Bristol Harbour: A Haven for Boating Enthusiasts

Bristol Harbour: A Haven for Boating Enthusiasts

Are you a boating enthusiast based in Bristol or planning to visit the area? Look no further than Bristol Harbour for all your boating needs. With a range of facilities and marine services, this harbor offers exceptional opportunities for canoeing, rowing, and dinghy enthusiasts. In this article, we will explore the various amenities available at Bristol Harbour, ensuring that your boating experience is both convenient and enjoyable.

Shore Storage: A Safe Haven for Your Watercraft

Bristol Harbour provides shore storage options suitable for canoes, rowing boats, and dinghies of up to five meters in length. Whether you prefer hard standing or racks, you can rest assured that your watercraft will be securely stored. However, please note that road trailers and outboard motors cannot be stored on-site. If you’re interested in shore storage, simply fill out and submit the storage application form to join the waiting list.

Toilets and Showers: Refreshment and Comfort

At Bristol Harbour, comfort is a top priority. That’s why you’ll find well-maintained toilet and shower facilities throughout the area. Some notable locations include the Baltic Wharf Water Leisure Centre, Wapping Wharf, Mud Dock, Bathurst Basin, Bristol Marina, and Elson facilities. These facilities cater to all your hygiene needs, providing you with convenience and peace of mind during your boating adventures. Don’t forget to pick up a key from the Harbor Office to access the locked toilets.

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Public Slipways: Easy Access to the Water

For hassle-free launch and retrieval of your watercraft, Bristol Harbour offers public slipways. The slipway located in Baltic Wharf, Underfall Yard, Cumberland Road is particularly noteworthy. With a maximum vessel length of six meters and a water depth of 1.2 meters at the outer end, this slipway ensures smooth and efficient boating operations. Operating hours are from 7:30 am to 10 pm between April and September and from 8 am to 7:30 pm between October and March. Keep in mind that the slipway may be closed during special events, so it’s always a good idea to check with the Harbor Office beforehand.

Repair Facilities: Reliable Support for Your Watercraft

In the unfortunate event of any damage or maintenance issues with your watercraft, Bristol Harbour offers a range of repair facilities. These include the Bristol Marina facilities, Albion Dockyard, Underfall Boat Yard, and the Bristol Classic Boat Company. Rest assured that your vessel will receive expert attention and care, ensuring its longevity and peak performance for all your boating endeavors.

Electricity: Powering Your Boating Experience

To ensure a seamless boating experience, Bristol Harbour provides metered electricity points throughout the docks. Electricity cards in denominations of £1, £5, and £10 can be purchased from various locations, including the Harbor Office, The Boathouse, The Coffee and Crepe Cabin, and the Nova Scotia pub. Remember to comply with the conditions and instructions for connecting to the shore supply, and you can even purchase the necessary cable from the Harbor Office.

Fresh Water: Hydration for Your Watercraft

Keeping your watercraft hydrated is crucial for smooth sailing. Bristol Harbour offers fresh water taps located conveniently along the quay wall. These taps are free to use, but ensure that you have a hose with a 5/8-inch union for easy access. Remember to report any leaks to the Harbour Office to maintain the integrity of the water supply. However, please refrain from using the hoses for cleaning chemical toilets or other sanitary fittings, as well as from submerging them in the harbor water to avoid contamination.

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For vessels over 30 tonnes gross register, contacting the Harbour Office during office hours is necessary to arrange for a waterman to supply water from a hydrant. The fee for this service depends on the size of your vessel, so don’t forget to check with the Harbor Office for more details.

With its comprehensive facilities and marine services, Bristol Harbour is the perfect destination for boating enthusiasts. Explore the serene waters with confidence, knowing that this harbor has everything you need for a remarkable boating experience. So, gear up and head to Bristol Harbour to embark on your next adventure!

Bristol Harbour

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