The Best Standup Paddle Boards of 2020: A Comprehensive Review

The Best Standup Paddle Boards of 2020: A Comprehensive Review

Are you in search of the best non-inflatable standup paddle board? Look no further! Our team of experts has personally tested and evaluated over 175 boards to bring you the top choices of 2020. Each board has been rigorously assessed across 23 different metrics, ensuring the most comprehensive and consumer-friendly review platform in the standup paddle world.

The Best Non-Inflatable SUPs of 2020

Here are our top picks for the best non-inflatable standup paddle boards of 2020:

  • SIC Maui RS
  • Rogue Parlay
  • Surftech Chameleon
  • NSP Hit
  • Rogue All In
  • Surftech Aleka
  • Rogue Jackpot

best composite standup paddle board 2020 sic maui rs 2

A Comparison of the Best Non-Inflatable Paddle Boards

Board Weight Price Use Skill Build Width
SIC Maui RS 23.4 lbs $2,499 Race Advanced Non-Inflatable 23 in.
Rogue Parlay 25.7 lbs $2,699 Race Advanced Non-Inflatable 23 in.
Surftech Chameleon 22.14 lbs $1,050 All Around/Touring Beginner Non-Inflatable 31 in.
NSP Hit 27.4 lbs $789 All Around/Rental Beginner Non-Inflatable 32 in.
Rogue All In 24.12 lbs $2,699 Race Advanced Non-Inflatable 24 in.
Surftech Aleka 22.11 lbs $1,349 All Around Beginner/Intermediate Non-Inflatable 29 in.
Rogue Jackpot 27.5 lbs $2,899 Race Advanced Non-Inflatable 25.5 in

Non-Inflatable Paddle Boards 101

Considering a non-inflatable paddle board? Here are three crucial things to consider when finding the best one for you:

1. Build

Non-inflatable paddle boards come in various constructions, with three major categories: plastic, epoxy, and carbon. Each has its own pros and cons.

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Plastic: Plastic boards are highly durable and affordable, but may lack in performance and aesthetics. They are known for their resilience and can withstand harsh weather conditions. However, they tend to be heavier and have simpler designs.

Epoxy: Epoxy boards, with foam cores and fiberglass, offer lightweight options. While not all epoxy boards are premium, they generally outperform plastic boards. A weight of 25-30+ lbs is a good indicator of better performance.

Carbon/Wood/Other: Carbon boards are the highest-performing SUP boards. They prioritize performance over durability and require careful handling. Wood inlays, like bamboo, are also lightweight alternatives that enhance performance.

2. Use

Stand up paddle boarding offers various uses and situations. Here are seven categories to consider:

  • All Around: For multiple recreational purposes.
  • Touring: For long-distance cruising and expeditions.
  • Yoga: For optimal stability during yoga sessions.
  • Fishing: For stability and accessories to accommodate fishing gear.
  • Race: For speed with a lightweight build.
  • Surf: For maneuverability and wave handling.
  • River: For rapids, eddies, and river wave riding.

3. Add-Ons

Consider accessories that enhance your paddle board experience. Quality bags and air pumps are important add-ons that improve convenience. Other popular options include bungee cords for hauling items, attachments like Connexsup, and easy fin instal options like FCS II/Connect. Upgraded handles and paddle holders are also worth considering.

Best Non-Inflatable Paddle Board Reviews


best composite standup paddle board 2020 sic maui rs 1

If you’re in the market for a premium race paddle board, look no further than the SIC Maui RS. Dubbed the ‘Rocket Ship,’ this board offers exceptional speed and lightweight construction. It comes in various sizes to accommodate adult and youth paddlers. The RS is perfect for intermediate and advanced racers seeking an all-round performer that excels on flatwater. With a starting price of $2,599, the RS is a top-tier choice worth every penny.

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Price: $2,499.95

Build: Non-Inflatable

Weight: 23.4 lbs

Use: Race

Skill: Advanced

Sizes: 12’6″, 14′


best composite standup paddle board 2020 rogue parlay 1

For flatwater racing, the Rogue Parlay is an excellent choice. This non-inflatable board is designed for sprint racers and offers impressive performance. While it may be narrow and unstable for average paddlers, it remains lightweight and easy to carry at 25.7 lbs. With a price tag of $2,699, the Parlay delivers the best that Rogue has to offer.

Price: $2,699

Build: Non-Inflatable

Weight: 25.7 lbs

Use: Race

Skill: Advanced

Sizes: 12’6″, 14′


best composite standup paddle board 2020 surftech chameleon 1

The Surftech Chameleon is an all-around and touring hybrid board that offers versatility at an affordable price. It is perfect for recreational paddling and mid-range distance adventures. Weighing just 22 pounds, it is lightweight and easy to carry. With updated features and a starting price of $1,050, the Chameleon is a stunning choice for paddlers of all levels.

Price: $789

Build: Non-Inflatable

Weight: 27.4 lbs

Use: All Around/Rental

Skill: Beginner

Sizes: 10’2″, 11’2″, 11’6″


best composite standup paddle board 2020 nsp hit 1

The NSP Hit is a versatile board that combines stability and durability. It is designed for cruising, touring, and long-distance paddling. With excellent stability, this board can handle various conditions and is ideal for beginners. Weighing in at 27.4 lbs, it strikes a good balance between weight and performance. With a price of $789, the NSP Hit offers incredible value.

Price: $789

Build: Non-Inflatable

Weight: 27.4 lbs

Use: All Around/Rental

Skill: Beginner

Sizes: 11’2″


best composite standup paddle board 2020 rogue all in 1

The Rogue All In is a highly versatile board suitable for racing, downwinders, and even catching a few waves. It offers excellent performance in a variety of conditions. With its lightweight construction and easy maneuverability, it is an ideal choice for advanced paddlers. The All In strikes a balance between durability and weight. If you’re looking for a board that can handle various elements, check out the Rogue All In.

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Price: $2,699

Build: Non-Inflatable

Weight: 24.12 lbs

Use: Race

Skill: Advanced

Sizes: 11′, 12’6″, 14′


best composite standup paddle board 2020 surftech aleka 1

Designed for women, the Surftech Aleka is a stable and versatile board for short to mid-range paddling. It is constructed with Surftech’s Tuflite V-tech for optimal strength and durability. With a width of 29-30 inches and weighing just over 22 lbs, it offers stability and ease of use. The Aleka is suitable for a wide range of conditions and is an excellent choice for beginners and intermediate paddlers.

Price: $1,349

Build: Non-Inflatable

Weight: 22.11 lbs

Use: All Around

Skill: Beginner/Intermediate

Sizes: 10’4″, 11’2″


best composite standup paddle board 2020 rogue jackpot 1

For a premium race-specific paddle board, consider the Rogue Jackpot. While narrow and designed for expert paddlers, it offers exceptional performance. Weighing just over 27 lbs, it strikes a balance between weight and stability. The Jackpot is a great option for flatwater racing and can handle choppy conditions as well. If you’re looking for a high-performance board, the Rogue Jackpot is an excellent choice.

Price: $2,899

Build: Non-Inflatable

Weight: 27.5 lbs

Use: Race

Skill: Advanced

Sizes: 14′

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Photo Gallery: A Visual Look at the Best SUPs

For a closer look at some of the boards we’ve reviewed, check out our photo gallery below:

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