Oklahoma city river rafting

Oklahoma city river rafting
Video Oklahoma city river rafting

Looking for something fun to do in Oklahoma this weekend? Move white water rafting OKC to the top of your list! As a former collegiate rower, it comes as no surprise that a watersport tops my adventure list. However, these manmade rapids are guaranteed fun for any adventurer. Whether you are an athlete looking for a challenge, or a family just looking for fun, Riversport OKC has an outdoor adventure for everyone in a unique urban setting.

About the Boathouse District

By now it is common knowledge that river sports are a big deal in Oklahoma City. After all, the Boathouse District is an official US Olympic and Paralympic training site. Some international rowing, kayaking, and canoeing teams even travel all the way to Oklahoma just to train at these facilities. Although Oklahoma’s geography is notoriously flat, the adaptations to the Oklahoma River along with the manmade rapids make the Boathouse District one of the premier multisport waterfront facilities in the world.

However, just because the rapids are manmade, don’t expect a slip’n’slide ride. The white water course is made possible via giant blue blocks that can be moved to create anything from eddies to Class III rapids. This customizable course, coupled with Riversport’s top-notch program, attract raft guides across the globe from Ecuador to Australia.

Tips for White Water Rafting OKC

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The best part about the Boathouse District is that the water isn’t exclusive to world-class athletes. You don’t even have to have any experience white water rafting. And you definitely don’t need to journey into the wilderness to try it!

Before your white water ride, you will have a brief safety and instructional training. Then, expect to spend almost an hour out on the rapids. One run takes around 20 minutes but you get to take several laps. I also found it fun that we changed seat positions after each run so everyone got a chance to be in the front of the raft. You can bring a group to fill your own raft, but don’t be afraid to go solo and meet some new people! One of my boat mates had a season pass which I think would be well worth the investment. Thanks to the moveable blocks, the course changes frequently so you get a new experience almost every time you go. Plus, I’m incredibly jealous that he gets to come back and try other white water experiences like tubing or riverboarding.

Would it really be white water rafting if you didn’t get soaked? Don’t forget a change of clothes and a towel. But if you do happen to forget something there is an Outfitter’s Shop with towels, water shoes and anything else you might need.

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Lastly, as a courtesy don’t forget to bring a tip for your guide! I learned that being a white water guide is kind of a big deal, which is why so many guides are brought in internationally. Most have gone through an intensive apprenticeship or training program in their home country. Guides come to Oklahoma for the summer season and to train others at the Boathouse District’s raft guide school.

More Fun at Riversport OKC

Riversport OKC offers much more than an incredible white water rafting course. From zip lining across the Oklahoma River, to paddleboarding, kayaking, the Sky Trail high-ropes course, and even a mini-ropes course for toddlers, there is fun for all ages and adventure levels. Check out all the available adventures here.

After we got off the raft, I changed and went straight to the Sky Trail, a six level high ropes course. You could easily spend over two hours on this playground in the sky. Each obstacle presents a fun new challenge while being simple enough to navigate with the pulley harness system. When I got to the top, I wasn’t brave enough to try the Rumble Drop (the 80 foot controlled free fall) so I opted for the zip-line. Not only is the zip line an incredible adrenaline rush, it offers the best view of Oklahoma City in my opinion.

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I highly recommend planning to spend a full day here. Once you see all the fun adventures available, you will want to try everything! Plus, there is plenty of grassy open space and seating for places to rest between adventures.

If you have been to Riversport OKC I’d love to know your favorite activity in the comments. And if you’re looking for even more adventure, check out some of my other guides to Oklahoma!

For this post, I partnered with Riversport OKC and received some experiences for free. However, you can count on me to be a good steward of this opportunity- all thoughts and opinions are completely honest and completely my own.

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