Raft island guide

Raft island guide
Video Raft island guide

The Final Chapter of Raft is finally out, with a huge content update and a new place. One of the new places you can explore is the Temperance Ice Island. This guide will show you how you can get to the island and what you can do on it.

Temperance Ice Island Guide – Raft the Final Chapter

The Temperance Ice Island is one of the new islands you can explore in the Final chapter of Raft. Thanks to Loadedwombat Creates, we can take a look at what we can find on the island. You can find out more about his video here.

The island is a huge chunk of ice, and when you first approach the island, you want to take a look at the radio towers as shown in the photo above. Take and pick up the electrical cable from these towers. You can also use the snowmobile to get around the map quickly.

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Once you collect all of them, go to the village and connect the igloos to the main power source as shown in the photo above. After powering up the village, you can go to the village center, and climb up to find a blueprint on the table and a blowtorch.

Finding the Telescope

Head outside the village and go to the left until you find the observatory. When the area to the left of the observatory collapses, jump inside. Swim until you find the ladder and climb into the observatory. Climb up and collect the notes on the floor.

Using the telescope, take a look at the photo in the notes, and look for the corresponding constellation for it. Count the stars for the constellation until you get all 4 numbers. Input the code on the safe and you will find a blueprint and a Selene key inside.

Reactor Puzzle

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Once you have the key, head for the green glow in the sky until you reach the reactor. Go to the front door and use the blow torch to melt the ice on the door. Use the Selene key to unlock the door. Use the Hazmat suit inside the closet.

Go inside the laboratory 2 door and look for the control rod cylinders. You will find computers in the room. What you need to do is look for the corresponding posters that have the letters on the computer. Enter the number on the correct computer to complete the puzzle.

Head down to the newly opened area and hold the red wheel to unlock the laser maze. You will need to point the laser to the mirrors correctly until you burn off the lock. Turn the second mirror around and point it to the wall behind it to get the correct angle for the puzzle.

Reactor Room

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Once you complete the puzzles and have all the control rod cylinders, go back to the main room from before and pull the lever. Get the Reactor room key and go into the reactor room. Unlock the door and prepare to fight enemies.

Hold down the wheel in the center while protecting yourself from the enemies. Once complete, go inside the hallway and you will find a cryogenic pod. Get the loot inside and open up the pod to unlock the character named Shogo.

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