Rafting backpack

Rafting backpack

2 Skog Å Kust Drysåk 10L

$28.95 CAD | skogakust.ca

Colorful palm trees printed on dry bag
Photo courtesy of: Skog Å Kust

This budget-friendly 10-liter drybag from Skog Å Kust is fashionable and functional. Made of a thick PVC with a classic rolltop design, it protects gear against splashes and brief dunkings. Most suited to carrying snacks and small essentials during relaxed outings, and comfortably carried via the trendy crossbody strap. Available in 13 eye-catching colors and prints, it’s no surprise this Drysåk got oodles of compliments from passing paddlers.

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3 Yeti Panga 28L

$299 USD | yeti.com

Grey backpack
Photo courtesy of: Yeti

Bombproof durability meets designer backpack. The submersible Panga 28 from Yeti is an airtight fortress, as suited for wet and rough adventures as it is for a travel carry-on. We’d feel comfortable putting camera equipment or a laptop in the Panga and setting off in a monsoon. Interior storage pockets help keep small items organized. The removable waist belt and chest straps are a nice touch. The Panga is not a cooler, but for the price it would be cooler if it was.

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4 NRS Expedition DriDuffel 35L

$179.95 USD | nrs.com

Blue duffel bag.
Photo courtesy of: NRS

The Expedition is a 12- by 20-inch waterproof duffel-style drybag from NRS built for multiday river trips. We love this burly bag’s easy-access wide mouth, and its waterproof TiZip zipper and heavy-duty PVC construction keep gear bone dry. Integrated webbing chains offer multiple attachment points, and the shoulder strap and dual haul handles offer easy-carry options. Also available in 70- and 105-liter options.

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5 Mustang Survival 22L Highwater

$109.99 USD | mustangsurvival.com

Black backpack style drybag
Photo courtesy of: Mustang Survival

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This lightweight waterproof backpack from Mustang Survival features rolltop closure, PVC-free ripstop nylon shell and three quick-access exterior drop-in mesh pockets with key clip. Daytrippers will appreciate the foam padded shoulder straps with adjustable sternum closure. The Highwater is the perfect size bag for a change of clothes, lunch and small essentials, and when not in use it packs almost flat.

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6 Watershed Ocoee

$118 USD | drybags.com

Watershed Ocoee | Photo Courtesy of Watershed

The stout 10.5-liter Ocoee is the soft-sided drybag of choice for camera gear on Paddling Magazine editorial trips and fits tidily under a bench seat. This impenetrable design lives up to its claim of being 100-percent waterproof and submersible thanks to its ZipDry seal, which looks like a giant Ziploc seam running across its top. The big mouth on this bag makes accessing contents easy, plus it’s easy to open and close—once you know the secret. This bomber construction is surprisingly lightweight at just over a pound. It also features burly lash-down points and a comfortable handle for toting around. Worth the investment for avid paddlers. And so, say our in-house photographers, is the optional padded insert.

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7 SealLine Discovery View Dry Bag 10L

$34.95 USD | seallinegear.com

Clear drybag filled with cloth items.
Photo courtesy of: SealLine

You know the feeling of peeking into every drybag before finally finding the item you’re looking for? Stop that with easy identification thanks to Discovery View’s transparent polyurethane body. An innovative purge valve vents trapped air, allowing this drybag to compress further after being sealed—perfect for tight packing jobs and bulky items like sleeping bags or clothes. The urethane is more reliably waterproof than waterproof-breathable fabrics and, at 9.7 ounces, it weighs a bit more too. Colored bottoms help distinguish between bags. Also available in five-, 20- and 30-liter sizes.

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8 Osprey Ultralight Dry Sack 20L

$30 USD | osprey.com

Orange drybag
Photo courtesy of: Osprey

This stuff sack lives up to its name and weighs an impressively airy 1.6 ounces. The thin material of the Osprey Ultralight requires the protection of an outer pack, but don’t make the mistake of assuming it’s delicate—it’s been my go-to for tripping clothes for more than five years. Short of submersion, its water-repelling fabric and rolltop design offer the protection dry stuff needs. A flat-bottomed rectangular design makes packing it within a larger waterproof backpack easy.


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