Rogue river rafting oregon

Rogue river rafting oregon

Rogue River rafting is unlike any other white water raft trip in the United States. Where else can you raft a wilderness river and stay in a comfortable lodge each evening? We are one of few river outfitters able to provide these lodge-to-lodge rafting trips due to our special relationships with the exclusive riverside lodges. Our long white water rafting history and relationships allow us to offer the pinnacle experience on the Rogue!

The Rogue River is one of the most famous whitewater river adventures in the American West, and for good reason. Flowing from the Cascade Mountains to the Pacific Ocean, ROW’s Oregon rafting trip takes place on the most scenic section of the river flowing through the heart of the Rogue River Wilderness. Fun, intermediate rapids, warm water, and a green-forested canyon makes the Rogue the perfect natural playground for the best whitewater rafting experience. To top it off, each night you stay at a remote riverside lodge where you enjoy your own room with private bathroom.

During the day you raft through the Rogue’s splashy rapids and, in the quiet pools between, watch for deer, black bear, river otters and a variety of birds that make this canyon their home. Like all the best whitewater rafting trips in the world, there’s plenty of variety both on and off water. On shore we walk along superb hiking trails and ROW guides share their favorite places with you, including historic homesteads, secret pools that you can jump into, and the rich stories of the river canyon. Few rivers offer such a magical blend of fun suitable for all ages.

We offer both three and four-day trips, both of which cover the same number of river miles. The three-day is great for people with limited time and each day is very full. Our four-day trip spends one more night in the canyon and allows for a more relaxed pace. You also experience one of the most incredible riverside lodges, Half Moon Bar Lodge, on the third night. If you like the idea of more time for off-river exploring and hiking, and the idea of having more time for our guides to share their favorite places with you, the four-day Rogue River rafting tour is a perfect choice.

Each lodge along the river is unique and has its own flavor and spectacular setting. Black Bar Lodge is set back about 200 yards from the river’s edge at the base of a mountain, with a large lawn that is perfect for playing frisbee and watching stars. There are individual cabins for guests. By contrast, Marial Lodge is closer to the river and perched among the trees, with mountain and forests behind. Guests stay in one of our couple lodge buildings with multiple rooms in the same building. Half Moon Bar Lodge is set on a bench above the river among a mix of hardwood and evergreen forest. It also has a large grassy meadow, perfect for playing catch and moon-gazing. Guests stay in lodge rooms in a central building, or in one of the small cabins. All the lodges have a common area for guests to gather. At each, the staff are warm and welcoming, meals are lovingly prepared and the views of the river canyon, always inspiring. Accommodations are simple and comfortable; the showers are hot and the toilets flush. The combination of raw nature during the day coupled with creature comforts at night is one that guests love.

Whichever length you choose, we welcome you to come raft this wild and scenic river with ROW Adventures! If you’re looking for additional information you may also enjoy our Blogs discussing the Best Time of Year to Raft the Rogue River as well as What Class of Rapids are on the Rogue River.

Honoring Native People and Lands

Recognizing the significance of our travels through Indigenous territory, we would like to recognize the communities whose lands we visit. It is our hope, in doing so, to honor their legacies, their lives, and their descendants. To learn more about territory acknowledgement and specific information about the Native communities of this region, please visit our Territory Acknowledgement page.

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