Jimmy Styks Paddle Boards: Unleash Your Adventure

Are you ready for an unforgettable paddling experience? Look no further because Jimmy Styks is back with a bang! After a brief hiatus, this renowned paddleboard brand is launching their updated line of standup paddleboards, promising an exhilarating journey on the water. Get ready to unleash your inner adventurer with Jimmy Styks’ 2024 collection.

Paddling Made Easy for Everyone

Jimmy Styks paddleboards are designed to bring paddling within reach of all adventure enthusiasts. Whether you’re a rookie, intermediate, or expert paddler, their lineup caters to all experience levels. With a strong commitment to affordability, Jimmy Styks ensures that anyone can enjoy the thrill of paddleboarding without breaking the bank. So, get ready to embark on exciting leisure or adventure paddles, enhance your fitness routine, or even try your hand at SUP fishing.

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A Wide Range of Options

The new Jimmy Styks collection features six inflatable paddleboards, including a versatile kayak-inflatable hybrid, as well as two solid fiberglass options. With board lengths ranging from 10 to 12.5 feet, and a variety of all-around and touring styles, there’s a perfect paddleboard for everyone’s unique preferences. The designs are adorned with contemporary colorways and eye-catching graphics, ensuring that you’ll stand out on the water.

A Brief History of Excellence

Founded in California in 2009 by Kyle Reeves and Jeremy Wilkens, Jimmy Styks quickly gained popularity among paddling enthusiasts. The brand was later acquired by Vista Outdoors in 2015 and became a staple in major retailers such as MEC and REI. Unfortunately, production of Jimmy Styks paddleboards came to a halt in 2018, right when the sport’s popularity was skyrocketing. However, the brand has now resurfaced under Sport Dimension’s ownership, bringing fresh and updated models to the market. To complement this exciting comeback, a brand new website was launched in March 2022, providing customers with an enhanced shopping experience, educational resources, and informative product videos.

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Innovative Design, Unmatched Value

Doug Anderson, sales and brand manager at Jimmy Styks, understands the importance of listening to customers. He has incorporated practical design features based on their feedback. For instance, one notable improvement is the replacement of the camera mount with a handle at the board’s nose, allowing for easier maneuverability. Additionally, the inflatable paddleboards now feature a section of rubber material under the nose, providing protection when landing on a beach. Anderson’s vision for Jimmy Styks is simple: to offer boards that are “best in class” in terms of features and construction, all at a reasonable price.

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Quality Craftsmanship at an Affordable Price

Jimmy Styks boards may not be the most high-end options on the market, but they certainly deliver on durability and value. The epoxy boards boast an EPS foam core surrounded by a wood-patterned paper inlay and layers of fiberglass, ensuring reliability and strength. On the other hand, the inflatable paddleboards feature dual-layer drop stitch construction, offering optimal rigidity and stability without sacrificing performance. Additionally, one standout feature of Jimmy Styks paddleboards is their patented Click ‘N Go keyless fin. Installing the fin is a breeze, as no tools or screws are required, eliminating any worries about misplaced equipment.

Unlock Your Paddling Adventure

If the allure of Jimmy Styks paddleboards has captured your imagination, then it’s time to delve deeper into their remarkable lineup. Discover the top models that have earned rave reviews in our Paddling Buyer’s Guide and embark on your next extraordinary paddling adventure. Let Jimmy Styks be your ultimate companion on the water, guiding you through countless unforgettable moments.

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