Whitewater rafting las vegas

Whitewater rafting las vegas

A Las Vegas Grand Canyon rafting trip is considered the ‘trip of your life where you get to explore nature’s magnificent wonder, the historic separation canyon, and the majestic Colorado River flowing through it.

You will be thrilled with the challenging whitewater rapids and amazed by the mesmerizing surrounding beauty. And the best thing is that there are so many ways to enjoy the canyon’s beauty.

You can start by rafting down the Canyon Colorado River, go off-river hiking, camping, relax on the hidden grottoes and end the expedition by soaring overhead in a helicopter ride. Alternatively, you can go on scuba excursions on the river or take a 1-day swim excursion in the turquoise pools and waterfalls.

Below are listed some of the best one-day rafting tours down the Colorado River, which start from Las Vegas. There are also multi-day tours to explore everything the canyon offers, leisurely family-friendly tours on smooth waters for a relaxing get-together with family, and challenging white water rafting trips on rapids for the adventure seekers.

We are the number one rafting service offering more than 600 trips with 15 top outfitters in one place for you to search for. We will help narrow down your options and find available Grand Canyon rafting trips from Las Vegas that best fit your schedule.

Grand Canyon Whitewater Trips From Las Vegas

Most Grand Canyon West rafting tours are from the Colorado River’s Westernmost part, starting from river mile 188-Whitmore Wash to river mile 280-Lake Mead. These adventure trips begin and end in Las Vegas and may include pick up and drop as necessary.

You will have an expert traveler accompanying Las Vegas visitors. Each of our experts has specific interests in history, geology, and local culture. You get to choose which expert you want, based on the types of stories and information you will want to know from them.

Our professional river guides will also cook delicious food for you through the expedition. We provide them with the proper camping equipment to keep you comfortable at the Grand Canyons campgrounds.

About boats, we make your ride as comfortable as possible through our patented ‘J-Rig’ rafts. Its seats make your trip even more relaxed, going either way up and down the river.

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Don’t forget to bring along a waterproof camera.

We provide some excellent river trekking tours down the Colorado River and from Las Vegas. And all expeditions offer some incredible photo opportunities of surreal fluted rock formations, pillars, and buttresses you won’t want to miss!

2-Day White Water Rafting Tour from Las Vegas

This adrenaline-filled trip of your life starts with a complimentary pick-up service at your hotel. We drive you past the Hoover Dam and along the famous Route 66 to the Hualapai Indian community of Peach Springs, Arizona.

You get to grab breakfast at Kingman, Arizona, en route before heading to Hualapai Lodge. We then take you to the Grand Canyon National Park and the base of Grand Canyon to provide you with your rental camping gear (rain gear and life vests). You are ready to hit the water on a pontoon raft after a brief safety orientation with your expert rafting Native American guide.

The first day sends you rafting through nine rated rapids reaching class 7 height before the water slowly evens out. We make stops through the trip to let you explore the many hidden waterfalls and canyons, including going on a side hike to the Travertine waterfall.

Before continuing down the river, you get to enjoy a complimentary lunch in the canyon solitude. We then set up camp at the secluded beach near the river and end the day with a free cowboy-style cookout around the campfire, under the stars, while your guide narrates some exhilarating stories.

The second day starts with a hot, delicious breakfast waiting for you to provide the energy to paddle down the mighty Colorado River. Don’t worry. This day is relatively relaxing, where you get to take a dip in the river and go on a short nature hike post-lunch. The trip ends at Pierce Ferry and concludes with drop-off service to your Las Vegas hotel.

40-Miles Self Drive One-Day Grand Canyon White Water Rafting Tour

This expedition is quite similar to the abovementioned one; the main difference is that there’s no hotel pickup and drop-off. So it’s a better choice for guests with a car, or who prefer renting a car and driving down to Hualapai land on their own.

We, however, have a van waiting for you at Peach Springs to take you to Colorado River base camp to start your 40-mile and 5.5-hour long rafting adventure. There’s not only fantastic scenery waiting for you but also beautiful birds and wildlife. Keep a lookout for the Osprey and Big Horn Sheep. The high canyon walls on your sides will leave you tingling with excitement while negotiating the thriver’s many twists and turns.

Don’t worry about safety because it is our guide’s top priority. They will be with you all the time. They will stop the raft at a secluded spot beach whenever you want a break, where you can take a dip and enjoy your delicious picnic lunch. Relax after lunch, lying on the sands in eternal bliss. You can continue your rafting trip once refreshed and ready.

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After the trip, we will introduce you to your pilot and put you on a short one-hour helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon’s West Rim. You will be awed by the panoramic views over the Black Canyon, Bypass Bridge and the Dam.

You can at the West Rim buy souvenirs at the gift store as a reminder of this incredible experience. Once done with your shopping, our van takes you back to Peach Springs and your parked car to return to Las Vegas.

Western River Expeditions

Our western Grand Canyon river rafting trip starts with a scenic flight that takes you from Las Vegas to the famous Bar 10 Ranch. On the first day, you get an opportunity to enjoy a delicious lunch and dinner.

You can spend the rest of the day going horseback riding, skeet shooting, volleyball, ATVs, and watching some exciting demonstrations and western country programs. You get to choose how you end the day- by roughing it out under the stars in a wagon or one of Bar 10 Ranch lodge rooms.

The second day comprises an aeroboat tour across Lake Mead to your endpoint. Based on your itinerary, you can end the day traveling by bus or van to your hotel or anywhere else.

3-Day Grand Canyon Rafting Trip

This trip starts from the canyon’s lower 100 miles, where the Colorado RIver’s famous rapids are slightly tamer but just as exciting. The scenery highlights the journey, with the sunlight and massive sandstone cliffs creating imaginary shapes.

The many hidden waterfalls and pools beautifully carve their way through and down the river. Adventure lovers will especially love the wildlife you get to see around you, like the majestic Big Horn sheep, Blue Heron, and soaring eagles and hawks.

The canyon walls turn nighttime into heaven by unveiling the innumerable stars that end up playing games with your eyes. The Grand Canyon 3-day river trip offering easy access from Las Vegas, Nevada, makes this an even more incredible and unforgettable Grand Canyon rafting journey.

One-Day Grand Canyon Helicopter Flight with Colorado River Rafting Trip

This full-day sightseeing adventure starts with a hotel pickup in Las Vegas, where we take you to the Boulder City Municipal Airport to catch your 1-hour round trip through the West Rim. Your pilot takes you over sites like the modern-day engineering marvel, the famous Hoover Dam, the extinct volcano Fortification Hill, and beautiful aqua waters and sandstone shorelines of Lake Mead.

You next find yourself soaring along the mighty Colorado River’s path into the majestic Grand Canyon landscape. It’s on the return flight to Boulder City that you get to absorb the panoramic views of the rugged Mojave Desert.

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We then take you on a short drive to the Colorado River launch area to climb into a comfortable raft and head off meandering along the river through Black Canyon. As usual, there’s a stop on a secluded beach where you can dip in the clear waters and enjoy your picnic lunch box. We end the trip by dropping you off at your Las Vegas hotel.

The Ultimate Grand Canyon 6 or 7-Day Vacation

This may be one of the most famous, physically demanding, but rewarding rafting trips available worldwide. Most of our visitors claim that the experience of spending a week outdoors is indeed life-changing. However, we do recommend you be physically fit and prepared to partake in this tour so that you can make the most of the trip.

The beauty of this vacation is that you have so much time to explore the Grand Canyon 188 miles. You can go on canyon hikes, swim in pristine pools and sparkling streams, and explore ancient Anasazi ruins. Our unique J-rig rafts are just what you need to experience the thrill of more than 60 whitewater rapids with maximum excitement and comfort.

These trips are usually conducted in April and September when there’s shortened daylight for guests who want to spend more time on the river. In June, we also run tours when there are longer daylight hours for the more physically-capable guests who wish to go on extensive hikes and explore the canyon entirely.

What to Pack for your Grand Canyon Colorado River Trip

With the fluctuating weather conditions in the Grand Canyon, it’s always better to be ready for anything. Proper planning and the right equipments will help ensure you enjoy the entire trip. Based on the many Grand Canyon tours conducted, we have compiled a list of the equipment and clothing you need to remain happy throughout the trip duration.

All you have to do is pack these things in a duffel bag, and we will take care of the rest. Pack your personal belongings like a comfortable t-shirt, flip flops, and shorts. Your gear and any beverages should preferably weigh up to 20 pounds to fit comfortably in the raft space.

Upon reaching your trip launch point, we will also provide you with your sleeping bag, sheet, ground tarp, and other essential camping gear in a waterproof bag. We recommend safely clipping your duffle bag in this bag to prevent your equipment from getting wet.

We will also provide you with a water-resistant day bag upon reaching the Canyon river edge to carry everything you will need during the day. This includes things like your medication, sun block, lip balm, river guidebook, camera, raingear, and perhaps tennis shoes.

You could pack these things in a simple plastic bag inside your duffel quickly transfer them to the day bag at the launch site. You may also consider packing a two-piece rain suit in the day bag as weather conditions are so unpredictable here.

Need Help Planning a Trip to Grand Canyon National Park?

Click here to book and sign up for your Grand Canyon rafting trip adventure from Las Vegas with the #1 rafting company, where you find all 15 top outfitters in one place ready to help you plan a great trip. We are licensed by the National Park Service and with an excellent reputation for our services and safety.

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