Old town canoe sportsman 106

Old town canoe sportsman 106
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Size and Weight

The Sportsman 106 measures up at 10’6” (3.2 m), which is on the shorter side for a fishing kayak. This length provides a good mix of portability, tracking and maneuverability.

As a motorized kayak, it’s expected that the Sportsman 106 will be a bit heavier than paddle-driven boats. So, it’s not too surprising that this kayak weighs 104 lbs (47.2 kg).

While this is quite heavy when compared to paddle-powered kayaks, it’s actually on the lighter end of the spectrum for a motorized boat. For reference, the Old Town Predator MK weighs in at 117.5 lbs (53.3 kg).


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When judging the weight capacity of a motorized kayak, it’s important to look at two metrics: the maximum weight capacity and the usable capacity for paddlers and their gear.

The Sportsman 106 has a maximum weight capacity of 525 lbs (238.1 kg), which is very high by kayak standards. However, after including the weight of the motor (17 lbs / 7.7 kg) and accounting for the fact that performance drops significantly when a kayak is loaded past 80% of its weight capacity, this boat has a usable capacity of 404 lbs (183.3 kg).

This usable capacity is more than sufficient for the majority of paddlers and their equipment. Thanks to the boat’s forward dry hatch and rear bungee-corded storage area, it also provides enough carrying capacity for a day’s worth of fishing gear. So, the Sportsman 106 is a solid boat for long days of fishing on your local lake or flat river.


Old Town didn’t skimp when it came to features on this boat.

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The Sportsman 106 comes with a premium seat that’s built with dual-layer Textilene fabric for added durability. This seat also has a layer of 3D mesh to ensure adequate breathability for added comfort as you paddle.

With three flush-mounted rod holders and four 18” tracks to mount your accessories, this kayak is ready for a full day of fishing. It is compatible with both lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries so you can easily power a GPS unit to maximize the day’s catch.

Plus, the Sportsman 106 is pre-built with three through-hull wiring kits and a transducer mount so you can set up a fish finder without having to drill into your brand new boat. The kayak comes with a custom tackle box, too, so you can have all the gear you need to get out and fish.


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With motorized fishing kayaks, there are three areas to talk about with respect to performance: the motor, the boat’s paddling ability, and how well it’s set up for fishing.

As far as the motor goes, the Sportsman 106 comes with a 45lb (20.4kg) thrust 212V saltwater Minn Kota motor that has a powerboat-style throttle for easy, intuitive driving. Its rounded hull also provides great primary stability under motor power.

When it comes to paddling, Old Town gave this kayak a console floor plug that can be used to keep your boat dry when you remove the motor for some human-powered fun. Plus, the Sportsman 106 comes with an extra large rudder that can be used for steering and better tracking, both under motor and paddle power.

For fishing, the Sportsman 106 has non-slip EVA foam deck pads that allow you to stand up right while casting lines without fear of getting tripped up. It’s also ready for use during casual fishing trips with a shallow water anchor thanks to its pre-equipped mounting inserts.

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