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Vasagatan raft
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Raft, an exhilarating Survival Game published by Axolot Games and created by Redbeet Interactive, offers an enticing journey through a treacherous ocean, unlocking different items, and gathering useful notes and blueprints on the way.

Vasagatan is an abandoned cruise ship which was initially provisioned for a quick getaway from the flooding of the Earth’s continents. The crew has passed away, leaving behind numerous notes and clues about the circumstances under which they left port as the ship stands abandoned on an isolated island.

All Raft Vasagatan Notes Locations

To help you get a hold of these notes, we have a complete guide for all Raft Vasagatan Notes Locations! We have also covered guides for other Raft locations here.

1st Note

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You will find the first note inside the ship’s back entrance. After you enter the ship through the back door, go inside and in the room is the 1st Note on the table under a functioning light, in the center of the room. Pick this up.

2nd Note

After you have reached your location for the 1st Note, open the personnel-only door with a crowbar. Follow the path and enter the 4th door. Inside, you will find the 2nd Note, lying on top of a table in the kitchen area near the stoves.

3rd Note

The 3rd note is in the boat’s hold, in the last room at the end of the corridor. You will find it in the workshop, on a table.

4th Note

You will find the 4th note in the boat’s hold, in the first room in the corridor, the staff room. It is inside a locker. To open the locker, you will need a bolt cutter.

5th Note

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The 5th note is on the first floor, in the Dance Hall, next to where you will find the bullet.

6th Note

You will find this Note in the 2nd floor upper deck area. The door requires a Key Card, to the right is the sitting area where the note is located.

7th Note

The 7th Note is located inside the main bedroom on the 4th floor. It can only be unlocked with a Green Key. To get the Green Key, head to the 3rd floor and find a dance floor that has a Card Key. Use the Card Key on the 2nd floor locked door and inside, you will find the Green Key that opens the main room.

8th Note

Raft Vasagatan Notes locations

You can find the 8th Note on the first floor inside the Captain’s Quarter. Head inside and find a safe that needs 4 digits code (the code is in the same place as the 6th note).

9th Note

Raft Vasagatan Notes locations

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The 9th Note is right beside the Captain’s Quarter in Room 2.

10th Note

Raft Vasagatan Notes locations

The 10th Note is on the 3rd floor inside the room that is blocked by a huge safe. You need to craft the Car Jacker to move the safe box away.

11th Note

Raft Vasagatan Notes locations

The 2 blueprints and the last Note can be found inside the main control room leading to the Bridge area. To get there, you need to head up to the fifth floor and blow up the door using the Bomb that you have crafted.

Raft Vasagatan Notes locations

We hope this guide helps you navigate your way through the Raft Vasatagan and collect all the required notes and blueprints. For more helpful guides, keep following Retrology.

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