White water rafting nm

White water rafting nm

When you are wanting to take a family vacation, not many people think of New Mexico. But, while most people think it is just a dry, cactus-filled state, it’s much more than that if you take a closer look. Today we want to show you some of the best white water rafting trips that you probably didn’t know about until now that are right here in New Mexico.

So, read on, and get your rafts ready!

Here are the top 5 white water rafting trips in New Mexico:

  1. The Racecourse
  2. The Taos Box
  3. La Junta
  4. Rio Grande Gorge
  5. Rio Chama

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white water rafting new mexico

The Racecourse

As one of the most popular trips in all of New Mexico, the Racecourse offers a wild, yet super fun Class III river adventure for you and your family. While it may be wild, it is surprisingly one of the best trips for first-time rafters. So, no matter if you are a veteran white water rafter, or you have never been on a raft ever, this is the perfect trip for you.

new mexico white water rafting

The Taos Box

The Taos Box is one of the more fast-paced and action packed river adventures you can find in New Mexico. There is absolutely no chance that you will not be soaked by the time this trip is over. While you explore the inner part of the Rio Grande Gorge, you’ll be experiencing amazing Class IV white water rapids like Power Line Falls and the famous mile-long Rio Bravo. So, if you have a few rafting trips under your belt, this is for you!

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La Junta Rafting

Next on our list is La Junta. With its rare scenic views and remote location, it is one of the least traveled sections of the Rio Grande. However, regardless of that fact, it is an amazing and calm Class III river adventure with many opportunities to see some interesting wildlife, as well as some archeological sites near the riverside, which makes it the perfect choice for families and friends to enjoy!

white water rafting nm

Rio Grande Gorge

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Now, the Rio Grande Gorge is actually a mixture of both “The Racecourse,” the “Taos Box,” and the “La Junta.” As one of the most beloved river adventure trips in New Mexico, it is the most entertaining due to the fact that it has various Class levels ranging from II all the way up to IV. Not only do you get the action packed adventure of the “Taos Box,” you also get the more first-timer friendly “Racecourse.” So, it’s perfect for everyone.

nm white water rafting

Rio Chama

Last in line is the Rio Chama, and while not as famous as the Rio Grande, it offers just as much excitement. Being both wild and scenic, the Rio Chama is perfect for a family weekend getaway. Apart from having Class II rapids, this 130-mile river passes through a lot of history, such as the Church of the Desert and even areas with dinosaur dig-sites. No matter your age, this river hold something fun for everyone.


Although most River Rafting Companies raise their minimum age requirement during May and June, due to high rapid levels, nearly all of the rafting trips are an amazing experience for all ages. But, when choosing a family vacation, you should always consider this and book a trip during March, April, July, August and September, when the water levels are not as high.

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