How to Maximize Your Fishing Potential with Planer Boards

How to Maximize Your Fishing Potential with Planer Boards

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Planer Boards, often overlooked in the fishing industry, hold immense potential for anglers looking to up their game. Despite their simplicity and effectiveness, these devices remain relatively unknown. In this article, we will explore the world of planer boards, unraveling their benefits and shedding light on how to install and use them with ease.

Unleashing the Power of Planer Boards

Imagine being able to cover more ground, have better control over your lines, and access previously unreachable areas. Planer boards make it all possible. These flat devices, typically constructed from wood or foam, attach to fishing lines and enable anglers to employ multiple lines at once. Furthermore, planer boards extend your lure’s reach without any concerns about sinking lines. This advantage allows you to position your bait further away from your boat’s noise, increasing your chances of success.

Installing a Planer Board Mast System

To get started with planer boards, installing a mast system is crucial. Begin by determining the ideal positioning of the backer board on your boat. Use the base plate as a reference to mark where the screw holes should be drilled. After pre-drilling the holes, secure the base plate to your boat. Once in place, insert the mast into the base plate and follow the system-specific instructions to complete the installation. Remember, the mast plays a pivotal role in controlling both the planer board and fishing line.

Planer Board Mast System

Setting Up Your Planer Board and Line

Once your mast or rod is ready, it’s time to prepare your fishing line and bait. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for placing your line in the water. For a comprehensive guide on setting up and using planer boards, turn to the expert, the Informative Fisherman. His detailed explanation, particularly the Yellow Bird Planer Board, provides valuable insights on this aspect.

After successfully installing your planer board system, lower it into the water and release the line until the board reaches a distance where fish won’t be startled by boat noise. Once the planer board is in the desired location, lock the reel on the rod or planer board mast system. If you aim to maximize your potential, consider utilizing multiple planer boards simultaneously, allowing you to work with multiple lines at once.

Unleashing the Potential for Success

The simplicity and effectiveness of planer boards are somewhat of a hidden gem among avid fishermen. However, once experienced, their benefits are undeniable. These systems provide the freedom to position your lure perfectly, ensuring it remains effective without the risk of sinking and becoming tangled. Additionally, the ability to use multiple lines simultaneously makes planer boards well worth the investment of both money and effort required for installation.

To get started with planer boards and embrace this game-changing tool, visit East Coast Paddle Sports. Begin your journey towards a more rewarding fishing experience and unlock your full angling potential.

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