How We Put SUP Boards to the Test

Stand up paddleboarding (SUP) has become increasingly popular in recent years, with enthusiasts seeking the best performing boards in both rigid and inflatable categories. At East Coast Paddle Sports, we embarked on a comprehensive testing process to determine the top SUP boards on the market. Our rigorous side-by-side tests encompassed various performance metrics, ensuring we provide accurate rankings for paddleboard enthusiasts.

Glide Performance: Smooth Sailing on Any Waters

To evaluate glide performance, we employed two tests. The first involved measuring the number of paddle strokes required to cover a set distance on flat water. Our tester paddled each board on a calm, clear day in a peaceful lake, meticulously determining the efficiency of each board’s glide.

The second test challenged the boards in rough water conditions. We took to a larger lake, battling wind-induced waves and turbulent waters. This rigorous examination allowed us to assess how well each board performed in challenging circumstances.

Stability: Striking the Perfect Balance

Stability is paramount when it comes to stand up paddleboarding. We conducted a series of tests to determine which boards offered the greatest stability. Our expert panel, comprising moderate to experienced paddlers, ventured out into rough and windy conditions, evaluating the boards’ stability firsthand. They cycled through each board, providing invaluable side-by-side comparisons. Although a few testers took unintentional dips due to unexpected waves or gusts of wind, we continued with our thorough evaluation.

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Additionally, we explored how the boards fared with double occupancy. Testers took their furry and young companions along for the ride, assessing the stability of each board under these circumstances. We also sought the opinions of beginner paddlers and experienced yogis attempting yoga poses on boards marketed for such activities. While we didn’t include these results in our scoring, it provided us with valuable insights.

Maneuverability: Navigating with Ease

Maneuverability is essential for a seamless paddleboarding experience. To assess this aspect, we designed two distinct tests. The first was a slalom course, challenging our lead tester to navigate sharp turns and obstacles as quickly as possible. Each board’s performance was evaluated, allowing for sufficient rest periods to avoid fatigue.

The second test involved executing a 180° U-turn in our small testing lake without resorting to back-paddling. Results ranged from comically wide performance disparities, with some boards effortlessly turning and others verging on shore collisions. We incorporated paddler opinions, observable outcomes, and GPS tracking using the Strava app on an iPhone to score each board accordingly.

Ease of Transport: Convenience On and Off the Water

Transporting SUP boards shouldn’t be a cumbersome task. We assessed how easy or challenging each board was to transport. Our evaluation included factors such as weight, handle ergonomics, and the boards’ compatibility with car loading. A diverse range of individuals, representing various age groups, genders, and sizes, put these boards to the test. We weighed each board ourselves, disregarding manufacturers’ claims, and rated lighter boards more favorably. Additionally, we extensively handled and moved the boards throughout testing, ensuring a comprehensive assessment. Finally, we placed each board on top of a Subaru Outback with Yakima Racks to evaluate their compatibility with typical car setups.

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Durability: Aboard for the Long Haul

Durability is crucial for any SUP board investment. We meticulously inspected each board for signs of wear and tear at the conclusion of our testing. While we acknowledge that our extensive testing may have resulted in scuffs and scratches more than the average user would incur, it enabled us to gauge the durability of these boards accurately. To further inform our assessment, we analyzed limited user reviews, identifying common issues. Additionally, we considered the warranty offerings of each product, rewarding those with more comprehensive coverage.

Our all-encompassing testing process has given us unparalleled insights into the world of SUP boards. If you’re curious to learn how specific boards performed, refer to our comprehensive review here. For further guidance on purchasing a new board, don’t miss our buying advice guide, where we break down what to look for and why. Discover your perfect paddleboarding companion and embark on endless aquatic adventures with confidence.

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