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Stranded deep rafts
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In Stranded Deep, players will need to move from island to island, and the starter Raft won’t be enough for real travel. Getting the hang of the first raft is complex, and if the player encounters some of the game’s deadlier sea creatures, they will quickly capsize and die. So the priority to exploring is building a new raft.

The only way to make a raft in Stranded Deep is for players to use the materials found around them to make their own raft. There is not much information about raft building in the game, but it is essential to advancing through the world. Building a raft is pretty extensive, and this guide covers everything.

So how do you build a raft in Stranded Deep?

Players can choose what to build in the crafting menu.

To float their raft, players must first select the Raft Base. Players will be able to create bases from various types of materials. They can make bases of sticks, buoy balls, tires, and barrels that they find. Each of these items just needs to be fastened together to form a small floating section.

After players have built their raft, they will need to provide themselves with a floor to stand on. Many people complain that they can only create a 1×1 raft, but that’s precisely how it works. The raft floor can be as large as the player desires, and it can take a very long time. The base is made of several types of floors, some of which are better than others.

Players can build floors out of wood, corrugated steel, or clay bricks. Once a floor has been built, it has to be attached to the base with a hammer.

How do you craft the raft propeller in Stranded Deep?

The player can propel the raft in Stranded Deep in two ways, and players may mix each method for an efficient raft. Making a sail is the slower but less complicated option. All players need is two sticks, a cloth, and some lashing to make a sail. Once attached to the sail, the raft’s sail will push it across the sea using wind energy.

The boat motor in Stranded Deep is far faster than the sail. It will take the player duct tape, an engine part, a fuel part, a filter part, and an electrical part to create a motor. Unfortunately, the player cannot find these elements in nature, so they must be found on shipwrecks. In addition to this, players will also have to find fuel for the engine.

How to get the anchor and rudder in Stranded Deep

Before players embark upon their quest for glory, they need to invest in an anchor and a rudder. The pilot of a raft needs to have both items, and they are reasonably easy to build.

Using a lashing, a cloth, and two sticks, the player can build a rudder to steer the boat in different directions. Once this is attached to the raft, players will have complete control of where they go. Boats with anchors stay in place, so players don’t have to worry about them floating away. An anchor is as simple as six rocks, a stick, and four lashings.

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