Jet Ski Speakers: Enhancing Your Ride with Music

Jet Ski Speakers & Listening to Music on your Jet Ski

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Who doesn’t love cruising on a jet ski with the wind in their hair and the sound of their favorite tunes in their ears? However, choosing the right jet ski speakers can make all the difference between a memorable experience and a disappointing one. Let’s explore some great ideas and avoid the common mistakes when it comes to choosing and installing speakers for your jet ski.

Stock Jet Skis With Built-in Speakers

Nowadays, many jet ski manufacturers offer stock speakers as an option or include them in their models. While some speakers are easy to install, others may require a bit more effort. If given the choice, it’s advisable to opt for the manufacturer’s speaker option, as it not only looks sleek but often comes with user-friendly controls compared to aftermarket alternatives.

Safety and Legal Considerations

Before diving into the world of jet ski speakers, it’s important to be aware of safety and legal concerns. Some states require the use of mirrors for pull sports, and swapping them out for speakers might pose a challenge. Additionally, blasting loud music while riding can be distracting and impact your situational awareness. Unlike driving a car, jet skiing doesn’t involve roads, and many watercraft enthusiasts may not pay sufficient attention to their surroundings. It’s crucial to stay alert and exercise caution when enjoying music on your jet ski.

Portable Bluetooth Speakers: Versatile and Convenient

If you want my recommendation, go for portable Bluetooth speakers. These devices have evolved significantly and can deliver surprisingly powerful sound. The beauty of Bluetooth speakers lies in their portability. Whether you’re docking your watercraft or relaxing by the pool, you can take the music with you wherever you go. Look for waterproof and sand-proof options, as they are specifically designed for outdoor activities and will withstand the elements.

Now, you might wonder if portable speakers are loud enough. Rest assured, most Bluetooth portable speakers offer ample volume. To enhance the sound, try storing the speaker in your jet ski’s glove box as it acts as an echo chamber, keeping the music loud and clear, even in open waters. However, do keep in mind that portable speakers may not be the loudest option available. If volume is your primary concern, we’ll discuss custom installations next.

Custom Speaker Installations: Amplifying the Experience

For those seeking superior sound quality and amplification, custom speaker installations are the way to go. Many audio specialists, including those who work with cars and trucks, can transform your jet ski into a sound powerhouse. Bear in mind that this option is the most expensive but undoubtedly the best-looking one.

It’s worth mentioning a couple of downsides to custom installations. Firstly, they may compromise your watercraft’s storage space as subwoofers and amps often occupy the storage compartments. Secondly, drilling holes into your jet ski to accommodate the speakers weakens its structure and could potentially impact its resale value. When it comes to selling or trading your jet ski, keeping it in its original stock condition may be more appealing to potential buyers.

However, despite these considerations, having a sound system that can outshine other boats on the water is an exhilarating experience. Plus, let’s admit it, it looks incredibly cool too! If you opt for a custom speaker system, ensure the holes drilled are properly sealed with epoxy to prevent any water damage in case of an overturned watercraft.

Placement Tips and What to Avoid

When positioning your speakers, it’s essential to take wind resistance into account. Placing them behind you and facing forward is not recommended, as the faster you go, the harder the speakers have to work, resulting in quieter music. Avoid using ATV speaker tubes mounted with straps, as they are not suitable for use on a watercraft. Over time, the straps will wear out due to the rigors of wave jumping, and the forward-facing speakers will muffle the music when your speed exceeds 40mph. Opting for speaker tube systems specifically designed for jet skis will yield better results and ensure an enjoyable audio experience.

Inspiring Jet Ski Speaker Installations

To spark your imagination, here are some awe-inspiring jet ski speaker installations we’ve come across:

Discover the endless possibilities of transforming your jet ski into a floating party with the right choice of speakers.

Remember, whether you opt for stock speakers, portable Bluetooth speakers, or custom installations, the key is to enjoy the music while maintaining awareness of your surroundings. Let the rhythm of the waves and the melodies of your favorite tracks create the perfect soundtrack to your jet ski adventures!

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