Stranded deep raft base

Stranded deep raft base
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The open world of Stranded Deep is vast, and one of the best ways to traverse the game’s enormous world is by using a raft. This quick raft building guide will show you how to build raft in Stranded Deep.

To start the process, you need to open the game’s menu, select “Vehicles,” and choose “Raft.” Then, follow the steps below to craft all the necessary parts.

Stranded Deep: How to Build a Raft

Step 1: Craft a Raft Base

The raft base is the first thing you need to build for your raft. There are four types of bases in the game as of now:

Base Recipe Wood Raft Base 14x Stick1x Lashing Buoy Raft Base 5x Buoy Ball1x Lashing Tyre Raft Base 2x Tyre1x Lashing Barrel Raft Base 3x Barrel1x Lashing

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You can build each raft base depending on the resources that you have (you’ll need buoys for the buoy base, etc.). However, out of four raft choices in the game right now, the barrel raft base is the most durable.

Barrels can be found tied to the shipwrecks. Use an axe to cut them down.

Step 2: Craft a Raft Floor

When you have your base ready, you need to craft a raft floor, which you can mount on the base:

Floor Recipe Driftwood Raft Floor 4x Stick Plank Raft Floor 2x Plank Corrugated Raft Base 2x Corrugated Steel Clay Raft Base 2x Clay Brick

The steel and brick floors are the best, especially if you’re about to undertake a long journey out to sea. Both of these materials will last you the longest.

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Corrugated steel or scrap can be found in crates and on islands. Bricks are much harder to get because you need to build a Brick Station and a furnace, which lets you make bricks out of clay.

Step 3: Craft Accessories

Now you need to craft the rest of your raft accessories to make your raft move, stop, and steer:

Accessory Recipe Boat Motor 1x Duct Tape1x Engine Part1x Fuel Part1x Filter Part1x Electrical Part Sail 1x Lashing1x Cloth2x Stick Rudder 1x Lashing1x Cloth2x Stick Anchor 6x Rock1x Stick4x Lashing

You can find all the necessary parts for the boat motor inside loot crates, which can be found inside shipwrecks and underwater bases.

But if you can’t find the parts for the motor, then you can simply use the sail, though you’ll move slower.

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Once you have the raft base, floor, and accessories, you can press “L2″/”LT” on consoles or “RMB” on PC to drag the raft into the water.

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