Old town discovery 119 solo sportsman canoe

Old town discovery 119 solo sportsman canoe
Video Old town discovery 119 solo sportsman canoe
I am the happy new owner of an Old Town Discovery 119. I was already the nearly happy owner of a kayak, but the yak was not a comfortable ride when I tried to bring along my 74 lb dog. I also wanted my boat to be inexpensive, durable and fairly lightweight. Enter the 119.

I will point out a discrepancy I have noted – stats given on this site for this canoe say it weighs 43 pounds but on the manufacturers site the weight is currently listed as 49 lbs. Not a huge difference but still good to be aware of, I think.

The 119 as it comes is not perfect for my application, it is a bit of a tight squeeze for my pup and he wound up always being on my feet and constantly in the path of my double bladed paddles travel. I assumed this would be the case as I had read a review by a guy who wanted his boat for exactly the same thing as me(on the Dicks’s website) but I wanted to try it as it came before I started putting extra holes in the gunwales. So, I am currently in the process of moving the front thwart up about a foot, which is a conservative beginning and I will take it from there to get it just right for us, moving the seat back only if we still need more room, or different balance.

The seat it comes with is now the woven bench seat and it sits pretty far down in the boat. So I am pretty sure you can disregard all the seat comments from many other reviews. It is nowhere near my yak in comfort but considering that we spend hours and hours out on the water it isn’t really too bad. It paddles pretty easily. I don’t have any trouble keeping it going pretty straight and it turns on a dime. I have already dragged it over messes of rocks in it’s second adventure and the bottom is just scratched up.

I bought a stadium seat to strap on but I much prefer the plain seat without it when I am paddling. I got a great deal on the canoe through Sportsman’s warehouse, it was on sale this fall. I basically got it about $200 under the list which is much better for me, for sure. I have already been messing around with it, I installed painters through the bow and stern and I installed lacing although I am not likely to ever do anything near fast water but gaze at it. It is much easier to get in and out of than the kayak for those of us who are not terribly coordinated. And as a new canoeist I could nearly drag my kids capsized 12 ft rec. kayak onto it in some kind of aggressive after falls waves/current, so I would call it very stable.

I think this will be a forever boat for me and I am looking forward to a great many adventures with it!

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