Rafting near bozeman mt

Rafting near bozeman mt


Participants of all ages will never forget the fun and thrill that they experience on a whitewater trip. Montana boasts some of the best river trips in the West. There is nothing quite like the feel of water spraying into your face, as you struggle to paddle an over inflated balloon like object around rocks and through narrow passages on a river which seems intent on drowning you. Such is the experience of whitewater rafting. You may also chose to paddle a kayak or a canoe down one of the wild rivers of Montana. Either way, you will never forget the thrill of the ride.

Where to go Whitewater Rafting

The Yellowstone, Madison, and Gallatin Rivers are all within easy driving distance of Bozeman. Each river is known for its calm sections, but each is better known for the wild ride that you can experience through the churning whitewater rapids.

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The Yellowstone River is a deep, wide river that runs through scenic Paradise Valley . Beautiful scenery can be enjoyed as you float through the calm sections between big water rapids.

The Gallatin River is smaller, but more technical than the Yellowstone with continuous rapids.

The Madison River runs through the Beartrap Canyon. If you have a full day to spend this is the trip for you. Usually the groups taking this route are small and there is more solitude on the river.

Rentals & Fees

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Costs and fees for a guided trip vary according to the type of trip you take and how long you want to be on the river.

You can enjoy half a day on the water or you can go for a full day. Other options include combination trips – river trip and horseback riding, chuck wagon cookout and river trip, a morning hike and an afternoon raft ride, a combo scenic float and whitewater trip, wildlife viewing and more.

Trip costs for an adult range from $39.00 to $100.00.

There are age restrictions on children so be sure and check with local outfitters and guides, as well as Park Service and Forest Service personnel before planning your whitewater trip.

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Hire a Guide

Guided float trip options include whitewater rafting the Yellowstone, Madison and Gallatin Rivers.

“Guided trips are best for groups and families who have never been on a trip and who are considering running rivers with rapids rated Class III or better,” says David Brown, Executive Director of America Outdoors, the nation’s leading association of outfitters and guides. “Even some Class II streams may be enjoyed more fully if they are guided since all the equipment and instruction come with the trip price.”

Let someone who is familiar with the raft and the area be your guide. Put a smile on your face and bring your waterproof camera. All you have to do is show up, sit down, hang on and laugh out loud. A guide allows you to enjoy the ride without worrying about the equipment and your safety. They will do that for you!

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