Brown canyon white water rafting

Brown canyon white water rafting
Video Brown canyon white water rafting

Browns Canyon Rafting Adventure

Browns Canyon National Monument is located along the Arkansas River, surrounded by the snow-capped 14er’s of the Collegiate Peaks. This Class III stretch of river is one of the most beautiful and scenic landscapes you’ll find in the United States.

With a rich history dating back to the Colorado mining boom days, Browns Canyon white water rafting is one of the most exhilarating ways to explore the Arkansas River and has been coined the most iconic white water rafting in Colorado. This trip combines a unique outdoor experience for the whole family, stunning scenery and the most rapids that any of our whitewater rafting trips have to offer.

Browns Canyon White Water Rafting Trip Options

Located in Buena Vista, CO, Browns Canyon is an outdoor lover’s paradise; along with rafting you’ll find world-class fishing, mountain biking, hiking and so much more. Here are our trip options:

Browns Canyon Half Day

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The Browns Canyon rafting half day option is roughly 2 ½ hours on the water (flow dependent). It is one of the most accessible Browns Canyon adventures. A solid class III white water trip, our half day trip will pack fun for the whole family without being too intimidating.

Browns Canyon Full Day

Take a 4+ hour trip down the Arkansas and enjoy a lunch along the river, courtesy of your guide! An excellent way to spend the entire day on the river, our full day trip blends class III white water with stunning scenery along the way.

Browns Canyon Overnight

There’s nothing quite like a night on the river, and our Browns Canyon overnight trip is an adventure that includes class III white water along with a night of camping on the Arkansas River where you’ll wake up to fresh coffee and hot breakfast before starting your second day.

Browns Canyon Extreme

Our classic half day trip, but in much smaller boats. Paddle hard and dress to swim…you WILL get wet.

Useful Tips For Rafting Browns Canyon

1. Prepare for the elements

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The weather can change rapidly on Browns Canyon rafting trips so it’s important you’re ready for anything as we depart rain or shine!

2. Dress to get wet

You’ll definitely get wet, so wear quick-drying clothes or synthetics, as cotton gets colder when wet. Don’t worry, we have wetsuits and splash tops we can issue you just to cover the bases.

3. Don’t wear any valuables

It’s best to leave expensive sunglasses, hats and other accessories in the car. Cell phones are also common casualties on white water rafting trips, and we recommend leaving them in the car. If you absolutely must bring your phone, consider placing it in a dry bag for safe keeping.

4. Hydrate and Fuel

Rafting is a work out, and the sun and elevation can effect everyone differently, so be sure to hydrate and fuel up before-hand. We don’t stop for snacks and discourage generating potential trash on the river. Full day trips do offer a riverside lunch

5. Listen to your guide

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Your guide has extensive river navigation, rescue and medical training. So help them do their job (which is to keep you safe!) by listening to them at all times.

Browns Canyon Rafting History

As you float along the Arkansas through Browns Canyon National Monument, you’ll probably notice some railroad tracks along the river bank. Mining in this area stretches back to the 1880’s, and there were 3 main railroads that served this area. Large amounts of gold, lead, copper and zinc were found in this area, and the mining town of Leadville significantly contributed to pollution in the Arkansas River at this time.

Luckily, thanks to the ardent work by local environmentalists, today we have clean, safe waters throughout Browns Canyon National Monument.

Browns Canyon Wildlife

Along with fish, make sure you scan the river banks for bighorn sheep, black bears, elk, mule deer, bobcats, falcons and other big mammals that make rafting Browns Canyon one of Colorado’s most memorable experiences.

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