What to Wear When Jet Skiing – A Comprehensive Guide

What to Wear Jet Skiing – A Beginners Guide

Jet skiing is an exhilarating water activity that promises endless fun. The thrill of revving up the engine, feeling the spray of water push you forward, and maneuvering through impressive waves is unmatched. To ensure you have a fantastic time, it’s important to wear the right clothing. Additionally, it’s always wise to bring a change of clothes if you plan on doing something else after your water-based adventure. Read on to discover what to expect and what to wear on your next jet skiing excursion!

What to Wear While Jet Skiing

Jet skiing involves getting wet, so knowing what to wear plays a vital role in keeping you comfortable and dry. Here are ten tips for beginners on what to wear while jet skiing to enhance your experience.

1. Swimwear

The first consideration when heading out on your jet skiing adventure is your choice of swimwear. Whether it’s a pair of swimming trunks or a full-bodied swimsuit, the key is to opt for comfortable attire. Elastic, tight-fitting bathing suits provide the necessary mobility when maneuvering a jet ski. For women, REI offers a great selection of athletic swimwear that’s perfect for jet skiing. However, any bathing suit will suffice as long as you wear a life vest over it. For men, practically any swim trunks will do the job.

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2. Water Shoes

Having secure footing on your jet ski is crucial for a safe ride. To ensure this, appropriate footwear is essential. Look for water shoes that fit snugly and offer ample grip. Dicks Sporting Goods has affordable options, including their own brand.

3. Life Jacket/Life Vest

Safety is of utmost importance in jet skiing, so wearing a life jacket is mandatory, especially during Sea the City Jet Ski excursions. Ensure your life vest is properly fitted for optimal comfort and safety. Sea the City provides free life vests, but Dicks Sporting Goods also offers a great selection of products.

4. Safety Lanyard

When operating a jet ski, it’s important to wear a lanyard around your wrist that is attached to the key in the ignition. This safety measure, known as the kill switch cord, ensures that if you fall off, it kills the engine.

5. Sunscreen

Protecting your skin from the sun while riding the waves is essential. Apply sunscreen to prevent painful sunburns. Mineral sunscreens, such as those offered by Project Sunscreen, are safer than chemical types.

6. Cap or Hat

Wearing a cap or hat can shield your head and forehead from the scorching sun. Opt for tight-fitting options to prevent them from flying off when the wind hits.

7. Sunglasses or Goggles

Saltwater spray can irritate your eyes while jet skiing. To remedy this issue, invest in special goggles or sunglasses designed for water sports. SeaSpecs’ Classic Jet Specs are polarized to block harmful glare and are designed to float.

8. Water-Resistant Accessories

If you wear an Apple watch or something similar, keep in mind that it’s water-resistant, not waterproof. To avoid potential damage, it’s essential to safeguard your ID and boating safety certification in water-resistant accessories. Lululemon offers a water-resistant crossbody and belt bag, while Brag Wets provides a rugged, water-resistant clip wallet with an ID window.

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9. Gloves

While not everyone wears gloves while jet skiing, they can be beneficial, especially for beginners who may have a firmer grip on the handlebars. Gloves help prevent blisters and allow for better control. Ensure you choose a pair designed for water sports.

10. Weather-Appropriate Clothing

If you enjoy jet skiing in colder weather, invest in winterized active wear designed for water sports. These garments will protect you from the elements and keep you warm. At Sea the City, we provide all the necessary safety gear and weather-appropriate clothing for your comfort and protection.

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Prepare yourself with the right gear, follow safety guidelines, and get ready for an unforgettable jet skiing experience!

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