The Essential Fishing Gear: Ensuring Your Tools Stay Afloat

Image: Eastern Coast Paddle Sports

Do you ever find yourself dropping your fishing gear overboard? Whether it’s your scissors, grippers, or pliers, losing essential tools can be a frustrating and costly experience. But fear not! There are innovative solutions to keep your equipment safe and secure, ensuring nothing gets lost in the depths of the water.

Fishing Rod Leash: A Lifesaver on the Water

Just like a paddle leash, a fishing rod leash is a must-have accessory for any angler. Imagine navigating through crashing waves, paddling across choppy waters, or even tackling light rapids – your fishing rods need to stay with you no matter the conditions.

NRS Bungee Paddle Leash

East Coast Paddle Sports offers a reliable rod leash that guarantees peace of mind. Crafted with a heavy-duty coiled cord, featuring a sturdy brass clip at one end and a convenient removable collar at the other, this leash ensures your fishing rod stays firmly attached when you’re on the move. The detachable collar allows you to easily unclip the rod for fishing and then reattach it when you’re ready to secure it back in the rod holder.

To ensure maximum security, attach pad eyes near your flush mount rod holders. This allows you to leash your rods while trolling, drifting, or even when you’re simply soaking baits. And when you store your fishing rods in vertical rod holders on your crate, the brass clip can be easily attached to the crate, while the collar wraps snugly around the rod’s foregrip. With this heavy-duty coiled cord, tangling is no longer a concern.

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Picture this: you’re out on the water, enjoying the thrill of your fishing expedition, when suddenly your kayak flips. But thanks to your trusty rod leashes, your fishing rods are safe and sound, avoiding the risk of being lost forever in the depths. These leashes offer that extra layer of security when the seas get rough, allowing you to focus on what matters most – catching that big fish.

Gear Tether: Keeping Your Essential Tools Within Reach

Scissors, grippers, and pliers – these are the tools anglers use the most and often end up dropping overboard. But there’s a solution that can save you from this frustration: a gear tether.

Let’s picture a scenario: you set down your scissors to make a cast, but with an unfortunate slip, they end up in the water. Or, after landing a fish and removing the hook with your pliers, the excited fish wiggles and both your catch and the pliers go overboard. And let’s not forget about lip grippers; they seem to have an uncanny ability to find their way to the water’s surface. But fear not, a gear tether can save the day.

Attach your lip gripper to a 10-foot length of paracord, complete with a reliable brass clip at the end. Before clipping the gripper to the fish’s lip, secure the line to your anchor trolley. This way, if you accidentally drop the gripper while reviving a fish, it will slide down the anchor trolley, keeping your precious tool within reach.

Now, you might be thinking about investing in cheap scissors and pliers to minimize the blow of losing them. But why settle for less when you can have a more secure solution? Carrying backup tools is always a wise move to replace any lost or malfunctioning gadgets.

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Consider using premium pliers like the Simms Flyweight pliers, which are perfectly designed to fit on your life vest. With this setup, you can easily access your pliers without needing to lean over and pick them up from the deck. To ensure they don’t escape, utilize a coiled tether attached to your life jacket, providing that extra layer of protection against accidents.

So, whether you’re battling rough waters or simply casting your line, having the right gear and the right tools is essential. With fishing rod leashes and gear tethers, you can enjoy your angling adventures with confidence, knowing that your equipment is safe, secure, and always within reach.

Image: Eastern Coast Paddle Sports

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