Raft wind direction

Raft wind direction

You’ll start the game with nothing in your inventory, but as you go through the game, you’ll find new resources and blueprints that will let you construct or build a variety of structures and other things. Reaching the stage when you can add a sail to your raft is one of the important game milestones. It will help you manoeuvre your raft more skillfully so that you can go to islands and areas rich in resources and wealth.

The next tutorial will show you how to manoeuvre against the wind in addition to showing you how to build and utilise a sail in Raft.

How To Add And Use Sail In Raft?

Adding Sail in Raft

Sail is a navigational tool in Raft that you may use to steer the movement of your raft. Only within the confines of the wind direction is the sailing direction controllable. A flag or streamer may be used in conjunction with the sail.

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You must make a Sail out of 10x Plank, 20x Palm Leaf, and 3x Scrap in order to attach it to your raft.

Planks occur as flotsam in the water and are conveniently located in loot boxes. Taking down trees is another way to get them.

Additionally, palm trees may be chopped down or the sea can be used to harvest palm leaves. Last but not least, you may find scrap on abandoned rafts, floating barrels, and reefs close to islands.

When you have everything you need, go to the menu and choose the Navigation tools menu. From there, you may create the sail. After being created, the Sail may be attached to the raft’s steering pole.

How To Use Sail In Raft

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Once you have finished placing the sail on your raft, you may utilise it to influence the direction that your raft goes in. To utilise the sail, approach it while holding the “R” key, then use the mouse to steer in the direction you choose.

You may sail to either side by angling the sail, but doing so will slow you down. The sail’s manoeuvring abilities are limited, and it is unable to boost speed or drive the raft into the wind. Therefore, it will be ineffective to add more sails to your raft.

Although sailing perpendicular to the wind’s direction may result in very sluggish pace, it will enable manoeuvring against the wind’s direction.

How To Sail Against The Wind In Raft

You cannot just use the sail on a raft to go in the opposite direction of the wind. You’ll need to use a paddle in addition to the sail if you truly want to travel against the wind.

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However, bear in mind that moving against the wind will be quite difficult. Additionally, until you turn back toward the wind’s regular direction, no treasure will appear if you attempt to sail against it.

Usage of Sail in Raft

The sails may be used to guide the movement of your raft in any direction when you have completed connecting them to it. You must first approach the sail, then press and hold the “R” key, and then move the mouse in the right direction to use it. By angling the sail, you may sail to either side of the boat, but doing so will slow you down. The sail can only make a very little amount of movement possible; it cannot increase the raft’s speed or propel it into the wind. It will be useless to add extra sails to your raft as a consequence.

The rate of your sailing will be extremely slow, but you will be able to sail against the wind if you sail in a direction that is perpendicular to the direction that the wind is blowing.

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