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Raft anchors
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Your starting anchor in Raft stinks. The Throwable Anchor is a one-time-use anchor that can be tossed overboard to stop your raft, but you’ll have to make a new one every time you want to check out an island. Collecting the stones for Throwable Anchors gets old fast, so we’re going to explain step-by-step how to make your own permanent anchor installation. The permanent anchor is a tool becomes available very early in the story if you know where to find all the ingredients.

We’re going to be creating the Stationary Anchor. Unlike the Throwable Anchor, the Stationary Anchor has unlimited uses — you can toss this thing all day. The Stationary Anchor has some funky requirements, and you’ll need to search for Metal Ingots — so this is a good project to start before completing the Antennae / Receiver Blueprint section of the story. Let’s get started.

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How To Craft A Stationary Anchor

The Stationary Anchor is a permanent anchor installation you can place on your raft. It can be used an unlimited number of times. Interact with the anchor to raise / lower the anchor.

  • Stationary Anchor Recipe: x10 Planks, x6 Rope, x3 Metal Ingot, x1 Hinge
    • Placement: Must be placed on a 3×3 Grid on the foundation, with a section of foundation removed from the center.

Planks are found commonly in the water, and rope can be crafted from extra seaweed. You’ll have the rope recipe available right from the start of the game. Metal Ingots and Hinges are harder to get your hands on.

  • Metal Ingots: Metal Ore is found on the cliffs deep underwater near an island. To reach these deep underwater deposits, craft an Oxygen Bottle and Flippers with Vine Goo.
    • Metal Ore can be harvested from deposits on the deep underwater cliffs (below islands) with a hook.
    • After collecting Metal Ore, place in a Smelter to cook. Place planks at the bottom of the Smelter.

The Smelter requires Dry Bricks to craft. Collect Sand and Clay from material deposits near the surface of islands — these also require a hook — then craft Wet Bricks. Place the Wet Bricks down and they’ll dry into Dry Bricks in 5 minutes.

The Smelter is required to create the Stationary Anchor due to Metal Ingots. Make the Smelter first, use it to craft Seaweed into Vine Goo, then use those materials to make Oxygen Bottles and Flippers. Then you’ll be able to search for Metal Ore.

  • Hinges: And finally, you’ll need Hinges. These are a material that can be crafted from Metal Ingots. Research Metal Ingots to unlock the recipes for Hinges and Bolts.

Once you have a Smelter, Metal Ingots and x1 Hinge, you’ll be able to craft the Stationary Anchor.

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