, the Hood River will be just right! The West Fork and Main Hood are where you’ll see our guides playing during the winter months, weaving through the steep boulder gardens in the morning then crashing through the big, continuous wave trains in the afternoon. When the White Salmon or Wind River are too high to raft, the Hood River will be offered as an alternative run if applicable. You can also ask to be added to the Hood River call list; call or email us if you’re interested.

Idaho’s Main Salmon River

Transport yourself into the mountains and true wilderness of Idaho’s Main Salmon River, where big water splashes, warm sandy beaches, and rugged scenery fill your multi-day river trip. The adventure of travelling with family or friends deeper into the river canyons each day, while camping at night under clear starry skies, is a unique experience that is sure to create memories that last a lifetime. Our first Main Salmon River Rafting Adventure is a 5-day trip June 30th-July 4th. Every other Main Salmon trip is 6-days, including our Yoga & Rafting Retreat July 8-13th, July 24-29th, August 1-6th, August 17-22nd, and our multi-day kayak trip August 25-30th.

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If you can’t decide which river you want to run, book one of our Multi River Spring Packages for the opportunity to explore several of them in one action-packed weekend!

For the highly adventurous, we’re currently booking trips for the class IV/V Wind River on weekends this April and May, and have a waiting list for the class IV/V Farmlands in June. We may even see the Hood River come in this year – call us at 877-390-9445 for more information or to sign up for the waiting list!

The White Salmon River, a PNW classic, is perfect for first time rafters as well as veteran rafters any time of year!

Other ways to discover the wonders of Spring in the Pacific Northwest are by spending a day on the Klickitat River, with it’s continuous class III rapids winding through basalt cliffs and dense forests, or perhaps you’d like to explore the deep canyons of the Owyhee River with a 5-day trip on either May 6-10th or as a part of Wet Planet’s Rowing and Paddle Raft Guide School.

Once the whitewater rafting season begins on April 1st, you have got plenty of options to get paddling on the river, so let’s do it!

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