Point Judith Pond supports the perfect spot for a yoga session. SUP Yoga is a great way to improve balance, gain core strength, and connect with nature. Toss in a few OMs, some breathing and you have Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga.


Practicing Yoga on a SUP brings a whole new perspective to being fully present in the moment. Asanas (yoga poses) create a new challenge while floating, requiring full awareness, acceptance of mother natures mood and of course a sense of humor. Cobra pose takes on a whole new meaning as the sun bathes your face and illuminates your soul. Headstand brings fourth buoyant freedom as your feet soar to the heavens.  Relaxing in the Savasana, the sounds of birds and fish splashing about allows one to sink into a natural state of bliss.


All levels are welcome to experience this retreat. Any practice can be modified for the beginner or intensified for the advanced. Each class is led by our certified instructors.


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