Raft crate puzzle

Raft crate puzzle
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In the final story island of Raft, you’ll climb and jump your way through the towers of Utopia to face off against Olof, the villain who locked up the civilians. Olof attempts to slow you down by throwing adversities at you every step of the way. Use our Utopia towers guide to fight back and free the people of Utopia.

Weave through the obstacle course to the hammer

After taking the first elevator, exit the corridor and pull the handle on the right. A tray will slide over, which you’ll need for later. Make your way to the first rotating fan at the beginning of the jumping puzzle, and proceed through the course. Adjust yourself based on the height of the spinning blades. At the end of the puzzle, there’ll be a room with a hammer and a broken elevator missing a cogwheel. Grab the hammer and drop down onto the nets to return to the exit of the first elevator. Go up the ladder on the left, and hammer the lock on the door.

Add weights onto the platforms to raise the cogwheels

For this puzzle, the goal is to raise a cogwheel to the second floor. You can’t jump or climb while holding a cogwheel, but they can be placed on top of crates. Orient the crates on the right side of the bottom floor to bring a cogwheel up to the platform.

Crates fixed in specific locations on boxes in Raft Image: Redbeet Interactive/Axolot Games via Johnny Yu for Polygon

Set a cogwheel onto the first group of crates, and jump up to the larger box. Carry the placed cogwheel over to the second crate and repeat the process to bring the gear to the platform.

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As you place the cogwheel onto the platform, it will drop due to the extra weight. The cogwheel weighs one unit, so place a two-unit weight onto the other side to raise the platform to the second floor. We recommend standing on the left platform as you add and remove weights, so you don’t have to use the ladder repeatedly.

If you’re having trouble balancing the weights, follow these steps:

  • Top floor – Add the three-unit weight
  • First floor – Add the one-unit weight and remove the three-unit weight
  • Third floor – Add the two-unit weight and remove the one unit-weight

The platforms should now be level, and you can carry the gear over to the drawbridge.

Balancing the scales another time

Before crossing the drawbridge, bring a cogwheel from the last puzzle, and lay it on the platform on the right. Similar to before, the platforms must be even to progress. The right side has three pounds that aren’t removable, so the left side must also have three pounds. Adjust the weights until both sides are equal in weight.

If you’re struggling to even out the weights, follow these steps:

  • Sixth floor – Add the five-unit weight
  • First floor – Add the one-unit weight and remove the five-unit weight
  • Fifth floor – Add the four-unit weight and remove the one-unit weight
  • Second floor – Add the two-unit weight and remove the four-unit weight
  • Fourth floor – Add the three-unit weight and remove the two-unit weight

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After leveling the platforms, take a cogwheel downstairs to the next drawbridge. Be careful when moving the cog. because if you fall you’ll have to climb back to the top and get another gear.

Transport a cogwheel to the broken elevator

A cogwheel by an elevator that works more like a dumbwaiter Image: Redbeet Interactive/Axolot Games via Johnny Yu for Polygon

Retrieve a cogwheel from the second weight puzzle, and deliver it to the tray outside of the elevator. Send the cogwheel toward the elevator by pulling the handle, and make your way back across the jumping puzzle. Once you’re at the other side, take the cog and fix the elevator by reassembling the gears.

Stack crates to reach Olof

After riding the elevator, proceed down the stairs and lay crates along the wall to arrive at the next floor. As soon as you scale the wall, you’ll face off against Olof, who’ll throw fiery bombs down onto you. Olof won’t take damage, so save your arrows. Avoid the large circles around the bombs, and pile crates below Olof’s position. You need five crates to reach Olof, who’ll escape as soon as you get too close.

Crates stacked up in front of where Olof throws molotovs Image: Redbeet Interactive/Axolot Games via Johnny Yu for Polygon

Grab the Warehouse Key and Electric Zipline Tool Blueprint in the next room, and progress up the path. Before entering the warehouse, drop the ladder beside the entrance. Descend the ladder if you’d like to restock, or unlock the warehouse and head on. Healing salves are recommended for the next couple battles.

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The warehouse battle is akin to the last. Olof will rain bombs onto you from above, but hyenas now roam the ground floor. Defeat the hyenas first, and quickly stack boxes to rise to the next floor. More hyenas will spawn as the fight prolongs, so move with haste. Again, Olof will flee when you meet face-to-face, so chase after him to the next encounter.

Defeating the Alpha Hyena

The radioactive Alpha Hyena charges at a player Image: Redbeet Interactive/Axolot Games via Johnny Yu for Polygon

After dropping into the caged arena, the Alpha Hyena will chase and attack the player. When hit, the Alpha Hyena will leave a pool of poison that will damage the player when standing in it. Attack while moving backwards to avoid the toxic pools and get some easy damage in. Olof occasionally tosses the Alpha Hyena some food, which makes the hyena invulnerable. Soon after, Alpha Hyena will use a unique attack.

Alpha Hyena has three different attacks during this phase:

  • Throwing rocks with poison trails
  • Pouncing towards the player and leaving a toxic pool at the landing site
  • Charging at the player

These attacks will repeat in order throughout the fight. All of these attacks can be avoided by standing afar from the enemy, and sprinting away when they get close. Damage the boss until defeated, and loot them to retrieve the Alpha’s Head. Proceed up the elevator to confront Olof.

Free the citizens of Utopia

Olof hangs like an idiot from some string lights Image: Redbeet Interactive/Axolot Games via Johnny Yu for Polygon

Walk towards Olof until stumbles and falls out of the window. Follow him and grab the Master Key hanging off of his body. Before heading back down the elevator, collect the Titanium Weapons Blueprint on the table balcony. Exit the building and find the door that requires the Master Key on your right. Open the door to start the final cutscene and complete the story of Raft.

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