Raft update chapter 3

Raft update chapter 3
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Raft is a beloved crafting survival game. One and a half years later, after the big chapter 2 release, it finally seems like the wait won’t be long until the final chapter 3 releases.

With the release set for the summer of 2022, I decided to compile all the information provided by Red Beet Interactive so far about chapter 3, also known as the final chapter.

Not even a week after the release of chapter 2, Red Beet Interactive released the first concept artworks for the first location coming to chapter 3. Varuna Point, as it is called, is a tall skyscraper that was under construction before the flood happened. Now only the top of the building sticks out from underneath the waves.

For the first time in Raft’s history, most of this location will be set in the deep ocean of the game. So make sure to stock up on a couple of oxygen tanks before going down.

Varuna Point also comes with a few new aquatic enemies. Not much is known about these new enemies, but I do know that they are adding jellyfish as well as anglerfish.

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The second location brings us into an arctic climate, a large island covered in snow and ice. From the screenshots provided, it seems similar to Balboa Island. Both in how large the island looks and some antennas seem to light up. However, not much else is known about this location.

The third location, and the final one for chapter 3 is another unnamed island. This island seems to have wooden huts and was built after the flood similar to Caravan Island.

While not much is known about the third island, a few other concept art pieces were released that seemed like they would fit on this island.

There was one other enemy revealed and the community chose its name. The scuttlers, this is a beetle enemy, was confirmed not to be in Varuna Point, and how it does not look like an icy enemy, I can assume the enemy is meant to be on the third island. The scuttlers went through a lot of different concept designs and after they landed on a design it went through a lot of color variations. From flying ones to ones that look like nightmare fuel, they landed on a normal beetle-looking enemy, just half the size of the player.

Red Beet Interactive also showed some concept art for a few different varieties of traps. These likely are for the third location as well since they don’t seem to be either underwater or have snow or ice around them.

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Trader Outposts are going to be a new feature in chapter 3. You can crush your planks. Scrap and plastic into scrap cubes which can be used as currency at these new trading posts. They will sell a variety of items, from cosmetic hats to equipment and new ingredients for both cooking and the new juice maker.

How we will obtain the juice maker is unknown as well as the effects the different juices will have. But it is implied they serve as a boost to the player. However, in what form is currently unknown.

The storybook is getting a rework. Red Beet Interactive stated they will not change the story but do plan on rewording a few notes you can obtain for the book.

New buildable structures have been announced as well. After a long wait, we finally got a new anchor that we could control from a distance. New horizontal pillars will be added as well. This is great news for people who want to build large homes on their raft, since now you won’t need a pillar on every other foundation for support.

A larger battery will be added as well as a few new instruments. These currently consist of a trumpet, a horn, and an air horn. Let’s hope Bruce won’t enjoy our new music choice and leave us alone.

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For those of us who enjoy dressing up into a new set of clothes, new skins will be added to Raft. And four new playable characters have been announced.

Small quality of life improvements will be added as well, like this handy foundation counter. This will help you figure out how many engines you are going to need to propel the raft forward.

Since you can automate almost everything over time in Raft, going from island to island can become rather boring. Now you can play a few rounds of tac-toe with your friends to pass the time. And if you play solo, maybe Bruce would like to play.

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And that is all the information I have on the final chapter of Raft so far.

Are you looking forward to this new update? Let me know in the comments.

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