White water rafting colorado age limit

White water rafting colorado age limit

Enjoy Whitewater Rafting For Kids of All Ages

White water rafting is about experiencing the outdoors in an exhilarating and unique way. From the scenic views to the blood-pumping rapids, white water rafting is unlike anything else in the world, and is a fantastic way for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages to experience the great outdoors. Rafting can grow with you and once you get a taste, you will be KODI Family for life!

We offer paddle trips (everyone has a paddle and helps out), paddle assist (where we row and kids get to dig in when they want), as well as a full on oar rig where you can sit back and enjoy while your guide does the work.

Different Rapid Classifications

A common misconception is that all white water rafting involves crazy, high-intensity whitewater. This is not the case. In fact, there are 6 different classes of rapids, and several of these make excellent white water rafting for kids.

Class I – Easiest

Class I white water is defined as moving water featuring small waves, few obstructions and the easiest to navigate

Class II – Easy

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Class II white water features easy rapids with small waves. The river’s path is unobstructed, and very little maneuvering of the raft is required. Channels are wide tend to be easy to navigate. This is a good place to start for young children. White water rafting for toddlers / children as young as 3 to 4 depending on the flows and river conditions is an option.

Class III – Moderate

Class III white water offers some of the best white water rafting for kids. While the rapids are exciting and at times, even irregular, Class III white water balances adrenaline with safety. Waves are moderately sized, obstacles can easily be avoided. The current is more powerful than lower ratings. Children as young as 6 years and 50 lbs. can participate on certain Class III trips we offer depending on river flows and conditions.

Class IV – Advanced

Class IV white water feature long, technical rapids that require precise maneuvering in a fast current. Rapids can be longer and passages become more constricted. Precise maneuvering is required. Young adults must be 14 years of age before participating in our Class IV trips.

Class V – Challenging

Class V white water is the most challenging that is commercially raftable. Rivers are often obstructed by unavoidable obstacles. There are often drops, holes and shoots and is recommended for physically fit individuals. experience is highly recommended. leave this one for the big kids, eighteen years of age and up!

*Class VI – Extreme

Class VI rapids are not commercially raftable. They present extraordinary difficulty with unpredictable outcomes. Don’t worry, we won’t do any rafting of this sort here.

White Water Rafting Family Vacations

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White water rafting is a great addition to any family vacation – we’re often told it was the hi-light of your vacation. It is certainly one way to find yourself on the same level as your teenager and the littles. Rafting is a classic way to create a family bonding experience.

Every paddler is properly outfitted with PFD’s (personal flotation devices), helmets and wetsuits if necessary. Trips will kick off with a safety talk and familiarization session. Kids are just as much a part of the team as adults, and they’re always welcome on KODI trips.

Tips To Remember For White Water Rafting

Family white water rafting trips are experiences your family will remember forever. To make the most of it, here are some brief tips to remember.

1. Prepare for the elements

The weather can change rapidly in the Rockies, so it’s important you’re ready for anything as we depart rain or shine!

2. Dress to get wet

You’ll definitely get wet, so wear quick-drying clothes or synthetics, as cotton gets colder when wet. Don’t worry, we have wetsuits and splash tops we can issue you just to cover the bases.

3. Don’t bring valuables

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Leave the expensive jewelry, hats and other accessories in the car. You’re likely to donate them to the river unintentionally while you’re paddling and we want you to yourself instead of wishing you would have backed up all of the photos on your phone.

Cell phones are also common casualties on white water rafting trips, and we recommend leaving them behind.

4. Hydrate and Fuel

Rafting is a work out, and the sun and elevation can effect everyone differently, so be sure to hydrate and fuel up before-hand. We don’t stop for snacks and discourage generating potential trash on the river. Full day trips do offer a riverside lunch.

5. Listen to your guide

Your guide has extensive river navigation, rescue and medical training. So help them do their job (which is to keep you safe!) by listening to them at all times.

Get in touch with KODI Rafting if you’re interested in white water rafting for kids. We are convenient to several Colorado towns:

  • Frisco
  • Buena Vista
  • Breckenridge
  • Denver
  • Idaho Springs
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