Pool raft rack

Pool raft rack

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One of the most important things to remember about your pool is to keep all of your pool floats stored correctly so they will last longer. It can be difficult to find storage that works well for these items because there are many different types and sizes. That’s why we’ve created this list of pool float storage ideas! Read on to see which one might just solve your problem!

11 Best Pool Float Storage to Buy

Pool storage bins are cost-effective for storing your swim goggles, beach balls, and floats without getting them all mixed up with other items. The sturdy white PVC construction of this item not only safeguards your pool items but also makes these bins attractive. Its mesh material also allows air-drying, so mildew doesn’t accumulate as quickly with other materials.

A variety of pool toys can reside safely in one container with these extra-large mesh storage bins. This smartly designed watercraft organizer has a 24-inch wide bottom. It measures 42 inches long, which is easy for kids or adults alike to reach their desired item without any trouble getting what they need out from the top shelf! One of the best features of this product is how easily it can be assembled without tools. Besides, the height is more accessible for the kids to reach.

Hold up to six floats at a time with this sleek, high-quality floating pool rack. This is the perfect accessory for your backyard oasis! This fixture holds up to 6 24- by 72-inch floats with an average size of 2 inches thick each, making it ideal for more significant types like those made from foam or vinyl-covered fabric.

The sturdy metal structure will not warp or bend, so you don’t have to worry about it rusting over time. Plus, each hook has been designed so that it won’t leave any residue on the floats. It comes in burnished iron with a white brushed nickel finish. It easily matches nearly any home’s exterior décor – making it easy whether you want something classic yet modern! Note that the mounting hardware isn’t included.

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With seven sturdy crossbars, this outdoor towel rack is perfect for drying your towels and storing any float you need. It’s made from high-quality PVC that can withstand the elements without rusting or degrading in appearance over time as other materials might do. The large base provides sturdy support that will last through non-stop use.

The instructions are easy to follow, so it shouldn’t take much arm muscle effort either. Just make sure not to break anything when hammering those nails home (good thing there’s a rubber mallet included).

The FlyLemon Blue Extra Large Pool Storage Bin is an essential tool if you have a pool. This durable fabric storage container can hold all the toys, floats, and other accessories that your kids love to play within their downtime! The blue cloth around the pool toy storage ensures that no water can get in. The bottom is made out of mesh, so you have better airflow and less risk for mildewing, which prolongs its life span!

A pool storage basket is essential for storing your paddy’s toys, gizmos, and goodies. This one has enough space for taller items like noodles or floats too! It comes with easy assembly instructions. Plus, its multifunctional nature makes it useful in more than just storing stuff around the house. Bring these bad boys on your vacation as well, so there’ll always be somewhere handy when friends stop by unexpectedly during those long summer days. Made of durable Oxford fabric and PVC pipe, this storage basket can handle most sizes of pool toys. The reinforced mesh bottom means you can even store those heavy toys too.

The Kcelarec Pool Storage Basket will keep all your balls, floats, or other swimming toys safe with its dual-layer design. Its high-quality mesh material ensures it won’t develop mold or mildew due to prolonged exposure to moisture. You can roll it around without catching anything underneath like most traditional bins do when empty.

It’s easy to install, with no more PVC tube assembling! These pool storage baskets come with three independent sections that will fit any size of pool floats and can even hold up a 600-gallon swimming flamingo inside its large 480-gallon capacity.

It is designed to easily distinguish what items belong together based on their size or weight. It also provides ample space within each section so that items don’t get lost among other similar-sized objects.

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MESH TITAN Pool Float Storage Bag (Black) Organizer Net can store floats, toys, and sports balls of up to 60 inches. It’s the perfect solution when you need more space poolside. Easily store floats and toys near the pool while keeping it accessible. This leaves you more room on decking surfaces like chairs and tables.

Its innovative design features a proprietary Fully Inflate Lock Technology that ensures your whole package stays inflated during transport for easy access! This product’s strap, buckle, and integrated hook system allow easy mounting on almost any fence or deck. Besides, the straps are customizable. The adaptable inner-support system prevents drooping and allows easier access to items at the bottom while securing floats more tightly.

The Suncast 99-gallon Resin Wicker Outdoor Storage Container for pool toys and floats is the perfect storage solution at home or on your deck. Its durable and water-resistant poly resin construction can hold anything you throw in it. The functional design of the box is ingenious, and it’s easy to access your belongings. The rainwater flows off, keeping everything dry and free from mildew or rust! The lid flips open on hinges to make your belongings more accessible.

You may also use it indoors when needed, thanks to its versatile design that flips open on the top. Its durable, water-resistant construction will ensure that your items stay safe for years! This box can be used indoors or outdoors and holds up to 150 pounds. It’s perfect for storing pool toys and more outdoor items like gardening tools, sports equipment (and even yard gloves).

The Outsunny Patio Wicker Pool Float Storage Basket is an essential tool for organizing your outdoor space. This versatile caddy dolly features two fixed dividers and a built-in basket so you can store pool toys, floats, or even other essentials like towels. This convenient cart can be used with or without the dolly, meaning you can have it on hand at all times.

The dark brown wicker is made from weather-resistant polyethylene resin rattan. The powder-coated steel frame, on the other hand, gives you a stylish finish and helps prevent it from rusting. It is divided into three sections to fit your needs. Apart from storing pool accessories, it can also be used for gardening. The durable caster wheels make it easy to move around and handle most surfaces without slipping.

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Look no further than the Rubbermaid Roughneck Mini Pool Storage Box for a little extra storage space. Sturdy and well-made, this two-piece freestanding resin storage box will provide you with 6 cubic feet of space. Additional features include a lockable lid that can keep out prying eyes. Also, its dent-resistant exterior prevents scratches from occurring when stacking while going through storage spaces at the end of the season.

Roughneck deck boxes are durable, leak-proof, and weather resistant all year long. They’re perfect for storing valuable tools or equipment in harsh environments. Besides, it will fit into tight spots without taking up too much room — making it an excellent choice for versatile outdoor storage.

Keep your pool area tidy and organized with the VINGLI Pool Storage Rolling Cart! This float container organizer bin is a great way to store large items in an outdoor environment. It features an easy-to-pick-up handle for ease of transportation anywhere poolside. What’s more, it includes a side pocket for smaller storage needs like goggles or a swimming cap while still being able to handle up to 40 pounds of weight. It’ll also keep toys of any size dry from rainstorms when you’re not at home.

This bin is made from a durable, high-quality mesh material that will withstand even prolonged exposure to sunlight and moisture. This means it helps prevent mold and mildew from developing over time. The waterproof cart has a handle for easy transport. It can be used both indoors and outdoors safely since it’s water-resistant. The mesh design also provides lots of ventilation, so all your stuff will dry much quicker.

Float Storage Black Float Wall Storage Rack is a great way to store your floatables on the wall without taking up valuable counter space! This storage rack will not warp or fade, so you can use it for years without worrying about replacing it anytime soon. The best part about this product? Its easy access design makes getting to those typically hard-to-reach places much effortless than ever before!

This simple design is perfect for holding inflatables or solid objects, such as pool nets and hoses! The mounting hardware isn’t included, but it can be installed on virtually any surface using different anchor options. These options are provided in an installation guide enclosed in the package.

We hope this list of pool float storage ideas has been helpful. Whether you’re a seasoned floater or just starting to take the plunge into summer, there is a solution for your needs! We hope this article has given you some ideas on how to get your pool floats organized. If so, please share it with anyone who could use the help!

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