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In this Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide, we’ll tell you how to progress the story, find new islands, and unlock new objects for your Raft!

Quicklinks: Getting Started With the Story | How to Build the Receiver and Antenna1. The Radio Tower | 2. Vasagatan | 3. Balboa Island4. Caravan Town | 5. Tangaroa | 6. Varuna Point | 7. Temperance

Table of Contents

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide – Getting Started With the Story

Your journey will begin on a small 2×2 Raft with a Plastic Hook and not much else. You’re going to have to get the basics of the game down first – check out our Starter Guide to get a jumpstart on your journey.

Once you feel that you have a grasp of the basics, your next step will be to expand your Raft and start hunting for resources like Scrap, Metal, Sand, and Clay. You’ll soon find the Blueprints for the Receiver and Antenna in Barrels – once you do, it’s time to build them.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Receiver and Antenna

How to Build the Receiver and Antenna in Raft

Our next step in this Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide is to build the Receiver and the Antenna. The Receiver takes 8 Plank, 6 Plastic, 2 Circuit Board, and 1 Hinge. You need 3 Antennae, and each one takes 4 Scrap, 1 Circuit Board, and 1 Bolt. You’ll also need a Simple Battery for the Receiver, which requires 1 Copper Ingot, 3 Scrap, and 6 Plastic.

Here’s everything you need to have to build the Receiver and 3 Antennae:

  • 8 Plank
  • 12 Plastic
  • 5 Circuit Board
  • 15 Scrap
  • 3 Bolt
  • 1 Copper Ingot

You’ll need to have researched Metal and Copper to make these parts. You’ll also need Metal Ingots and Copper Ingots and not the raw ore, so you’ll need to get Sand and Clay to make Dry Bricks for a Smelter.

Once you’ve collected all of the materials, you need to build the Receiver and the three Antenna on the same level. You can’t have the Antenna higher or lower than the Receiver. Each Antenna must be spaced out from the other Antennae, and the Antennae need to be a short distance away from the Receiver, too.

How to Use The Receiver in Raft

You can use the Receiver by placing three Antennae down on the same level as the Receiver. The Antennae need to be spaced out a short distance away from each other and the Receiver; if it’s not far enough away, the Receiver will tell you when you turn it on.

You’ll also need to power the Receiver with a Simple Battery. The Simple Battery will gradually drain as the Receiver is on, so you should only turn it on periodically to check your location.

Once it’s turned on, the Receiver will be automatically tuned to the default Radio Code for the first location – the Radio Tower.

1. The Radio Tower

Once you’ve built the Receiver, your first stop will be The Radio Tower. This is a rig on the ocean with a fair amount to explore. Anchor your Raft when you arrive and jump on board.

Cuckoo Note (Room B-1)

Your first stop will be Room B-1 where you’ll find a note for your Journal. The note is written by a man named Cuckoo and talks about another character named Owl and a missing character named Sparrow.

Once you’ve read the note (or listened to it with the voiceover), you can explore the rest of the Radio Tower. There’s loot to be found in each of the rooms, but one room, in particular, has some important items.

Head Light Blueprint and Owl’s Radio Notes (Room C-1)

Climb up the boxes and debris to the second level. One of the rooms will have the Blueprint for the Head Light and Owl’s Radio Notes on a wall. Owl’s Radio Notes are a bit of fluff about radio transmissions she heard.

Thoroughly explore the area and you’ll find various loot. Then, look around for a staircase going up. It will take you to the rooftop of the building.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - C-1 Rooftop

Cuckoo’s Second Note (Room D-1)

From the C1 rooftop, you can walk along a vine-covered red beam to a small building that says “Took Boat Won’t Be Back.” A vine-covered staircase is nearby – jump onto it to get even higher up the Radio Tower.

The top of this next staircase will put you next to a wind turbine and an air duct. Another vine-covered air duct is a short jump away – hop over to it and search the area outside of D1 for loot. Once you’re done, head into D1 and you’ll see another note from Cuckoo on a counter talking about a reactor at Selene.

Exit Room D1 and jump up on some boxes – it’s time to reach the top of the Radio Tower.

The Top of the Radio Tower and a New Friend (Room E-1)

Carefully look around and you’ll see a fairly simple jumping puzzle. This will lead you to the top of the Radio Tower and your first new character unlock: Tala. This top room will also have the Blueprint for the Recycler. Finally, make sure to grab the note that says “People?” with an arrow.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Radio Tower Tala Blueprint Radio Code

The “People?” note gives you the Code for the next area you’re heading to, but we’re not leaving just yet.

Killing the Shark and Diving Deep

If you recall, the first level of the Radio Tower was labeled “B-1” and the upper level was labeled “E-1.” That begs the question – what happened to A-1? The answer is, of course, that A-1 is underwater.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - A-1 Underwater

Before you dive in, you’re going to want to kill the Shark. You really don’t want to be trapped in an underwater building while you’re trying to fight this thing off. Once it’s dead, head into A-1 and grab all of the delicious loot you can.

Don’t forget to actually look below A-1, too. There’s a fair amount of Scrap, Metal, and other items, just like any other reef.

Inputting the Radio Tower Code Into Your Receiver

Your final task for the Radio Tower area is to input the four-digit Radio Code on the “People?” note into your Receiver. This will give you the coordinates of the next place you’re supposed to go.

A note on Radio Codes: they are randomized in a playthrough. You can always find it in your Journal (which you can open by pressing “T”). Unfortunately, you won’t be able to find a Radio Code without seeing it yourself firsthand.

Input your newly-acquired Radio Code and move on to the next island.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Vasagatan

2. Vasagatan

The next part of our Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide will tackle Vasagtan, a beached cruise ship that has a mystery to unravel, some good loot, and deadly enemies.

Preparing to Board the Vasagatan

First and foremost, Vasagatan will be much more challenging than the Radio Tower. You’re going to want to bring some supplies on board the ship with you. You’ll also want some weapons to fight the enemies inside of the ship.

I recommend that you bring the following:

  • 1 Metal Spear
    • or 3 Wooden Spears
  • 1 Basic Bow (optional)
  • 4+ Head Lights
  • Food
  • 2+ Bottle of Fresh Water

I strongly recommend that you max out your food, water, and health before you leave, too. You’re going to spend at least an hour running around the ship and you don’t want to run low on food or water in the middle of a fight!

Boarding the Vasagatan and the First Floor

Anchor your Raft near the rear of the Vasagatan. Go to the rear of the ship and walk through a door that says “Authorized Personnel Only.” Head down the tunnel and pull the lever on the right wall to turn a light on above a table. You’ll find a note from Hanne talking about the captain’s plan to head towards a city down south.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Vasagatan Crowbar Loot

There’s various loot in the room, so collect it all. Then, grab the Crowbar on the table with the red lamp and use it to open the closed door with an “Authorized Personnel Only” placard.

Once you enter the hallway, you’ll hear noises coming from a door on the left. A giant rat called a “Lurker” is on the other side of the door, so have your Spear or Bow at the ready. Open the door and get ready to kill it.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - First Lurker
Lurkers seem dangerous, but it’s easy to figure out their attack pattern.

How to Kill a Lurker in Raft

You can kill a Lurker by staying a short distance away and waiting for it to jump at you. When it jumps at you, move forward and poke it with your Spear. Then, back away until it jumps again. Repeat this process until it’s dead.

Continuing to Explore the First Floor

This room also has a red locker with a padlock on it to the left of the door when you walk in. You’ll need Bolt Cutters to open it, but you won’t find them in this room. Go back into the hall for now – we’ll come back here later.

The next door down the hall leads to the stairs and requires a Blue Key, but we don’t have that yet. Keep heading down the hall and you’ll see a bathroom door on the right side. The bathroom has a Red Key and a few pieces of junk. Collect the Red Key and the junk. Then, head outside of the bathroom and make a right.

Continue down the hallway and you’ll reach a dead end with two doors. The door at the end of the hallway requires the Red Key, but don’t go in there just yet – first, go into the door on the left.

This next room is the kitchen. It has some various loot, a second note from Hanne, and a Gas Canister. Pick up the Gas Canister, then head back out into the hallway and go through the door that requires the Red Key.

First, go to the opposite end of the room – you’ll find a Bolt Cutter and another Note from Hanne. This time, Hanne is talking about giant rats that the rest of the crew doesn’t believe are real. You know, the giant rat you just killed a couple of rooms ago.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Workbenches and Bolt Cutter

You’ll see two workbenches at the back left of the room. The left workbench says that you need the following items:

  • 1 Electrical Wires
  • 1 Lighter
  • 1 Gas Tank
  • 1 Bullet

The right workbench says you need the following:

  • 5 Mechanical Part

If you turn around, you’ll see one of those Mechanical Parts sitting on a shelf in an open cabinet. Pick it up, grab the rest of the loot in the room, then exit and head back the way you came.

Continue down the hallway until you see the locked door you came through; you can most easily recognize this door because the Crowbar has been left on the floor. Go into the room on the right where you first encountered the Lurkers. You can now open up the locker with the Bolt Cutters. You’ll find the Blue Key inside and a note from Olof that tells a story of the crew complaining about the route the ship is taking.

The Second Floor

Now that you have the Blue Key, exit this room and go to the left. You can now open up the door to the Stairs. Walk up the stairs and you’ll find yourself in a much nicer area with pool tables. You’ll also clearly hear the sound of Lurkers crawling around.

This staircase opens up access to the upper levels of the ship. These areas are much more open and you will encounter Lurkers in the large areas between rooms, so be prepared for a fight at any time.

Go up to the second floor. Turn left and go towards the door with a green exit sign above it; the sign shows a person, a down arrow, and a door. This leads to a bar; enter the room.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Bar and Mechanical Part

Head over to the bar. Grab the Bullet. There’s also a note right next to the Bullet where Olof talks about the Lurker problem.

Turn around and head to the DJ booth on the stage. You’ll find a Mechanical Part on the ground.

Take off your Head Light (If you’re wearing one) and head outside – take care not to fall off of the ship! You’ll see an empty pool on the deck – head in and you can find the third Mechanical Part at the bottom of the empty pool.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Mechanical Part Pool

Go back inside the bar, put your Head Light back on, and head back to second floor staircase in the room with the pool tables. You can find a single piece of Plastic behind the bar, but there isn’t much else here otherwise.

Head down the hallway and go into the room marked with a “1” sign – you’ll find a piece of Plastic in the bathroom and not much else.

Exit the room and turn left, heading towards the end of the hallway. Turn left at the end of the hallway and then turn left again; you’ll see a partially-open door with a Lucky Cat statue. Unfortunately, this statue is only decorative and there’s no way to get it, so proceed into the room marked “2.”

There are two items you can get in Room 2. First, open the door to the bathroom on your left and grab another piece of Plastic if you’d like to. Then, grab the cassette tape on the desk to get another note where Hanne and Olof have a conversation.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Cassette Tape Desk

Exit Room 2, head to the left, and open Room 3 – the Captain’s Quarters. You’ll have to fight a Lurker inside. Kill it and you’ll also see a safe that requires a Four Digit Code, but you don’t have that yet; for now, turn around and exit the room. Turn left and go to the door at the end of this hallway.

This final room on the second floor has a bunch of crates, a fair amount of junk (mainly Plastic and Scrap), a bit of food in a cooler, and the fourth Mechanical Part. Loot the room.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Fourth Mechanical Part

Exit the room with the crates.

Head towards the Supply Closet, make a left, and then head back to the staircase where you entered the second floor.

The Third Floor

At this point, you’re probably carrying a lot of stuff. It may be a good idea to go back to your Raft, store your loot, and resupply as needed. You’re going to have some more fights ahead and you don’t want to lose your inventory if you die. If you do go back to your Raft, drop off your loot and then return to the top of the second floor staircase. You can find the third floor staircase right next to it.

Go upstairs to the third floor. Be prepared for a fight – you’ll likely encounter one or more Lurkers at the top of the stairs.

Once you’ve killed the Lurkers, you’ll see doors with green exit signs on either side of the room. Open these, but you don’t have to go outside – there’s nothing to get on this level. Instead, head down the hallway behind the stairs.

There’s an exit door on the left. Open it, but do not go outside. On the right is a locked room that requires a Key Card; we’ll have to open this later. Continue down the hallway and you’ll enter a dining room. You’ll find a Crate on the metal serving tables with food. To the left of this table is a Supply Closet that’s blocked off; you can find the fifth and final Mechanical Part on the floor.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Safe Four Digit Code and Fifth Mechanical Part

Turn away from the serving table and you’ll see a round table with a piece of Plastic, the Four Digit Code you need to open the safe in the Captain’s Quarters, and a note. The note talks about Olof wanting to train the Lurkers into an army – probably not the best sign that the guy has kept his sanity.

Open the other exit door on the opposite side of the room. Then, take off your Head Light again and head outside to the helipad. You’ll find various loot out there, so grab whatever you like. Then, come back inside and put your Head Light back on.

Head down the hallway, make a left, and make another left – this is the staircase to the fourth floor. Don’t worry about the Four Digit Code just yet – we’ll open the Captain’s safe on the way back down. For now, head upstairs to the next floor.

The Fourth Floor

You’ll likely find at least one Lurker on the fourth floor. Kill any Lurkers, and then return to the top of the stairs.

Look to your right and you’ll see a room with a raised dance platform. You can find the Key Card on the dance platform and a piece of Scrap on a serving table to the left.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Key Card

There are several exit doors that will take you outside, but there’s nothing useful on the outer decks on this level; simply open them and keep moving indoors.

Turn around, face the stairs, and take the left-hand hallway. You’ll see a door with a black refrigerator blocking the path. This requires a Car Jack to move, so we’ll have to come back here later.

Back to the Third Floor

Go back down to the third floor and be ready for a fight – this is where you’re going to learn that Lurkers can respawn. Kill the Lurker, then turn right and right again to the Key Card door. You can now open this door since you found the Key Card on the fourth floor, so go ahead and open it.

The Fifth Floor

The Key Card Room is some kind of office. It has the Green Key on a desk. Pick up the Green Key. Exit the Key Card room, turn left, and then turn left again. Head back up the stairs to the fourth floor. Turn left at the stairs, walk down the hallway, and turn left again to find the stairs up to the fifth floor. Take these stairs up one level.

Turn left on the fifth floor and you’ll find a Crate with some supplies. Go to the opposite side and you’ll find a door that requires the Green Key. Have your Spear or Bow at the ready before you open this door – there’s a Lurker in this room. Open the door and kill the Lurker.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Lighter and Cassette Tape

There are exit doors on the left and right of this room, but there’s nothing on the deck on this level, so don’t worry about going outside.

Walk towards the bookcases and go past them. You’ll see a bed with a Lighter and a Cassette Tape on it and a Crate on the floor. Collect all of these items. The Cassette Tape tells the story of what happened when the boat was beached on the island you’re currently on.

Exit this room and work your way back down to the second floor.

Back to the Second Floor

Turn right when you reach the bottom of the stairs and head towards the Captain’s Quarters. The Lurker in here has probably respawned; if so, kill it. Then, open the safe. You’ll find Electrical Wires and a note. The note strongly implies that Olof has sicced his Lurkers on the crew and passengers.

Exit the Captain’s Quarters, turn right, and walk into the room with the pool tables where you first entered the second floor. Head down the stairs to the first floor.

Crafting What You Need on the First Floor

Make a right at the bottom of the first floor stairs. Walk all the way to the end of the hallway and enter the room with the crafting tables. Interact with the table on the right and you’ll make a Car Jack. Interact with the table on the left and you’ll make a Bomb.

Back to the Fourth Floor and the Car Jack Room

Make your way back up to the fourth floor, watching out for any Lurkers as you go. Return to the door blocked by a refrigerator. You can now move it aside thanks to the Car Jack, so open up this doorway.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Car Jack Door

Enter the room that was blocked by the refrigerator. You’ll see a desk at the far side of the room with a Crate underneath it and a note on top. Pick up the Crate to get some supplies. The note is a magazine article titled “Cities in the Blue” that talks about building floating cities to deal with the rising ocean levels.

Turn around and head left into the Bathroom. You can find a Crate of food in there. Then, exit the Refrigerator room. Turn left, turn left again, and head all the way up the staircase to the Bridge.

The Sixth Floor, the Bridge, and the Bomb

Once you’re at the sixth floor, you’ll be ready to open the Bridge with the Bomb. Do not open the door with the Bomb just yet.

This is probably common sense, but I’m going to say it explicitly anyway – do not stand next to the Bomb when you place it. Run down the stairs and stand on the far side of the staircase. If you’re too close to the bomb, you’ll lose half your health (and you might even die if you’re below half health).

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Bridge Door Bomb

Head inside the Bridge. There are exit doors on either side that lead to the outer deck; once again, there is nothing of value to get there, so you can safely ignore these doors.

Head towards the ship controls and you’ll find your three delicious pieces of loot.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Bridge Loot Blueprints Balboa Island Radio Code

On the left is the Blueprint for the Steering Wheel. In the middle is the Blueprint for the Engine. And finally, the Steering Wheel itself has a sticky note with “Balboa?!” written on it – this gives you the Radio Code for the next Story Island. Collecting this last note will get you the “Vasagatan Historian!” achievement. There is also a food Crate, a supply Crate, and various other junk in the room. Collect it all.

Leaving the Vasagatan – or Not

You can now safely leave the Vasgatan. Before we end this part of the Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide, though, consider sticking around on the ship and doing a little Lurker hunting. Lurkers are easy to fight and they’re a good source of Raw Meat – why not take the opportunity to stock up on some extra food?

Whatever you decide, it’s time to return to your Raft. Work your way back downstairs and take your Head Light off so you don’t waste any more of it. You’ll want to dive into the water under the boat – you can find a sixth Mechanical Part (which you don’t need any longer) and other items like Copper and Seaweed in the shallow waters, just like any other island.

Renovating Your Raft

Before you move on to the next area, consider taking the time to renovate your Raft a little. This is a good opportunity to add an Engine and a Steering Wheel.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Vasagatan Raft Renovation
Before you leave Vasagatan, it’s a good idea to add the Steering Wheel and Engine to your Raft. You may as well do some other renovations, too, if you have the resources to pull it off.

Renovating your Raft with these two new items will make navigation a lot easier. I strongly recommend keeping a Sail as a backup propulsion option – you can only use Planks to fuel the Engine for now and you don’t want to be stuck drifting if you run low on Planks.

Moving on to Balboa Island

Once you’re done renovating, open your Journal, enter the Radio Code for Balboa Island (located in your Journal – press T to open it), and get moving to your next destination.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Balboa Island

3. Balboa Island

Our next stop in the Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide is Balboa Island, a large island with massive cliffs and a lot to discover.

Preparing for Balboa Island

Balboa Island has some dangerous enemies, including one of the toughest bosses in the game – the Mama Bear.

Here’s what I recommend you bring with you:

  • At least 1 Axe
  • Basic Bow
  • 60 Stone Arrows
  • At least 1 Metal Spear
  • Food
  • Water
  • 1 Head Light

It will take you several days to explore Balboa Island. I recommend that you travel to no more than one Relay Station or point of interest at a time – you should aim to go back home when it gets dark.

Approaching Balboa Island

As always, we’ll start our journey with entering the Radio Code into the Receiver. As you get close to the island, you may discover massive cliffs in front of you despite the beacon being several hundred meters away.

Unfortunately, it seems possible to approach Balboa Island from the “wrong” side where you have no access for your Raft. In those cases, you’ll have to go around the island until you reach the entrance.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Landing on Balboa Island
This is where you should aim to land on Balboa Island.

Landing on Balboa Island

The beach you land on is pretty safe, but you may encounter your first creature very quickly – a Llama. If you’ve managed to make a Net Gun, you can and should capture a Llama. You may as well get some Animals for your Raft while you can. Just beware of Bears!

A little further uphill is a sign pointing toward four locations. To the left is Relay Station 4 and Relay Station 6. To the right is Relay Station 2 and the Ranger Station. The Ranger Station requires some tools which you’ll find elsewhere on Balboa Island. That means we’re going to be going left first, starting with Relay Station 4.

Relay Station 4

Make a left at the first four-post sign you find. Go straight until you hit the canyon wall, then make a right.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Mama Bear or Relay Station 4

Do NOT go left. The Mama Bear is there, and that will only result in horrible, horrible death if you’re not prepared for a fight. We’re going to the right first.

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Keep walking and following the signs until you reach this point:

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - First Two Wild Berries

You’ll find one or two regular Bears on your left; kill the Bears and loot them. You will also find two Wild Berry bushes outside of the cave. Collect them both; we’ll need them to deal with the Mama Bear later. You can also find Dirt and Cave Mushrooms inside the cave.

Exit the cave and head back to the sign where you made a left. This time, go to the right. You’ll see a locker with “Shhh! Bear Stash!” painted on the front. Open it up and you’ll get Bruno’s Saw.

Continue uphill – you’ll see a sign at the top of the hill that indicates Relay Station 4 is to the right. Follow that sign.

A short distance later, you’ll encounter a raised drawbridge with some rocks on the ground.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Relay Station 4 Drawbridge

The Relay Station 4 Bridge

If you brought a Basic Bow with you, you can shoot the lever on the other side of the gap with an Arrow. If not, you can pick up a Stone, put it on your hotbar, and throw it. Aim a little above the lever and you should be able to hit it in a few tries at most.

The drawbridge will suddenly slam down. While you don’t take any damage from the drawbridge, it’s probably a good idea to stay back anyway just in case something changes in an update.

Cross the drawbridge. You’ll soon come upon Relay Station 4, but don’t go into it just yet – keep walking past it. You can find a grove with 2 Natural Beehives, your first chance to get Honeycomb. You’ll also find three more Wild Berry Bushes, give you 5 Wild Berries in total. This brings you up to a total of 5, more than enough to deal with the Mama Bear.

Exploring Relay Station 4

Now it’s time to actually enter Relay Station 4. There are five items of note to pick up here.

To the left of the entrance is a lever. Pull it and a nearby screen will display the message “1/3 Relay Stations Active.” Near this lever is a bulletin board with a hand-drawn map note and the Blueprint for Fuel Pipes.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Relay Station 4 Map Lever Blueprint

On the other side of the room is a note on a chair from Bruno that describes kids fighting. To the right of the workstation is Bruno’s Hammer. Pick it up.

Avoiding (or Confronting) Mama Bear

Next, we’re going to go back the way we came. Go over the drawbridge and follow the signs back towards the Ranger Station. Remember when I told you earlier not to go this way because the angry, angry Mama Bear is there? Guess what? We’re going to see the Mama Bear.

Continue straight ahead and you’ll see the sea beyond the cliff and a sign to your left warning about Bears. Whatever your approach, your ultimate goal is to approach the blue bin outside of Mama Bear’s Cave:

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Mama Bear Blue Bin

Interact with the bin and you’ll load it up with Wild Berries. Mama Bear will immediately run over and start eating. Stay a fair distance away from her and you can go into her cave.

Mama Bear’s Cave features two important items: a Machete and the Blueprint for the Machete:

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Mama Bear Cave Machete

An Opportunity to Rest – or Fight Mama Bear

Exit the cave and take a right. Then, take a left and keep turning left as you work your way uphill – you’ll find a bunch of dolls here and five notes. Interacting with one of the dolls will give you a lightbulb that you can use for an achievement later.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Creepy Dolls

Head back down the hill you came and take a left at the path where Mama Bear’s Cave is – you’ll see the back of a sign warning about Bears. This path will take you back to your Raft if you’ve pulled in at the beach I told you to.

You also may hear a bell ringing in the area. There’s a bicycle hidden away in the woods. Listen for the sound, get closer to it, and you can ring the bell for an achievement. Then, return back to the path you were on.

This is a good time to go back to your Raft if you need to. This would allow you to drop off your loot, water your Grass Plots if you have Animals, and resupply. This short break is also your best opportunity to fight and kill Mama Bear if you want to. It’s not strictly necessary, but it can be done if you wish.

Whether you decide to fight Mama Bear or not, it’s time to follow the signs towards Relay Station 6.

Relay Station 6

The road to Relay Station 6 will likely have Bees along the way, so this is where we’ll put the Sweep Net to use. Remember, you can’t get the Bees around a Natural Beehive, but you can get the swarms that are flying around in the air.

Take out your Sweep Net and approach the Bees. Take a swing with the Sweep Net as soon as they’re close enough and you’ll get 4 Bee Jars for each Swarm. Each Bee Jar allows you to build 1 Beehive.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Not the Bees

Continue along the path until you see the sign for Relay Station 6. Follow the sign to the left as indicated and keep moving. You’ll see a cave on you right with some vines in front of it:

You can cut away the vines with your Machete. Continue into the cave, cutting vines as you need to. Put on your Head Light when it gets too dark to see. You’ll also be able to find Cave Mushrooms Dirt in this tunnel. At the end of the tunnel, you’ll find another note from Bruno on the ground.

Eventually, you’ll come out the other side and see Relay Station 6. Start heading up the stairs. Make sure you’re looking down as you climb up – you’ll find another Note on the staircase towards the bottom.

Go inside the building when you get to the top. You’ll see Bruno’s Wrench on the left and some plastic on the ground. Pick this stuff up and then head into the room. There are three interesting things here:

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Johnny Relay Station 6

First and foremost, this is where you’ll unlock Johnny, another playable character. Next, the Fuel Tank blueprint is on the desk to the left. Finally, the switch to activate the Receiver is at the back of the room. Pull the lever to turn it on.

Once you’ve activated Relay Station 6, head back the way you came and start making your way towards Relay Sation 2 by following the signs.

The Toxic Pit

You’ll know you’re almost at Relay Station 2 when you see a pit of toxic goop surrounded by wooden spikes. It probably goes without saying, but don’t fall into the toxic goop. It hurts you.

You’re going to have to jump along the boxes to cross the pit:

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Toxic Pit Puzzle

Once you get to the other side, you’ll see Relay Station 2 on the left and the Ranger Station on the right. Start by going to Relay Station 2.

Relay Station 2

Exploring Relay Station 2 is pretty easy. First, go into the door by passing through the deck. You’ll find the switch to turn on the Relay Station on the wall. Activating this station will give you the code you need for the next area, Caravan Town.

Next, grab a note from the locker to the left. Bruno talks about how he and his sister Astrid were put in charge of the Relay Stations. There’s not much else up here aside from a ton of Plastic. Head back down the tower and move over to the Ranger Station.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Relay Station 2 and Ranger Station

Ranger Station

Enter the Ranger Station. On the right you’ll see a tool rack; place all three of Bruno’s Tools and the rack will fall on the ground, revealing a Note. A mattress in the back has another note featuring a schedule. This should be the last note you need for the Balboa Historian! achievement. Finally, you can find the blueprint for the Biofuel Refiner on the desk. Pick it up.

Optional Hunting and Gathering

With Balboa Island conquered, you can opt to leave. However, this is a good opportunity to get Goats, Llamas, and Bee Jars. Bears respawn and you can fight them for Leather, too.

There’s also a fair amount of junk that you can find in the waters surrounding Balboa Island, just like any other island. You may want to dive in to get it – though, as always, you should be mindful of the Shark.

Once you’re ready to leave, pull out from the island, enter the code for your next destination, and get moving.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Caravan Town

4. Caravan Town

Caravan Town is a ramshackle mess of old trailers connected by ladders and ziplines. You don’t want to just run right in – you’re gonna have some tricky fights ahead.

Preparing for Caravan Town

Here’s what I recommend you bring into Caravan Town at the minimum:

  • Bow
  • 60 Metal Arrows
  • Hook
  • Spear
  • Food
  • Water
  • Flippers (Optional)
  • Oxygen Bottle (Optional)
  • Sweep Net

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Caravan Town Docks

Approaching Caravan Town

First, you’ll want to anchor your Raft near the docks. None of the caravans down here have anything particularly interesting, but there is a well with something in it. There’s also a pipe that goes up. We’ll get to that shortly.

Unfortunately, you’ll likely be harassed by a White Screecher Bird before you know it.

Killing the White Screecher Bird

The White Screecher Bird will relentlessly pursue you and drop rocks on your head throughout your time on the island – unless you kill it.

The White Screecher Bird (and other Screecher Bird types) will fly towards you and drop a rock on you. They largely stay airborne except when they’re picking up a new rock – and they often pick up a new rock out of your reach.

Retreat to the lower docks at water level (if you’re not already there. When you see the White Screecher Bird flying towards you, aim and fire a single shot with your Basic Bow. Whether you hit it or not, run towards the White Screecher and keep going – the rock should fall behind you. Repeat this process until this glorified chicken is dead.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Dead White Screecher
Keep the change, ya filthy animal.

While you’re on the dock, look for a yellow building labeled “Port Office” – you’ll find the first Battery Charger Part here. Pick it up. Then, you can progress further in the island.

Climbing the Caravans

Start working your way up the trailers using ladders and stairs. Search the drawers and cabinets of every trailer; you’ll find various junk and food within.You’ll find a note in the yellow trailer with white stripes on the top and bottom – Detto is talking about making the water go away somehow.

Keep working your way up. As you get close to the top, you’ll hear a clucking sound. This is your opportunity to get a Clucker – the game’s equivalent of chickens.

The Second Battery Charger Part

Keep heading up until you see this blue and white trailer with a blue ladder:

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Blue and White Trailer

This trailer has the second Battery Charger Part on top. The building directly next to the Battery Charger Part will also have another note from Detto inside.

Twisted Trees Market

As you move up, you’ll come across a bunch of trailers mixed in with some twisted trees. These trailers appear to have been some kind of market.

First, head into the Canned Goods store. You’ll find a Note – an article called “Sailing as One” about the raft towns of Indonesia. Look around the area and you’ll see a green trailer and a yellow-green trailer at the top of a small mesa.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Third Battery Charger Part

Climb the ladders to get up there and you’ll find the third and final Battery Charger Part.

Come down off of the mesa. Throughly search all of the other trailers and take whatever loot you can.

The First Zipline Part

Next, go towards the trailer with the red top and blue bottom. Go behind it, look for a hand water pump, and drop down.

This is a puzzle that’s all about redirecting pipes so the water shoots into each pipe, ultimately ending at a well down below.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Water Pump Puzzle

Pump the water, follow it down, and realign the pipes until the water ends up in the well. You may have to run back up the cliff a few times as you readjust.

Once you have everything lined up correctly, you’ll get your first Zipline Tool part. Climb back up to the market.

The Red Flag

Take a look at the area outside of the market and you’ll see a building up a ramp with a Red Flag. Head towards it and go inside.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Red Flag

This is where you can ultimately craft the Zipline when you get the other two parts. Aside from the Zipline, you can find a note from Olof on the center table.

For now, you’ll have to keep progressing. Go out the opposite side of the building and you’ll find a ladder leading down. That ladder leads to a staircase, and that staircase leads to a bridge that is missing some planks.

The Broken Bridge

Make your way across the broken bridge by jumping over the gaps.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Broken Bridge

When you reach the other side, jump down onto the colorful staircase below you.

The buildings below you have various loot, but the key place we’re headed is a bicycle connected to a red pipe going into the water.

Into the Deep

Next, we’re going to go underwater – deep underwater. But first, we’ll have to deal with a Poison-Puffer. Make sure you’re at full health before you dive in, because you have no chance of survival otherwise.

Follow the red tube into the water and you’ll encounter a Poison-Puffer Fish. You definitely do not want to fight it in melee. Stay above the Poison-Puffer and fire your Bow. Four hits with Stone Arrows should kill it. Collect the loot from it and return to the surface.

Now, we’re going to dive for real. We’re making three stops along the way – each of these buildings has an air pocket in them where you can recharge your oxygen:

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Air Pockets

Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), this area is littered with Poison-Puffers. You should expect to fight 5 or 6 on your way down to the ocean floor. Attack them one at a time from above by firing your Bow downward and keep your distance. If they explode, you’ll probably die.

If you see a Poison-Puffer, do not immediately attempt to kill it. Return to your nearest Oxygen source (whether it’s the surface or an underwater air pocket in one of the buildings), fill up your Oxygen meter, and then dive down. Kill the Poison-Puffer, return to your closest Oxygen source to recharge your meter again, and then progress downward.

The final destination at the end of the long red tube has three very useful items: the Infirmary Key, a Zipline Part, and the Metal Detector Blueprint.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Infirmary Key Metal Detector Blueprint

Returning to the Surface… or Not

You may want to return to the surface to bring your loot back to your Raft, but there’s an argument for hanging around this area. The Shark is nowhere to be found, Poison-Puffers are abundant, and there is a fair amount of Scrap, Metal, and other goods to get here.

Back to the Red Flag

Your next step is to return to the building with the red flag. Make sure you have at least one unit of Explosive Powder – you’ll need it for the next step. If you don’t, return to your Raft to craft it; you can make Explosive Powder by putting Explosive Goo (which you get from killing Poison-Puffers and looting them) into a Smelter.

Once you’re back at the building with the red flag, cross over the broken bridge again. This time, keep going forward instead of dropping down.

You’ll see a strange red contraption ahead of you along with a note. This is apparently a rocket that was built by Detto after a previous attempt exploded and started a fire. Guess what? You’re going to light this baby up.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Major Tom Rocket

Use the Explosive Powder and the rocket will launch into the air and explode spectacularly. A small piece of apparent debris will fall out and land on a tiny island in front of you.

Dive into the water below, then swim up to one of the sunken containers and climb up top. You’ll find the doll Major Tom with the Zipline Part strapped to his back, completing the set. You’ll also get the Blueprint for the Firework.

Return to the building with the red flag.

It’s Zipline Time

Now that you’re back at the building with the red flag, you can assemble all three of the Zipline Parts. Once you do, you’ll get a Zipline Tool, the blueprint for the Zipline Tool, and the blueprint for the Zipline.

The Zipline Tool opens up access to two new areas: the Mayor’s building and the Infirmary. Since we got the Infirmary Key earlier, let’s head there first.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Infirmary

The Zipline Tool is a wearable item – equip it on one of your body slots (at the bottom of your inventory. Then go up to the roof of the red flag building, face the Infirmary, and get ready to ride the Zipline.

Here, Piggy, Piggy

The Infirmary Island happens to have a small infestation problem. Four massive Pigs have gotten loose and they are very much hostile.

Equip your bow and snipe the Pigs from a distance. If you try to fight them in melee, they’ll do a fair amount of damage. There’s no need to risk it when it’s totally avoidable.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Pigs

You can also find a Bee Swarm in the area, so use your Sweep Net to catch it. There are Natural Beehives with Honeycomb, too.

The Infirmary

Once you’ve killed the Hogs and grabbed the Bee Jars and Honeycomb, it’s time to head into the Infirmary.

Walk inside the Infirmary and turn left into a room with a white table. You’ll find two Healing Salve in there, so take them. Then, head up the ladder in that same room. There’s a trailer with a red door – use the Infirmary Key to open it up.

This locked room has a Good Healing Salve, the Mayor’s Chest Key, and a note from Henrik, a man who was apparently the doctor. The note implies that Olof made the Pigs sick, and that in turn made the people sick.

Exit the room and take the rightmost ramp up. You’ll find a Good Healing Salve and some Plastic in that room. Return to the trailer with the red door and head across the leftmost ramp; you’ll find some more Plastic in there. Return back to the trailer with the red door once more, then head down the middle ramp to head back the way you came.

Work your way back to the Zipline. Take the downward-sloped Zipline back to the building with the red flag.

The Mayor’s House

Go back up to the roof of the red flag building. Look around for the building with a massive “Mayor” sign on it and take a Zipline down.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Mayor

Walk around to the other side of the building and you’ll find a massive open area – this is the Mayor’s office.

First and foremost, go to the yellow workbench at the back left – this is where you put the three Battery Charger Parts together and unlock the Battery Charger Blueprint.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Mayor

Next, grab the Mayor Hat. There is no one else around, and therefore you are the Mayor by default. You’ve earned it. (Technically, you are also the Mayor of your Raft, I guess?)

Once you have your dapper new cap, open up the black Mayor’s Chest at the back of the room with the key you got from the Infirmary. This gives you the final two pieces of the puzzle: the Blueprint for the Engine Controls and the Radio Code for Tangaroa, the next stop in your journey.

Before you leave this building, look on the upper ledge above the Mayor’s desk – you’ll find a suitcase with some loot in it. Then, you can turn around and leave the Mayor’s office.

Leaving Caravan Town

You now have the sixth and final Blueprint of Caravan Town and a fair amount of loot. It’s time to move on to Tangaroa.

As always, you can take the opportunity to grab up loot, farm for resources, or capture animals before leaving. Caravan Town is a good source of Cluckers, so you may as well get a couple while you can. Whenever you’re done, hop into your Raft and get moving to Tangaroa.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Tangaroa

5. Tangaroa

Tangaroa is a massive floating city. It’s lighter on enemies than some other locations, but there’s plenty to explore here.

Preparing for Tangaroa

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Here’s what you should bring with you to Tangaroa:

  • At least 2 Head Light
  • Food
  • Water
  • Basic Bow
  • 30 Arrows
  • At least 2 Metal Spear
  • Machete
  • Food
  • Water
  • Zipline Tool
  • Leather Armor (optional)
  • Backpack (optional)

Approaching Tangaroa

When you approach Tangaroa, you’ll see some arrows on the outside of the building pointing you towards a dock. That’s your entrance point.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Tangaroa Dock

Unfortunately, many Rafts won’t actually fit into this dock, especially if they’re 2 stories high. Odds are, you’re going to have to pull up to the gate, anchor there, and jump off or swim in. Then, you’ll have to go inside:

Entering Tangaroa

Step into Tangaroa and you’ll see a sign directing you to various locations in the city.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Tangaroa Entrance Sign

Tangaroa is absolutely massive, so there will be a lot to go through here. You should be prepared for a lengthy expedition, and it’s a good idea to return to your Raft every now and again to offload loot and resupply.

We’re gonna start by going to the left towards the Storage Area, Generator, and Cafeteria. Walk down the tunnel to the left and head down the ladder into the floor below.

The Cafeteria and Generator Part #1

There are Lurkers (giant rats) down here, so be ready for a fight. We’ll take a left toward the Cafeteria first. This tunnel will take you down some stairs into a lower level. Follow the signs and you’ll find a massive open space filled with tables, chairs, and debris.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Tangaroa Kitchen

The Cafeteria has a tougher version of the Lurker with a purple tail. Make sure to pay attention to what kind of Lurker you’re fighting – this new variant takes 5 hits to kill with the Metal Spear instead of 3 hits with the other kind of Lurker you just fought a level above.

First, head to the right and grab a Note off of the serving counter. This Note is a message from Ruben talking about how Tangaroa is pushing its engines and trying to flee from a flotilla of Rafts.

Behind this note is an unmarked, open door to the kitchen. Head inside and clear out any Lurkers. You can find various loot in here along with Generator Part #1 on the floor by some boxes.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Tangaroa Generator Part 1

Exit the kitchen, turn right, and turn right again. You’ll see a door exiting the Cafeteria. The other side of the door has signs pointing toward the Generator and Storage Area to the right.

Heading to The Storage Area and Generator Part #4

Head straight out this door and then make a right at the pile of crates with two pipes on it. Go straight and you’ll find Generator Part #4 on the ground next to some bars blocking the tunnel.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Tangaroa Generator Part 4

Return to the Generator and Storage Area sign and make a left. When you reach the T-intersection, there’s a locked door on the left. Go right, then make a left and go into the door marked “Storage Area.”

The Storage Area and Generator Part #2

When you enter the Storage Area, look to your left – you’ll see another Generator Part face-down on the ground. This is Generator Part #2. Pick it up.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Tangaroa Generator Part 2

There are some Planks you can grab on the right, so go ahead and pick those up. Then, climb up the blue ladder with arrows pointing up to “Crane Controls” and “Generator.”

The first thing you’ll see ahead of you is a big yellow box – this is the Generator. You can replace all three of the missing parts by interacting with the slots, so do so. The Generator will come to life.

There are several food packages in this room. Pick them up, then head to the left and walk up to the Crane Controls.

Tangaroa Storage Room Crane Puzzle

The Tangaroa Storage Room crane puzzle is like one of those sliding puzzles you played when you were a kid – you have to slide the crates around to open up a path:

You can pick up pieces and shuffle them around in order to open up a path. First, we’re going to open up access to a secret area where we can get some loot. Focus on moving pieces one at a time starting from one end. It’s not too hard to figure out. Here’s one potential solution for getting to the room filled with loot:

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Tangaroa Crane Puzzle Loot

Climb down the ladder and follow this new path you just created to the room with the grate.

Inside this room, you’ll find:

  • A Machete
  • 5 Pieces of Titanium
  • 2 Crates containing various materials (Hinges, Bolts, Copper Ore, etc.)

Try to avoid using Machetes for combat here – you’ll need them in order to open up some taped-off doors later in the city.

Head back out and go back up to the Crane. Now, we’re gonna move the containers around again until we open up the area to Surface Access. Remember, move pieces one at a time, starting from your destination. Here’s what I ended up with after I opened up the secret area:

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Tangaroa Crane Puzzle Surface Access

However you do it, jump back down and go through the Surface Access doorway. You’ll find the Water Pipe Blueprint and a Note on the other side. The Note talks about Tangaroa’s engines dying and how Ruben sealed up the reactor.

Surface Access and the Plantation

The previous room with the containers also has a ladder going up to the Plantation. Unfortunately, you can’t quite make it up there. We’re about to change that.

A note of warning: opening up Surface Access will flood this entire lower level. Make sure you’ve thoroughly looted everything before you do. This is also your last chance to farm Lurkers for Raw Meat in the tunnels. If you’re low on food, you may want to spend some time running around killing Lurkers before opening up Surface Access.

Once you’re sure you’ve looted everything and you’re done farming Lurkers, follow the path to the Surface Access ladder.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Tangaroa Surface Access Ladder

The flooding will begin when you open up the door at the top of the ladder. The door to the right (which you came through) will be automatically sealed and the door to the left will open, so you’re going to have to take a different route back to the crane room.

Climb the ladder and open the Surface Access door. Then, run through the door to the left and follow the tunnel. You’ll find a closed door at the end of the tunnel.

Open the door and run (or swim) through. You’ll see a sign that says the Generator, Storage Area, and Plantation is to the left. Go to that sign and turn left and you’ll be back in the Storage Room. Swim up to refill your Oxygen.

Swim up the Plantation ladder and climb up, then enter the next room. The door to your right will lead you back the way you came. The door to the left has a sign that helpfully points you towards the Plantation. Before you go, grab the loot in the room and the Note. The Note talks about how Tangaroa is falling apart and a riot is going on, so they’re abandoning the city. Once you have the Note and you’re done looting the room, head to the ladder on the left and climb up to get to the Plantation.


The Plantation is partially flooded, and that’s not the only problem – an electrical short is electrifying the water on a periodic basis.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Tangaroa Plantation Electrified Water

You’re going to have to jump on the planters to stay out of the water. There are two Banana trees and two Strawberry plants that you can grab here, both of which will give you seeds. Chop down the trees and grab the Strawberries, taking care to stay out of the water.

Next, head to the room on the left. You’ll find two pieces of Tape inside. Grab them and exit the room.

Go back to the main room and then head to the door on the right. You’ll find a piece of tape on the right side of the door on some crates along with a Note. Grab the third piece of Tape and the Note. The Note talks about how there won’t be enough food to last the year.

Hop over to the switch on the left side of the door and interact with it. You’ll expand three pieces of Tape to repair it. This opens the door, although the electricity will remain a hazard. Move into the next room.

The next room has some more Banana and Strawberry plants. Grab them, then head toward the Surface Access door. Grab the Note to the left of the door and exit the room. The Note talks about the ongoing riot and how a kid is MacGuyvering a working Raft together for them to escape.

There’s another device to repair with Tape in this room, but we don’t have enough just yet – we’ll have to come back later. For now, follow the Surface Access tunnel. In a short time, you’ll be in the city and you’ll get to see just how big it is firsthand.

Opening Up the City and Resupplying

You’ll hear robotic voices when you get up to the surface – these are the Butler Bots that were talked about in a note. First things first, take off your Head Light – no need to waste the battery when you have good ol’ daylight illuminating things.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Tangaroa City

There are five Exits around Tangaroa, including one right behind you. First, open up the Exit directly behind you. Then, follow the wall along the right. This Exit is right next to your Raft, so jump on board, offload your loot, and grab whatever other supplies you need.

Head back into the city. Continue following the right wall and open up the other three Exits so you have the maximum number of options for entering or exiting the city if needed. Once you’re done, continue following the wall right until we’re back at the statue with the golden cape and golden model of the city.

Best Way to Fight Butler Bots in Raft

The best way to fight Butler Bots is Raft is to circle strafe them while sprinting and poke them with your Spear. This is the cheapest option, although it can be a little dangerous if you make a mistake or don’t have room to move around.

Alternatively, you can sprint backward and shoot them with Stone Arrows or Metal Arrows. You’ll be able to recover most (if not all) of the Arrows you used on the Butler Bots.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Tangaroa Butler Bots

As one of the Notes you found implied, these helpful robots have been equipped with stun guns that can damage you. They’ll roll up to you to try to help, but the poor little guys will inadvertently cause you damage with the stun gun.

Killing a Butler Bot will give you a Tangaroa Keycard, an item that is used to open doors in the city.

Unfortunately, you cannot actually kill Butler Bots. Defeating them will only disable them for about a minute and then they’ll automatically revive.

You don’t need to hunt Butler Bots down (unless you’re in dire need of a Tangaroa Keycard), but you should disable them if they’re anywhere near you just to be safe.

The Golden Statue and Tangaroa Vending Service

Return to the golden statue near the staircase where you came in. Walk up to it and you’ll find a Note – you’ll discover that Detto survived the trip from Caravan Town and is helping build a usable Raft for the Tangaroa citizens to escape.

Keep walking straight ahead and you’ll see four Tangaroa Vending Service Vending Machines.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Tangaroa Vending Machines

These machines use Vending Machine Tokens that you’ll find in the city, and each machine has something different. Here’s what’s in the Tangaroa Vending Service machines outside of the center tower:

  • Left Machine 1
    • Piano
    • Radio
    • Machete
    • Backpack
    • Leather Body Armor
    • Leather Greaves
  • Left Machine 2
    • Coconut Chicken
    • Steam with Jam
    • BBQ
    • Shark Dinner
    • Cup of Fresh Watter
    • Bottle of Fresh Water
  • Right Machine 1
    • 6 Different Tangaroa Plants (decorative)
  • Right Machine 2
    • 5 Different Tangaroa Paintings (decorative)

Don’t spend any of your Vending Machine Tokens on things you can get yourself. You can Cook the food and you can Craft the equipment. If you buy anything, I’d recommend spending it on the Piano, Tangaroa Plants, and Tangaroa Paintings since they are unique to this area.

Keep in mind that Vending Machine Tokens can be used in later areas of the game, too. You don’t have to spend them now, and there are opportunities to get other unique cosmetics for your Raft if you desire.

We don’t have any Vending Machine Tokens for now, so let’s move on to 1 Memory Lane.

1 Memory Lane

Tangaroa has several large buildings. Entering one will require a Tangaroa Keycard, so disable a Butler Bot and take one if you haven’t already. Once you have a Tangaroa Keycard, our first destination will be 1 Memory Lane – you can find it to the left of the Golden Statue.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Tangaroa 1 Memory Lane

Open the front door with a Tangaroa Keycard and walk inside. You’ll see an elevator with two options: Floor 0 (where you are) and Floor 8. Push the button for 8.

Floor 8 has an apartment on either side. First, we’re going to go into the apartment on the right. You’ll find a purple-tailed Lurker in there, so kill it with your Spear. After the Lurker is dead, go into the bathroom to the left of the front door. You can find a Vending Machine Token sitting on top of a gold vase.

Go to the next door down on the left and you’ll find a piece of Tape in the bedroom. Then head out into the living room and you’ll find another Vending Machine Token on the sofa. Turn around and check the kitchen cabinets for any loot.

The final door in this apartment opens up to a balcony. You can see a box on another balcony across the way. You may be tempted to jump across, but don’t try it – you won’t make the jump and you’ll fall. (The fall won’t kill you, but you can lose as much as half of your health in one shot.) We’ll get to that other apartment later.

Go back into the hallway and enter the other apartment. Go into the kitchen on your left and check for loot. You can find a Vending Machine Token on top of the refrigerator. You can find another Vending Machine Token in the bathroom on a shelf to the left of the sink.

To the right of a bathroom is a door blocked by a lot of Tape.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Tangaroa 1 Memory Lane Tape Room

Cut the Tape open with your Machete, go inside, and you’ll find another piece of Tape inside.

You can head out to the balcony and get a nice view. You can jump onto an air conditioner and get up to the roof, but there’s nothing worth getting up there. Return to the elevator and go back to Floor 0.

2 Exterio Lane

2 Exterio Lane can be found behind 1 Memory Lane on the opposite side of 1 Memory Lane’s entrance.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Tangaroa 2 Exterio Lane

Open the door with a Tangaroa Keycard and head inside. We can go to Floor 6 or Floor 8 – let’s start with Floor 6 for now.

Floor 6 has two apartments on either side. Go into the apartment on the right and you’ll have to fight yet another purple-tailed Lurker. This apartment has some junk in the Kitchen and a taped door – destroy the Tape with your Machete and you’ll find a Crate inside with some loot (and not much else). The balcony is empty, too, so go back out to the hall and enter the left-hand apartment.

The left-hand apartment has the usual junk in the kitchen cabinets and drawers. It also has a piece of Tape on the balcony and another piece of Tape in the bathroom. Return to the elevator and go to Floor 8.

We’ll continue with our usual pattern on Floor 8 – enter the right-hand apartment. First, you can get a Crate and a Vending Machine Token out on the balcony – this was the Crate you saw from 1 Memory Lane. The railing is broken here, so be careful not to fall off the ledge.

You can find a piece of Tape in the kitchen. The door behind the kitchen leads to a bedroom where you can find another Vending Machine Token sitting on a yellow chair. Check the kitchen drawers and cabinets for loot, then across the hall to the left-hand apartment.

The left-hand apartment has nothing of interest outside of the junk in the kitchen cabinet. The balcony, however, has an opportunity to use the Zipline Tool.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Tangaroa 2 Exterio Lane Zipline

Ride the Zipline down to a power box where you’ll see some Scrap that you can collect.

Look to the side and you’ll see a couple of ledges sticking out from the building.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Tangaroa 2 Exterio Lane Ledges

Jump down onto this ledge. Then, work your way up to the roof above. You’ll find a piece of Scrap and a piece of Tape on one of the roofs. Go up one more roof and you’ll see a billboard – you can find a Crate with more loot inside.

Hop back down to the lower level of the roof and look around for a blue awning. You can safely drop down onto it and then back to street level. That’s the end of 2 Exterio Lane – now it’s time to move onward to 3 Rotary Rd.

3 Rotary Rd.

3 Rotary Rd. is found on the opposite side of the golden statue. The entrance has been hastily barricaded with dumpsters and tires. Run through this tunnel and you’ll find the 3 Rotary Rd. entrance in another tunnel to the left.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Tangaroa 3 Rotary Rd.

Open the door and grab some Plastic in the lobby. Then, go into the elevator and go up to the 8th floor.

This time, there’s only one apartment straight ahead. Walk into the apartment, turn left, and then turn right. You’ll see a door with tape on the left and another door on the right. Go into the door on the right and you can get a Vending Machine Token on the sink counter and a piece of Tape on the shelf with the towels.

Next, use your Machete to open up the taped-off door. You’ll find a Crate on the floor with loot and a piece of Tape in the bookshelf behind you.

Head back towards the entrance and open the final door. This leads into a kitchen; you can get the usual loot in the drawers and cabinets. Open the other door in the kitchen and you’ll enter a living room. There’s nothing in the living room, so keep going and open up the last door to the balcony.

You’ll find some Plastic on the right side of the balcony. Go to the left and you can climb up some boxes to the roof. Go around the side and you’ll find another set of boxes taking you even higher; you can find some Scrap up here.

You’ll also see a roof across a gap with some Scrap and a Zipline:

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Tangaroa 3 Rotary Rd. Gap

Make a running jump onto this roof. There’s a Crate on a ledge on the opposite side of the roof.

Then, it’s time to ride the Zipline – and make a leap of faith.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Tangaroa 3 Rotary Rd. Zipeline

You’re going to have to ride the Zipline to the corner of the building on the right. Then, you’ll jump onto the other Zipline on the left and land on the roof with the Tom’s Tuxedos billboard. You’ll find a Crate and some Scrap on the roof there. You can drop down to lower roofs and balconies and collect more loot on your way back to street level. It’s time to move on to 5 Tranquil St.

5 Tranquil St.

As with most of the buildings so far, 5 Tranquil St. only goes up to the 8th floor. Open the door, hop into the elevator, and go up.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Tangaroa 5 Tranquil St.

This time, we’ll enter the apartment on the left first. This only has one room. You can find a piece of Tape on the bed, a Vending Machine Token on top of the refrigerator, and the usual loot in the kitchen.

Go across the hall to the right-hand apartment. Open the taped-up door to the right and you can get a Vending Machine Token on the bathroom sink and a Crate on the floor.

Turn right when exiting the bathroom and you’ll enter the main area of the apartment. To your left, you’ll find a piece of Tape next to the bed. To your right is a kitchen and a door to the balcony. After looting the kitchen, head out onto the balcony and you can find a Vending Machine Token on a bench.

That’s it for 5 Tranquil St. Head back down the elevator. Next up is 2 Rotary Rd.

2 Rotary Rd.

Just down the block is 2 Rotary Rd.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Tangaroa 2 Rotary Rd.

The elevator for this building goes up to the 4th floor only and has two apartments – one on the left and one on the right.

Enter the right-hand apartment first. Make a right into the kitchen and loot it. To your right is a taped-up door. There’s a piece of Tape on the bookshelf behind next to it. Grab the tape and then cut open the taped-up door with your Machete. This room will have a Crate on top of an armoire.

There’s a bathroom in this apartment, too, but there’s nothing in it. Head back out into the hall and enter the left-hand apartment. There’s nothing of value in any of the rooms here except for the usual junk in the kitchen, so grab it and then exit the building.

8 Main St.

Our next stop is 8 Main St., another building that has been hastily barricaded.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Tangaroa 8 Main St.

Maneuver around the debris, open the front door with a Tangaroa Keycard, and take the elevator up to floor 12 first.

While it looks like there are two apartments, this entire floor is actually an office – both doors lead into the building. Open the right-hand door and you’ll find a purple-tailed Lurker in the cubicles to kill.

This floor is massive, but it’s pretty light on Tokens and Tape. You can, however, loot the drawers of the cubicles and the office kitchen for standard junk.

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Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Tangaroa 8 Main St. Offices

You can find one piece of Tape and one Vending Machine Token in the cubicles towards the back. You can find another Vending Machine Token in a side office with a taped-up door. The taped-up door leads to a conference room with two Crates, one of which includes food.

Return to the elevator and head up to the 14th floor. The 14th floor is another large office, so either door goes into it. You’ll find a purple-tailed Lurker to fight in here as well.

This, too, has a lot of cubicles you can loot and not too much in the way of Vending Machine Tokens and Tape. Here’s what you can find and where:

  • 1 Vending Machine Token by the coffee machine
  • 2 pieces of Tape in the conference room
  • 1 piece of Tape in another conference room
  • 1 piece of Tape on an office chair

Once you’ve looted this area to your satisfaction, go to the elevator and return to street level. There’s only one more building to go before we can move on.

9 Main St.

Our final stop in the Tangaroa city tour is 9 Main St. Open the door with a Tangaroa Keycard and go up to the 11th floor.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Tangaroa 9 Main St.

We’re finally back to apartments. Go into the left-hand apartment and you’ll find a Vending Machine Token on the kitchen counter. There’s nothing else of value in this apartment except for the usual stuff in the kitchen, so grab that and go across the hall to the right-hand apartment.

After you enter the right-hand apartment, you’ll see a piece of tape in a white bowl to the right. Turn to the left and open a door into a living room with a taped door to the back right.

Cut open the taped door and you’ll find a food Crate and a Vending Machine Token on the bathroom sink. Grab the kitchen cabinet loot on your way out, then take the elevator up to the 13th floor.

Enter the apartment on the left. You’ll find a Vending Machine Token in the bathtub and a piece of Tape on top of the refrigerator. Open up the taped door with your Machete and you’ll find a Crate with loot. Clear out the kitchen and head down to the street.

Back Underground

By now, you’ll have plenty of Tape to fix the problems underground. It’s time to return to the staircase opposite the golden statue.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Tangaroa Back Underground

Go down and walk up to the Plantation Door, then hop in and land on the crop planters.

First, we’re going to make our way to the electrical box to the right. Repair it with 3 pieces of Tape.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Tangaroa Plantation Electrical Box 2

Next, go back to where you came into the room. Look around for a sign that points toward the Elevator, Loading Bay, and Surface Area. We’re going to follow the sign towards the Loading Bay by going to the right.

The next room has a locked door straight ahead labeled “Elevator” and an unlabeled locked door to the left.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Tangaroa Plantation Locked Elevator Door

The door to the right is open, so head that way while doing your best to stay out of the electrified water.

In this next room, you’ll see an electrical box at the back of the room along with various pieces of junk:

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Tangaroa Plantation Electrical Box 3

Repair that box and the door to the left of the elevator will now be open. Go through the door.

You’ll see another electrical box on the right-hand wall:

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Tangaroa Plantation Electrical Box 4

Repair this box and the electricity will no longer be a threat.

Open the door and you can head towards the elevator. You’ll see the Blueprint for the Electric Purifier on your way out:

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Tangaroa Electric Purifier Blueprint

Follow the path to the elevator and push the button to call it. This is the elevator for 6 Rotary Rd. – but we’re not going there just yet.

The Secret Basement

Look at the top-left of the elevator and you’ll notice an odd circle that isn’t on other elevators. This is a button that you can push:

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Tangaroa Secret Basement Button

Press the button and you’ll be taken deep within the city to a secret area. This area has 3 Crates full of loot and the Elevator Cassette, a tape that lets you play elevator music in a Radio if you have one.

Head back up to the elevator – we’re going up to the 8th floor of 6 Rotary Rd.

6 Rotary Rd.

Since you’re entering 6 Rotary Rd. from the bottom, you don’t have to worry about having a Tangaroa Keycard. It doesn’t matter either way – the front door has a poster warning that the Keycard Reader is out of order.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Tangaroa 6 Rotary Rd.

Go up to the 8th floor. The people in this apartment were apparently having a birthday party when all of the bad stuff happened in Tangaroa. Unfortunately, an invited guest is in the apartment – you’ll have to kill another purple-tailed Lurker.

Kill the Lurker and then head past the pool table to the dining table. You’ll find an open present with 3 Vending Machine Tokens inside.

Head back towards the door. Stop at the kitchen on your right to loot it, then continue back toward the entrance. Take a left and you’ll exit onto a balcony. Go out onto the balcony and turn right and you’ll see a bar. There are 2 Vending Machine Tokens on the Bar and one on the refrigerator behind the bar.

There are stairs behind the bar that lead up to another apartment. Take these stairs and go inside; you’ll find your way to a broken window. Step out the window and you can climb some crates to get onto the roof, which had a Zipline leading to another building:

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Tangaroa 6 Rotary Rd. Zipline

This next building has a Lurker in it, so take a potshot at it with your Basic Bow if you can. Then, ride the Zipline across and go into the broken window.

This space appears to have been some kind of private lounge with a piano on the bottom floor. Look around for a staircase and work your way upstairs floor by floor, where you’ll find:

A Vending Machine Token on a table on the 2nd floor and a Vending Machine Token on a table and a nearby Crate on the third floor. The 4th floor doesn’t have loot, but it does have a Zipline that will take you to your next destination: The Blue Tower.

The Blue Tower

The Blue Tower in the middle of Tangaroa is your final destination. We’re almost done with this part of the Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide!

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Tangaroa 6 Rotary Rd. Zipline 2

Take the zipline down to the middle deck of the Blue Tower. There’s no loot here; find a ladder and climb up it. You’ll find a room with an elevator and some loot.

Grab the loot and then call the elevator – we’re going up to floor 2. Floor 2 has some loot and two items of import: the Blueprint for Large Storage and a note.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Tangaroa Blue Tower Large Storage Blueprint Keypad Note

Grab the note and take a look at it. This note shows drawings representing four shops found in the main city. Each shop represents a number of the code.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Tangaroa Keypad Code Note

Take the elevator down to floor 0. You’ll find a Note cassette talking about ongoing riots and some loot. Open the doors and you’ll be at the street level right in front of the Tangaroa Vending Service machines.

You can go to the four businesses listed on the note to find the code:

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Tangaroa Keypad Code Clues
Each icon on the keypad note represents a business in the city, and the address for each business is one of the four digits for the keypad code.

Input the code and you’ll find that the Emergency Bridge Launch is quite literal – the entire Bridge pod rockets off of the tower and lands in the ocean nearby.

The Bridge

From here, you can opt to return to your Raft. Alternatively, you can slide down the side of the dome to get to the Bridge. Either way, make your way over there – this is where you’ll meet Elaine, the next unlockable character.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Tangaroa Bridge Elaine

You’ll notice that there’s a Crate next to Elaine. Explore the area – there’s another Crate on the bridge elsewhere, giving you one more chance to get some easy loot.

The Bridge also has the final important pieces you’re looking for: the Water Tank Blueprint, the code to Varuna Island, and the final Note from the captain.

Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide - Tangaroa Bridge Water Tank Blueprint Varuna Island Code

Return to your Raft.

Leaving Tangaroa

It’s now time to leave Tangaroa, although you don’t have to go just yet. You’ve built up a good stock of Vending Machine Coins, so why not spend some of those on items in the city?

You may also want to further explore the apartments. While the loot won’t respawn anytime soon – you’d have to get far away from Tangaroa and come back to reset it – you may be able to kill more Lurkers for Raw Meat.

Whatever you decide, get ready to move on when you’re done. Your next destination is Varuna Point.

Varuna Point Front With Scaffold On Right

6. Varuna Point

Our next stop in the Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide is Varuna Point, two skyscrapers that you’ll need to explore for clues and loot.

Preparing for Varuna Point

Varuna Point has some dangerous enemies, including another one of the bosses in the game – the Rhino Shark.

Here’s what I recommend you bring with you:

  • Basic Bow
  • 60 Metal Arrows
  • Machete
  • Food
  • Water
  • 2 Flippers
  • 2 Oxygen Bottles
  • Zipline Tool
  • Backpack

Varuna Point should take you 1-2 days to explore, and you’re going to do a lot of swimming. Like, a LOT.

Approaching Varuna Point

As you approach Varuna Point, you should see some scaffolding alongside the larger skyscraper. Park your Raft nearby and scale it, and you can climb the building if you’d like – but you’re going to need the Crane Key in order to make your way through the opposite skyscraper.

Note: If you see a red “G” you’ll find things (such as crates) nearby!

Raft Varuna Point Apartments Entrance Underwater

Exploring Varuna Point – Main Skyscraper Apartments (Part 1)

Getting the Crane Key isn’t so simple though! You’re going to have to head inside the skyscraper’s submerged apartments in order to collect some Spotlight Parts to repair one of the lights on the outside of the structure underwater.

If you’re on the first crumbling skyscraper – jump in the water between both and turn back towards the building. If you head downwards (This is where the flippers and oxygen bottle come in handy) underneath the working Spotlight, you’ll be able to head inside to the apartments. Be wary of Anglerfish as you explore, and if you see what looks like a fishing lure – head upwards to get air!

Once you’ve explored the first set of rooms, head back outwards to find an elevator shaft just inside the entrance – head upwards and keep searching to find the remaining Spotlight Parts. Now that you have the Spotlight Parts – light that bad boy up to see it disperse the jellyfish below and open up a new place to explore!

Raft Varuna Point Spotlight Entrance

Exploring Varuna Point – Unfinished (and trapped) Office Space (Part 2)

Once you’ve dispersed the jellyfish, head into the tube running between the two structures. On the close side, you’ll find a door (unlocked later!) and a red “G” on the far side – head that way and into the unfinished offices. There’s a few things to pick up in the water, but make your way along past the next “G” to find a dead end – head upwards and out of the water to find an opening in the ceiling.

Jump up into the ceiling (how are these tiles not destroyed?) and make your way along the path – but watch out for the traps! You’re going to continue until you see a red beam you can hop onto and head upwards. This guy Grabber (hence the G!) doesn’t want anyone to take his loot!

Continue forwards through the upper level but go slow because there are trip wires to watch out for. Slowly make your way, stopping to recover health if you need it, through the floor, wall, and angled traps until you reach a drop with a red “G” to your left. Jumping over the tripwire, drop down and 1 level further down you’ll see all sorts of goodies scattered around.

Snag the Advanced Head Light Blueprint on a table and the Motherlode key right next to a note. Then turn around and head for the boxes that are stacked on top of each other, and climb them up towards another ledge and area with even more loot. Once you’re done, continue along towards another G, and a door that you can open. Drop down into the water, and you’ll find yourself just above the walkway!

Raft Varuna Point Motherlode Entrance Underwater

Exploring Varuna Point – Opening the Motherlode (Part 3)

Now, we get to open up the Motherlode. Follow the column of glowing jellyfish downwards, to find another crack in the building with a G just above an opening. Head down in and avail yourself of the wonderful oxygen flowing just outside of it. Then, unlock the garage door with the motherlode key and head in!

Once inside, follow the red “G” as usual – getting air from the vents as you move further down. You’ll come to a long hallway with some crates and equipment at the end – head that way, and then the Rhino Shark busts it down!

Raft Varuna Point Rhino Shark Hitting a Column and Destroying It

Varuna Point Boss Fight – The Rhino Shark (Part 4)

This fight doesn’t require any fighting, but it does require that you position yourself a certain way and frequently get air from the vents on the ground. It plays out across 3 different levels of the building, and you’re going to do a bit of repetition. The shark will bust through each wall, and you’ll likely be caught off guard a few times.

How to Fight the Rhino Shark:

  1. Swim near a column and wait for him to charge. Stay very close, you want him to hit it, not you!
  2. Once he’s hit it – drop down to get air.
  3. Repeat step 1 until the column crumbles
  4. Grab an explosive barrel from the middle of the room, and place the barrel in the column.
  5. Get the Shark to hit the column again, dealing damage and breaking the column.

You’ll repeat the 4 steps a few times:

  1. First Floor – Column takes 1 hits before you can place a barrel
  2. Second Level – Column takes 2 hits before you can place a barrel
  3. Final Level – Column takes 3 hits before you can place a barrel

Once you’ve destroyed the final column, the blast will take the Shark with it, and you can loot him for a 25 pieces of shark meat. Head up through the hole, and up the stairs to find the Crane Key, a Wind Turbine Blueprint, and a note. Head up the ladder next to you and climb through the pipes and into the water, which takes you to the locked door we found earlier!

Now that we’re ready to climb up the crane – head back to your raft and drop off your loot before we climb!

Exploring Varuna Point – Using The Crane (Part 5)

With all our loot offloaded, head up the scaffolding and onto the larger crumbling building. Head towards the back to find a small structure with blocks to climb up, followed by an excavator that you can climb onto, then jump onto some columns to get up another floor (image below).

Raft Varuna Point How To Climb Up The Crane

Continue to follow the jumps, and scaffolds, upwards until you reach the crane. Climb up two sets of ladders (if you haven’t already) and grab the loot at the very top, including the Electric Grill blueprint! Once you’ve got that, head back down towards the zipline and open up the control area door. Put the key in, and pull the lever to watch the crane drop its payload and open up a whole new area!

Ride the zipline downward, and head straight downward into the structure – follow the yellow light to get the Advanced Batter Blueprint, and the code to make your way towards Temperance.

Head back to your raft, and we’re ready to input the new code and head for Temperance!

Raft Temperance Island Where You Can See a Polar Bear

7. Temperance

Our next stop in the Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide is Temperance, an icy island with some puzzles to complete and a reactor to fix!

Preparing for Temperance

Temperance has some dangerous enemies, including Polar Bears, that you’ll encounter!

Here’s what I recommend you bring with you:

  • Basic Bow + 60 Metal (or Titanium) Arrows
  • Machete x2
  • Food
  • Water
  • Backpack

Temperance should take you 1-2 days to explore, and you’re going to want to grab and use one of the many Snowmobiles littered across the island.

Approaching Temperance

As you approach Temperance, you’ll notice that the weather has changed and there’s snow and ice around. While you’re not wearing shoes (seriously) – there’s nothing you need to worry about with this weather. Park your raft near a slab of ice, and start exploring – if you see a rounded shed, you’ll find a snowmobile there!

You’re going to see a few things at first:

  • Towers – You’ll need to remove electrical cables from these.
  • Small Village – You’ll need 10 electrical cables to unlock every possible structure.
  • Observatory – Inside is a puzzle, completing it grants you the Selene Key.
  • Two Bunkers – You’ll find two bunkers centrally on the island. Until you fix the reactor, they’re both full of toxic gas.
  • Selene Research Facility – This is the final leg of Temperance, and those two green lights you see are the smokestacks above it.

The Village on Temperance

Reactivating The Temperance Village Power

On the island of Temperance, there’s a village of domed structures, with a central large dome that need to be powered up to get inside. You’re going to need 10 electrical cables, which you can get by going to each radio tower and interacting with the box at the bottom. Be careful though, many are guarded by polar bears! We recommend grabbing a snowmobile for this part, if you didn’t already.

Once you’ve got the cables, starting at the power outlet at the bottom side of the village – go counter-clockwise connecting them using both the power handful of power poles and the outlets outside of the domes. Once you’ve done them all – the central building will be open to explore.

Upstairs, you’ll find the blueprint for the Advanced Biofuel Refiner, and a blowtorch you’ll need a little bit later on! Next up, you’ll need to head to the observatory.

The Observatory on Temperance Island

Completing the Temperance Observatory Puzzle and getting the Selene Key

To get to the Observatory, head out of the village and along the left side and you’ll see it to the left. Or, if you’re at the Selene Research Facility, head to the right facing away from it. Cross the fence and head towards it – and you’ll find that the ground is unstable. Oops!

Make your way through the icy water, taking out a few anglerfish along the way until you come to the ladder that brings you up into the observatory. Make your way upwards, picking up everything in sight and making sure you open the locked front door. Now it’s puzzle time.

The Observatory Puzzle

There’s not a lot of hints here, but the solution is more simple than you’d expect. On the top floor you’ll find a safe with a note next to it, solving this puzzle will unlock the safe and give you the Selene Key to get into the reactor. There’s a panel in the middle of the room to look at the stars, and on the walls are some posters of constellations.

Temperance Puzzle Entry Page 36 Raft

If you open your journal, once you’ve collected the note – page 36 will have a few symbols. On the walls of the Observatory, you’ll also see posters and numbers on them. If you look closely – the number on the poster is the same number as the stars in the constellation.

To get the safe unlocked you need to find the numerical value of each constellation found in your journal. Use the panel in the middle of the room to find each one, count the stars that make it up and after you’ve found all 4 – you’ve got the safe combination! With the Selene Key and Blowtorch in hand – lets head to the Selene Research Facility.

The Selene Research Facility and the Code to Utopia

Head towards those nice glowing lights in the sky, and let’s head into the Selene Research Facility. To the left of the door, you’ll use the blowtorch to knock off the ice, and then you’ll be able to use the key to get inside the facility. Upon entering the facility, you’ll find that the reactor is offline because the cooling rods are missing. Kinda important, right?

Raft Screen Saying to insert Cooling Rods

The research facility is flooded with radiation, and you won’t survive unprotected. The only door open to start goes to Laboratory 2 – snag a Radiation Suit to the right of the door before you head down, and keep in mind the durability ticks down whether you’re in radiation or not! Make sure you head back up regularly to re-suit.

Temperance Laboratory 2 Puzzle

Laboratory 2 has 2 consoles with number pads on them. You’ll need 2 digits for each, and to figure out the numbers, look at the two letter sign to the left of the screen. Each one corresponds with something on the Periodic Table of Elements, and the Atomic weight of each Element. You can google them, or just check the posters on the walls for Elements on the Periodic Table!

Enter the Atomic Weight on each console within 30 seconds, and the large door opposite of where you entered will open. Head straight through to enter a new area with no radiation, make sure you loot along the way for the First Control Rod.

Head forward from here, and you’ll see a door on your left next to more radiation suits. Eat and drink real quick before you re-suit, and head into the room and down the ladder. You’ll find another radiated area, with a wheel you can turn inside. Once you start turning the wheel, enemies will spawn. You cannot hit these enemies with arrows, so be ready with your melee weapon.

Weird Bug In The Radiation Raft Temperance

You’re going to have to hold this wheel down until the door fully opens, and after a few bugs spawn they’ll stop coming so you can hold it until the door finishes opening. Head through and up the ladder to a non-irradiated are with the second Control Rod.

Temperance Lasers In The Laboratory

Next up is a door with a control panel you can’t use. Look to the right and you’ll see a laser with some mirrors – turn on the laser and manipulate the angle of the mirror to bounce it off the other mirrors until it hits the control panel. Laser + Control Panel = Open Door! Head through and up the stairs – suit up again before heading into Laboratory 1 for some more mirrors and lasers.

The trickiest bit of the laser puzzle in Laboratory 1 is the first two rotateable triangle mirrors. With multiple blockers, you have to hit most of the mirrors in the room.

Setup the first and second mirrors close to this to bounce the laser off the mirrors next to the second moveable mirror:

Raft Mirror Room Placement For Mirror 1 and Mirror 2

Setup the third close to this:

Raft Mirror Room Placement For Mirror 3 Temperance

Setup the final to bounce off the mirror next to it and onto the control panel to the right of the door.

Raft Mirror Room Placement For Mirror 4 Temperance

With the door control fried, and the door open – head on through and grab the Third Control Rod on a box in the next room. Head up the stairs to return to the main Control Room. Drop all 3 Control Rods into their slots, and slap the level on the console. Unfortunately it’s not that easy – unlike Mr. Spock in Wrath of Khan, you’re going to need to do this manually.

Slap on a new Radiation Suit and head through the door that says “Reactor” above it. You’re going to have to spin the wheels on all 3 cooling rods until they drop into place, while fighting off more of these radiation bugs. They only take two hits with the hatchet, but they’ll keep spawning as you get the control rods in place. Focus on the control rods as best as possible – once they’re all in, the bugs will stop spawning.

With all of the Control Rods in place, the radiation will clear out and you can head through the large door that just opened. Head into the new chamber, and grab the Electric Smelter Blueprint next to the Code to Utopia. In one of the Cryo Pods, you can release Shogo to get another new unlockable character too!

Note: You can head back to your ship now, or if you’d like some extra loot – head back towards the village and enter the two bunkers that are no longer irradiated to get a lot of stuff!

With Temperance out of the way, now we’re onto the final Island of the game – Utopia!

Note: The Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide is being updated as we progress through the game. Stay tuned for more!

That’s the end of our Raft Walkthrough and Story Guide. Have a gander at some of our other Raft guides below!

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