Crafting the Perfect Boat Rod Locker for Your Fishing Needs

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Are you a passionate angler, constantly on the lookout for the next great fishing adventure? If so, you know how crucial it is to have a reliable and secure storage solution for your fishing rods. Unfortunately, not all boat models come equipped with a rod locker, leaving you with the challenge of finding a suitable storage option.

Although some boat manufacturers offer factory-installed rod lockers as an optional feature, there are alternative solutions available that can be just as effective. One option is to take a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach and create your own custom rod locker. Today, we’ll guide you through the process of building a DIY rod locker for your boat, so you can keep your fishing rods safe and secure.

Step 1: Design and Materials

The first step in creating your rod locker is to select the size and shape that best suits your needs. Consider the number of fishing rods and other equipment you want to store, as well as the available space in your boat. Once you have determined the dimensions, cut the wall and lid panels to size. Marine ply, with a thickness of 18mm, is a great choice for this project. Keep in mind that if you plan to carpet the locker, the overall size will increase by 4-5mm depending on the carpet you choose.

DIY rod locker

Step 2: Carpeting the Wall and Lid

To provide a protective and cushioned surface for your fishing rods, carpet the inner walls and lid of the locker. Marine carpet, such as Selley’s Quick Grip, works well for this purpose. Apply the adhesive according to the manufacturer’s instructions and carefully attach the carpet to achieve a clean and professional finish.

Step 3: Planning the Placement of PVC Tubes

Now it’s time to decide where the PVC tubes, which will hold your fishing rods, should be placed. Mark the location on the boat’s surface and consider the space available beneath the casting deck. If necessary, remove the casting deck temporarily to accurately assess the available room. To ensure a precise fit, drill pilot holes from the front side and measure the backside of the boat.

DIY Rod locker

Step 4: Installing PVC Tubes and Flanges

Using a hole saw, cut the holes required for the PVC tubes and flanges. We recommend using 50mm PVC pipes and PVC floor flanges to achieve a secure and well-finished result. The flanges will neatly cover the holes in the aluminum. Once you have all the necessary components, glue the flanges and PVC pipes together. Customize the length of the pipes to fit snugly beneath the casting deck and securely mount them into the pre-drilled holes, using stainless screws.

DIY Rod locker

Step 5: Mounting the Wall

With the PVC tubes in place, you can now install the wall of the rod locker. To do this, use stainless steel or aluminum angle pieces cut to the desired height. Secure the wall in position using pop rivets or stainless screws. With the wall securely mounted, your rod locker is taking shape!

Step 6: Constructing the Lid

To complete your rod locker, it’s essential to have a sturdy and well-fitted lid. Attach stainless steel hinges to the lid first, ensuring they are correctly aligned. Then, mount the hinges onto the wall, taking the time to align everything carefully. Support the lid by attaching angle pieces at each end and along the sides, creating a resting surface that can withstand some weight.

DIY Rod locker

Step 7: Adding the Final Touches

As the construction comes together, it’s time to add those finishing touches to ensure your rod locker is both functional and user-friendly. Install a stainless bolt to lock the lid securely and provide peace of mind during travel. Additionally, attach a nylon strap beneath the lid, creating a convenient handle for easy access.

DIY Rod locker

Enjoy Your Custom Rod Locker

Congratulations! You’ve successfully built your own custom rod locker which will keep your fishing rods secure and protected during your boating adventures. Remember, this DIY approach may not be the only solution available, but it can certainly be cost-effective and tailored to your specific needs.

Now, you may be wondering if this project is suitable for smaller or narrow boats. The answer is yes! Whether you own a small or narrow boat, there are rod storage solutions available to meet your specific requirements. To explore other options or find professional assistance, visit East Coast Paddle Sports, a trusted source for all your boating needs.

DIY Rod locker

Prepare for your next fishing trip with confidence, knowing that your fishing rods are securely stored in your custom-made rod locker. Enjoy peace of mind and focus on what truly matters – catching the big ones!

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