• All Sunset Tours will resume next season-May 2019!

    All evening paddle tours depart from our Wakefield location as we follow the sun setting West on Point Judith Pond through the Narrows to explore the protected waters and inlets of Congdon Cove. In the evening, the upper pond is active with osprey and other seabirds & wildlife. Paddlers will rest and relax on Cummock Island and enjoy light refreshments and a small fire while we take in the golden setting sun to the west, the rising moon to the east, and the panoramic views of Point Judith Pond. This unforgettable experience will be highlighted by underwater lights used to guide us back to the dock. Paddlers will enjoy gorgeous views of the pond and the wildlife that is attracted to the surface by the illuminated craft, followed by a surreal paddle experience under the stars.

Kayak/$75 | Paddleboard/$65


  • Practicing Yoga on a SUP brings a whole new perspective to being fully present in the moment. Asanas (yoga poses) create a new challenge while floating, requiring full awareness, acceptance of mother natures mood and of course a sense of humor. Cobra pose takes on a whole new meaning as the sun bathes your face and illuminates your soul. Headstand brings fourth buoyant freedom as your feet soar to the heavens. Relaxing in the Savasana, the sounds of birds and fish splashing about allows one to sink into a natural state of bliss.



  • SUP or Kayak with your Pup every Saturday morning! Our experienced instructors will lead our pet-friendly paddling course and offer a new and exciting adventure for your furry friend! Beginning with land training, Paddlers will learn the fundamentals for safely paddling with their dogs. Once paddlers and pups are comfortable, we will explore Point Judith Pond and have a real Dog Party with our dogs showing us the real meaning of the Doggie Paddle! Your furry friend is going to beg to come back for more! Every Saturday morning 10-11:30.