Crane raft

Crane raft

Raft is now fully released, with a lot of cool new content in the Final Chapter. Many players are wondering how to find the Crane Key, and in this guide, we’ll help you locate it as efficiently as possible. Here’s our Raft Crane Key location guide.

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Where to Find the Crane Key in Raft: The Final Chapter

In order to locate and obtain the Crane Key, you need to do a couple of pre-requisites. Follow the steps below to get it:

  1. Collect the note from Tangaroa Island. This will reveal the coordinates of the Varuna Point 6277. Once you are there, you will notice two abandoned buildings. One of them doesn’t have its spotlight on, and you need to turn it on. As you climb the ladders, you will find the Crane controls which don’t work (because you need the key). Moving further up the ladders, you will find the Electric Grill. Be mindful that there will be enemies so you should craft a Machete for self-defense purposes.
  2. Now you need to dive in, down the side of a building until you notice a small spotlight flickering towards a hole in the wall which you can enter. There, you will need to loot four spotlight parts.
  3. Next, enter the tunnel under the hole in the wall once you exit the building. Another spotlight is pointing towards the entrance, which you should activate so that the tunnel below it opens up. Watch your oxygen level and go down the tunnel, following it as much as you can. You will find an area where you can jump out of the water and walk around. There, you will find another note. The Advanced Headlight Blueprint and the Motherlode Key are located in a room at the end of the hallway.
  4. Next to the doors that you open, you will see a makeshift map drawn on the wall which shows where you are and where the Motherlode is. Dive straight down and you’ll come across a garage-like entrance with a door that you can open. As you explore the building, you will eventually end up at the tube with a blue “G” at the end. There’s a lot of loot there – and do not be surprised when the garage doors get blasted open!
  5. The boss fight with the Rhino Shark straightforward – you need to move around in order to bait the shark into ramming itself into the pillar. This will open up a hole in the pillar where you can place an explosive barrel. After the shark rams the pillar again, the barrel will detonate and open the room above.
  6. Go there, where you need to do the same in order to open the final room. Once there, repeat the same process again in order to finally defeat the shark and swim up to the shore. Don’t forget to loot the shark meat.
  7. Finally, you can climb up into the building through the offices to get the Crane Key and the Wind Turbine Blueprint.
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