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The good thing about inflatables is that they can be deflated to be folded for storage. This means that you can put them in safekeeping while not in use and they won’t be exposed to outdoor elements.


But, there’s another side of the story. You can’t just immediately hit the water with inflatable boats. Inflating this type of vessel can be a challenge if you don’t have the right tools. Thus, the search for the best air pump for inflatable boats is important. Preparing your inflatables will be quick and easy with it.

This article will save you time from going through a long list of options. Are you thinking of manual pumps, hand pumps, and foot pumps? Go through the following products to know more about the most effective air pump.

Best Air Pump For Inflatable Boat Reviews

1. AIRHEAD AHP-12H Air Pump

When I unboxed this product, I was hesitant to use it because it appears too small. However, when I gave it a try, I found that it performed excellently. It only took 5 minutes after I turned on its toggle switch to inflate my new Sportsstuff Grandstand, and only two minutes to fill up a queen-size mattress. I also used it for my son’s toys.

Most importantly, this inflatable air pump made a huge difference to our boating experience! Using it a couple of times a day is not a problem. I noticed that a bit of water was sucked through it but it didn’t stop working. Its size is an advantage as it is conveniently portable to bring along on trips.

There are three size fittings that you can choose from. I also like the power cord that I received with the 12V plug-in air pump itself. The product description says that it is 5-foot long. I’m glad I have gotten a 10-foot cord. You need to plug it into a 12V cigarette plug before connecting it to the power source.

2. Intex Quick-fill Air Pump Series

Getting the inflatables ready for the water doesn’t need to be time-consuming. This is what this air pump guarantees. What impressed me the most is the airflow from it. The amount is twice what other air pumps offer, so I get things done quickly. I use it to fill kayaks back to back as well as rafts, toys, balls, and beds. It works to deflate things too.

There are six models to please every buyer. I chose the high-flow wall plug. It works with the standard 110-120v wall outlet. The airflow is incredible as it achieves the necessary inflation that I need in just a few minutes. 1100L per minute is the maximum airflow that you can avail of from this product. It also comes with three different nozzles to match any valve types. You’ll be glad to find that the valves can be changed in the middle of the inflating process!

But this inflatable boat air pump is almost as loud as a vacuum. I’m guessing it is because of the strong air pressure. It’s not a big deal for me as it only takes a short time to prepare my inflatable. What matters more is its efficacy, which has been proven and tested.

3. Sanipoe Electric Air Pump

What I love about this item is its very thin and long nozzle. With this part, inflation is done properly. I think this electric pump for inflatable kayaks and inflatable SUPs perfectly does what it’s supposed to do. You may also use it on mattresses and inflatable pools.

I like that I can also use it for deflation. I don’t have a hard time using it because it has three nozzles, which allows it to be linked with multiple devices regardless of whether they have regular-sized or jumbo openings. Although it can be a bit of a hassle when the thin plastic is in between these nozzles and can get in your way, you can easily adjust it, like I did, to prevent any interventions.

Unlike other air pumps, this electric pump for inflatables is almost similar to a turbine blower as it doesn’t give off a weird smell or cause loud, unwanted sounds. It doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable even though there’s a lot of air coming from it. Also, only a few minutes are needed to complete its job.

4. Airhead AHP-12HP High Pressure Air Pump

I prefer this kind of air pump due to its alligator clips. For me, it’s much better than the cigarette lighter version. I can hook it with a boat, car, or truck battery, and use it everywhere and anytime. This is an especially handy feature when power outlets are unavailable. Without a doubt, it promises convenience.

Using this equipment makes filling up my 9.5-foot Achilles inflatable easy. It’s the perfect air pump for towables and floats. The red valve makes inflating quicker without increasing tendencies of overfilling. Whereas the pressure relief valve keeps this 12V air pump from exceeding 1.4 psi. What’s even better about this is that it doesn’t cease to work even with multiple inflation. You won’t be able to find these features in ordinary foot pumps.

Also, this air pump functions for deflation. You’ll find several attachments tethered to a hose. Thus, it’s versatile in filling many water toys at the same time. There’s no doubt that this is efficient because it does the filling quickly. But it’s not the right equipment for whitewater rafts and inflatable paddle boards that need more pressure. Based on my experience, it can keep up with 2 to 2.5 psi.

5. WOW Air Pumps for Inflatables

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A universal pump like this is the best air pump for inflatables. I’m astonished at how it blows and sucks air as if I pay for it every second! It excels among the other air pumps that I previously used as it can pump almost up to 3.0 psi. Despite how powerful it is, it remains quiet while working. It has a capacity that is far better than the cigarette lighter type.

Five universal valve adapters make it possible to connect this pump with various things. A long, flexible accordion hose makes inflation and deflation work properly. To operate this pump, a 12-foot AC power cord and 120V plug are needed. If you intend to connect it with a battery, you will need an inverter.

In just a matter of two minutes, I can set up my inflatable and be ready to traverse the water. With its power, you can use it with large inflatables like towable tubes, lounges, airbeds, and more.

6. Sevylor 2000014066 SUP and Water Sport Electric Pump

Looking for the right air pump for my inflatable SUP with a rate of up to 25 psi is a meticulous process. I don’t think it’s justifiable to spend more on a manual air pump for inflatables. So, this electric pump supports my thoughts and point of view. Although it’s stated that it inflates up to 15 psi, my SUP was filled.

I like the accompanying 15-foot cord as it’s sufficient enough to reach the outlet. It’s a convenient electric pump that you can conveniently place in your boat and car. Despite its small size, inflating SUPs is much easier with this pump compared to hand pumps.

Amazingly, there’s an adjustable auto shut-off for cruise control. It means that it automatically stops when the selected pressure is achieved.

There are some critical reviews about the hose for high pressures. If you spared some time reading the instructions, you won’t have the same reaction as the others. I did it so I realized that there are different models of SUPs. It’s based on the design. In my case, I took the O ring or the water from my hand pump then used it to secure this pump to my SUP.

7. Airhead AHP-120 Kwik Tek Air Pump Canister

Rather than spending an hour with a hand or foot pump, this air pump makes it quicker to inflate my towables. It’s also great for air mattresses, beach toys, and pools. The hose for inflation can be transferred to the other side to suck the air from inflatables before I leave the beach.

On a typical day, I use this 12-volt canister-style pump to inflate 6 tubes, 2 inflatable rowboats, and 3 long lounger floats. I can fill up my 14-foot dinghy as well. I’m impressed that it doesn’t give up easily when used for multiple things. Simply because it has a 330 liter per minute air fill rate.

There are three universal valve styles for various inflatables and a handle to make it convenient to use. I don’t worry about disconnection even though I use it for many things. Since the accordion-style hose fits well with the pump and valve fittings, the connection won’t be interrupted.

8. Etekcity EAP1-RC Air Pump for Inflatables

I’m happy to have found this product as I prefer a rechargeable air pump for inflatables. It’s small but quite powerful. I once filled 4 tubes and 4 full-sized mattresses with this pump. After inflating several items, the battery can still work to deflate them all. Hence, it’s one of the essentials when I go camping at the beach.

My friend liked it too and since she would use it on a few things once a week, recharging is only done once a month. There are three different nozzles, so it can be in various applications. It can also handle inflatable kayaks but it needs to be administered twice. Nonetheless, inflation and deflation finish in a short time.

100-240V AC and 12V DC adapters are included. The AC cord is 5.3 feet while the one for DC is 4.6 feet. You can charge it on the wall outlet at home. By using a DC cigarette plug, charging outdoors is possible. But, take note that you can’t turn it on while charging.

9. RAVE Sports 2344 R04600 High-Pressure Inflator/Deflator

No one would refuse to have a high pressure pump like this one. I’m glad to have it as I can inflate and deflate inflatables in no time. The high pressure coming from this item can also be utilized for cleaning. For instance, the jet line on my jet ski was clogged with water and I used this pump’s nozzle. To my surprise, it effortlessly expelled a huge clump of grass.

This air pump does a lot of favor for a water enthusiast like me. I no longer hate preparing things before setting off for the lake. It would only take me 5 to 10 minutes to fill a large tube for four people. If I don’t have it, I need half an hour to get the tube ready.

You can either plug its 14-foot power cord into an outlet or quickly hook it up with a car’s battery. It has a 24-inch reinforced air hose that works well with any of the four standard adapters and one Halkey Roberts adapter. Since this is an excellent product, I don’t need any help from a hand pump.

10. Airhead AHP-120HP Hi Pressure Air Pump

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I bought this for my 6-person raft and I wasn’t dismayed. It inflates the raft into a nice and firm form in a span of 10 to 15 minutes. A few minutes more is needed in blowing bigger rafts and towables. But, in short, it’s an incredible, little workhorse that can also deflate items. It’s mighty with its air volume of 460 liters per minute.

This electric pump for inflatable boats and reinforced backyard items has a 10-foot long power cord. This feature together with the air hose makes this pump easy to use. A carry handle is present for additional convenience. There are seven universal adapters so this pump will suit the common valves on inflatable vessels and towables.

It can push down the air without any chance of getting stuck. Furthermore, it has a pressure release valve also known as the red-colored regulator which prevents over-inflation from happening on stuff that needs little air like pool toys. Additionally, I don’t worry about disconnection when going through the process because of its accordion-style hose.

11. SereneLife SLPUMP50 Electric Air Pump Compressor

I just became a fanatic of paddle boards so this pump is a blessing to me! I use it to inflate and deflateSUPs, kayaks, and inflatable toys in less than 10 minutes. I think it’s much better than the high pressure air pump for inflatable boats because of the built-in 12V LI-ION, 6000 mAh rechargeable battery.

Since this is a rechargeable inflatable boat pump, I can use it whenever and wherever I want. You can use it whether it’s plugged or unplugged. After unplugging, press the power button for three seconds to activate it. I marveled at how fast it charges. The battery life is also great as I can consecutively pump two boards.

What made this air pump a notch higher than its counterparts is its LCD digital display, which allows me to easily operate it. I can adjust the PSI air pressure setting so over-inflating won’t happen. A LED flashlight is also available on the pump’s body for when it gets dark.

12. Intex 66631E Quick-Fill AC/DC Electric Air Pump

My new friend from the UK recommended this product. It has a design that’s made for indoor and outdoor use. I can plug it on a wall outlet or connect it to my car’s battery. A single purchase gives you a 12V outlet plug and a travel plug with a cigarette lighter.

At home, I use it to blow air mattresses that become hard enough for sleeping, which only takes 2 to 3 minutes. It’s also on my boat to inflate floaties and tubes. You can choose to use it to blow rafts and larger air beds as well. Since most vessels have electric supplies like mine, I use a lighter adapter with this pump.

I can say with confidence that the nozzle attachment is reliable and you don’t have to worry about losing it. There are three options for the nozzle to make this electric air pump for inflatable boats suitable for most valves. Both inflating and deflating can be done using this tool.

13. Seamax Double Stage Electric Air Pump

I own an older version of the Seamax air pump and this new model is far superior to the former. Although it’s super lightweight, it’s a game-changer. Investing in this electric air pump for inflatables is one of the wisest decisions that I’ve ever made.

It’s fine with me that it takes around 20 minutes to reach 15 psi then it shuts off automatically. I like how it adequately fills my 15-foot SUP. I can sit back, relax, and watch it inflate. This can also be used for paddleboards and inflatable boats.

My SUP has two valves and this air pump is way better than two hand pumps. There’s no need to put an effort in rolling my SUP as it deflates inflatables too. Unfortunately, it’s not suitable for large inflatables.

I’ve been using it for two years and the air hose remains durable thanks to its marine-grade nylon and ABS components. To make it work, you can use a 9-foot DC power cord. When I’m outdoors, I use a cigarette lighter to connect it to my car.

14. SereneLife SLPUMP25 Electric Air Pump Compressor

This air compressor is a life changer for owners of inflatable SUP like me. My kids usually gather around and impatiently ask when the boards are ready. When that happens, I have to spend a lot of time under the dry heat with a manual pump. Luckily, this air pump came to the rescue!

There are three washers on this pump to accommodate various valve configurations. Hence, the washers fit my SUPs and I don’t have problems using this pump. However, based on my experience, you need to be a bit more handy in linking it with Leafield C7/D7 valves, which are the ones that are usually found on SUPs.

The included button controls and LCD make it easy to operate. Pressure setting can be adjusted so that you’ll get the necessary psi and prevent over-inflating from occurring.

For more convenience, there’s a rechargeable 4000mAh lithium battery. I can charge it for 8 hours then use it outdoors later on. A wireless air pump like this is always handy to have.

15. MicroNovelty GIGA Pump Portable Air Pump

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This mini air pump is terrific as it does me a lot of favor. It’s popular among hikers for lightweight backpacking. But, I don’t see anything wrong if a boater like me uses it. In short, it’s efficient and convenient. It saves energy and time compared to a manual or foot air pump.

The motor of this air pump is hardy and it performs better than others. What I do is I charge it at home a day before heading to the river or lake. I sometimes charge it in my car through USB and it still lasts for a decent period.

Once the 3600 mAh is fully charged, I can inflate and deflate my river rafts. You can depend on it to blow sleeping pads, pool floats, swim rings, and more. I owe it to this air pump for having a fun-filled weekend every time I go on a backcountry trip.

There are four options of nozzles and you’ll surely find one that fits the inflatable you have at hand. The quality is superb as it’s made of IPX4 waterproof vacuum packaging. Even if it gets into the water, it won’t be easily destroyed.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Air Pump For An Inflatable Boat


It’s crucial to invest in a good air pump so inflating is done properly. No one will be happy after getting a defective product. Put some thoughts in your decision before buying something from a local store or a reputable website. Here are some considerations to buy the right product.

Easy to Use and Convenient

You should check even the tiniest details to ensure that there will be no hassle when using the air pump that you’ve chosen. For example, you determine if the length of the hose is long enough. It’s important to know the distance from the hose to the adapter and the inflatable too.

Good Value for Money

The price of air pumps vary. If you’re thorough with researching like reading reviews, you’ll be lucky to find one that suits your budget and is incredibly effective. A premium quality pump guarantees long-term service – just consider it a worthy investment. My advice is to not compromise a pump’s reliability because you want to save some bucks.


Universal valve fitting is one of the wonderful features of an air pump. It allows the user to attach it to any kind of inflatable. Another side to look at is the inflation mode. High volume air pump for inflatable boats is suitable for items that need high pressure like a vast floating island. Some pumps have a hose that is reserved for inflatables requiring less air pressure.

Type of Air Pump

Due to some advancements, electrical pumps are more capable than their predecessors. There are also battery operated air pumps for inflatable boats that can be used wirelessly for convenience.


Air pumps are in demand most of the time. A portable type is easy to carry around and store. You’ll have enough space for it in your boat or trunk. Thus, it can be beside you and available whenever you need it.

What Is The Air Pump For An Inflatable Boat

best pump for inflatable boats

An air pump for an inflatable boat makes it possible for you to have a thrilling sailing experience. It’s created to render reliable, fast, and efficient inflating of vessels and other inflatables. Moreover, it can be used for balls, swim rings, pools, and more. You can also depend on it in times of emergency.

Who Makes The Best Air Pump For An Inflatable Boat

Aside from models and style, the brands also matter when buying the best air pump for inflatable boats. AIRHEAD, Intex, Sanipoe, Wow World, Sevylor, Etekcity, RAVE Sports, Serene Life, Seamax, and MicroNovelty are reputable manufacturers of air pumps. These companies have proven their ability to create high-quality marine items.

How Do You Pump Up An Inflatable Boat

Here are the steps for the easiest method when pumping an inflatable boat:

  • Plug the pump into any wall outlet. This step may be unnecessary if you’re using a wireless one. If that is the case, you will have to make sure that the battery is fully charged.
  • Connect the inflatable to the valve and the air hose. Look at the attachment closely to ensure that air will not leak and the pump will properly turn on.
  • All the chambers of the inflatable should be filled. Be familiar with the multiple chambers of your inflatable boat so you can confirm that every part received air.
  • Once the inflatable is firm and with the necessary air, close the air inlets.


Nowadays, there are many air pumps available in the market. The best air pump for inflatable boats is a worthwhile investment. It won’t give you a hard time inflating and deflating your belongings. Reading this whole review should help you earn the special features of a top-notch product. By now, you might even already have a particular purchase in mind.

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