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If you’re looking for a tough inflatable boat for serious use, you’ll surely come across BRIS.

BRIS Inflatable boats are easily one of the most popular for online buyers.

Their high-quality, durable boats have hundreds of happy customers. Plus, they offer a variety of inflatables for every use.

However, these boats don’t come cheap. Getting a BRIS will always be a commitment, which brings up the question…

Is it worth it?

Today, we’re taking a deeper look at the BRIS Inflatable brand. We’ll look at:

  • Who BRIS is made for
  • The BRIS Inflatable boat line-up
  • The BRIS accessory shop
  • Who’s behind BRIS

With these, you can decide for yourself is BRIS is worth it.

Let’s begin!

Who is BRIS For?

If you’re looking for a simple, affordable inflatable boat… look elsewhere.

BRIS isn’t something for people who are just getting started, these are for serious boaters.

Sure, these aren’t the boats the Navy Seals use, but they very well could be. All BRIS boats are strong, durable, and packed with features.

Unfortunately, this makes them fall on the expensive side.

Their price tags scare away people who aren’t willing to invest. Instead, they attract fishermen and adrenaline junkies who need a high-quality inflatable boat.

BRIS Product Line-Up

One of the reasons BRIS is popular is because they have so. many. boats.

They come in all shapes and sizes for your every need.

Their line-up can be broken up into three categories:

  • Standard Inflatable Boats
  • Mini Catamarans
  • Inflatable River Rafts
  • Inflatable Kayaks

Let’s have a look at each one.

BRIS Inflatable Boats

What sets BRIS aside from other brands?

Their durability.

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BRIS produces some of the strongest inflatable boats you can get your hands on.

Even their smallest, cheapest boat is made from 1100 denier 0.9mm PVC. This gives it excellent tear, UV, tension, and breaking resistance. Not to mention their pro models go all the way up to 2000 Dtex, 1.2mm PVC!

Yes, PVC will never be as strong as Hypalon. However, compared to other brands, BRIS’s PVC is quite special.

Plus, their heat-welded seams won’t give. Great material is no good if the seams break right away. With BRIS though, both won’t let you down.

BRIS boats also come in a bunch of sizes. You can get their 8.2 ft recreational and fishing boat…

…all the way up to their professional 15.4 rescue & dive boat.

Whatever you’re doing, there’s the perfect size for that (unless you want something smaller than 8.2. BRIS only makes medium to large inflatables).

All these boats were designed for serious activity, such as fishing, diving in deep water, or rescue missions. They all have solid-floors, whether that be a high-pressure air floor or an aluminum one.

Watch how to set-up a BRIS pro boat here:

They also have a bunch of features all around. They come with aluminum oars, oarlocks, benches, one-way drain valves, steel d-rings, repair kit, carry bag, and a foot pump… what more could you ask for?

As for color, most BRIS boats come in white. But you can also opt for their black or red boats for more style.

BRIS Mini Catamarans

If you’re looking for a luxury inflatable boat, you should check out BRIS’s mini catamarans (or mini cats).

These mini cats have all the features of a catamaran in inflatable form. Compared to standard inflatables, they’re more

  • Stable
  • Spacious
  • Manueverable
  • Luxurious

At 11ft long, these mini cats are going to be a blast out at the lake. Unlike the standard inflatables, they’re not suitable for rugged use. But for luxury, it’s difficult to find a better option.

They’re more stable on the water thanks to their double-hulls. They’re more spacious thanks to their open nose. And they’re more maneuverable thanks to their ingenious design.

You get the point… these are luxury boats.

BRIS Inflatable River Rafts

Going river rafting?

BRIS has you covered.

With their inflatable river rafts, bringing a raft upstream has never been more convenient. You can deflate and fold them up into a compact ball whenever you wish.

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These rafts were built to be strong and durable – just like all BRIS products. They were built to withstand whatever the river throws at them.

That’s why they’re made from 2,000 Dtex, 1.2mm PVC fabric. They also have heat-welded seams to ensure that no air escapes.

With their super stable high-pressure drop stitch flooring – you’ll never feel wobbly even when the river gets rough. They also have a unique self-bailing system that allows you to choose your speed.

BRIS’s river rafts start at 9.8 ft, all the way up to 15 ft long. So if you’re up for some rafting with your friends, BRIS will definitely be worth a shot.

BRIS Inflatable Kayaks

If river rafts weren’t enough, BRIS also has its own line of inflatable kayaks.

These aren’t your traditional kayaks which feature only 1-2 seats with very little space. Instead, BRIS’s kayaks are more like super-thin inflatable boats.

Like the rest of BRIS’s products, these kayaks are also extremely durable.

If you want a single-person kayak, BRIS also makes one “BRIS Inflatable High Pressure Kayak Canoe Boat One Person

You’re going to be hard-pressed to find a single-person kayak as high-quality as this one.

BRIS Accessory Shop

BRIS doesn’t only make boats, they also make everything boat-related.

Their shop includes:

  • Inflatable fenders
  • PVC Glue
  • Carry bags
  • Drain plugs
  • Halkey Roberts Valves (and HR valve adapters)
  • Boat covers
  • Foot pumps

And more!

Looking for replacement parts? This is one of the best places to get them.

Plus, they also have bimini tops

If you want to stay cool in the shade, these will protect you from the sun when you’re out in the water.

Who Makes BRIS Boats?

When it comes to quality, no one can doubt BRIS has it.

However, if there was any downside to BRIS Inflatable, it would be their customer service.

There’s something slightly shady about this brand.

What do I mean?

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Well, it’s impossible to pin down where these boats come from. BRIS’s website has an American address, but all that leads to is a warehouse.

From my research, I gathered that BRIS boats are made in China.

Where in China? No clue.

BRIS doesn’t have a landline number, only an email address. Plus, some customers run into trouble when it comes to warranties.

BRIS offers a 3-year warranty for all their boats. But when it comes time to use this, you may have a difficult time.

Again, their customer service isn’t great.

If you want good return policies, the best place to buy a BRIS is through a trusted dealer.

For example, Amazon has a 30-day return policy. If there’s a problem, you can return the boat to Amazon without having to deal with BRIS.

All that said, you should remember that BRIS boats are very high quality. Getting a bad egg from them is rare. Most buyers will never have to deal with BRIS anyway.

Alternative Brands

It’s hard to find a brand that produces boats at BRIS’s quality.

But one noteworthy competitor is ALEKO.

ALEKO is famous for its highly-durable aluminum floor boats. Unlike BRIS, there’s nothing shady about ALEKO. They’re based in Washington and are known for providing great customer service.

They don’t have as many options as BRIS – they are, after all, a company that sells so many other things aside from boats. But in terms of quality, it’s hard to judge who has the upper hand.


Is BRIS worth it?

I won’t say.

But if you’re looking for a tough boat that will survive all the challenges you throw at it…

…If you’re willing to invest in an inflatable boat that won’t let you down…

…If you don’t mind dealing with a company that isn’t too transparent so long as they deliver the best quality…

then BRIS will be perfect for you!

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