Boat Racks: The Perfect Solution for Your Watercraft Storage

Are you a passionate water enthusiast? Do you own boats of various sizes and need an efficient storage solution? Look no further! Introducing Boat Racks, the ultimate answer to your storage needs. Our racks are specifically designed to securely hold and organize your boats, allowing for easy access and optimum space utilization. Let’s explore the various components that make up our top-of-the-line Boat Rack System.

The Building Blocks of Boat Racks

Bases: The Foundation of Stability

Every Boat Rack features two types of bases – one for single-sided and one for double-sided racks. These sturdy bases are designed to provide maximum stability and support for your watercraft.

Uprights: Tailored for Your Needs

Our racks come with a universal upright design, offering four choices of height. These versatile uprights feature a series of vertically aligned holes, spaced at 50mm intervals. By adjusting the positioning of the arms using bolts, you can customize the height and configuration to perfectly suit your requirements.

Cross Stays: Reinforcing Strength

Boat Racks are equipped with cross stays that enhance the overall strength and durability of the system. With three length options available, you can choose the perfect span to accommodate your boats securely.

Connectors: Double-Sided Stability

Double-sided racks utilize connectors to link pairs of uprights. There are two connector types available. The 620mm connector minimizes the overall width of the rack, while the 1,180mm connector allows for arms to be set at the same height on both sides. This flexibility ensures that your riggers won’t clash, making it an ideal choice for spaces with sufficient clearance.

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Arms: Tailor-Made for Every Boat

Boat Racks offer a range of arm options to accommodate different types of boats. The basic arm design features a 700mm or an 800mm long square pipe welded to a steel back plate. These arms include a rubber top to prevent any damage to your precious watercraft. For heavy-duty applications, we offer 800mm and 1000mm long arms with additional reinforcement. These heavy-duty arms can also be ordered with sliding rails and rubberized surfaces for added convenience.

Tailored Solutions for Every Watercraft

Boat Size Options

Whether you own a single rowing boat or an expansive eight-person vessel, Boat Racks have got you covered. For small boats, such as singles and doubles, a two-arm configuration with a 2.8m span is sufficient. Four-person boats, known as 4s, can be supported by two or three arms with respective spans of either 4.2m or 5.6m. For larger vessels like eights, three arms with a 5.6m span (doubled to 11.2m) offer the ideal storage solution.

Cross Stay and Upright Options

The number of cross stays and uprights you’ll need depends on whether you have a single-sided or double-sided rack, and whether you’ve chosen a two-arm or three-arm configuration. Single-sided racks generally require three cross stays and two uprights. Double-sided racks, on the other hand, need four cross stays and four uprights. However, if you’ve opted for a three-arm setup, you’ll need six cross stays for double-sided racks and three uprights for single-sided racks.

Mobility Enhancement with Wheels

If you require mobility for your Boat Rack, we have two options for you. The first is the free wheel, which allows movement in any direction and includes a convenient brake. The second option is the fixed wheel, designed for straightforward linear mobility. These heavy-duty 200mm diameter wheels provide effortless maneuverability, ensuring that your Boat Rack is easy to relocate.

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If you do not require wheels, we recommend raising the bases slightly from the ground to prevent contact with bolts. This can be achieved using small blocks of wood or by attaching our purpose-made feet.

To order your ideal Boat Rack system, simply visit East Coast Paddle Sports. For individual Boat Rack components, click here. Experience the tranquility and convenience of well-organized boat storage with Boat Racks. Order yours today and set sail on hassle-free adventures!

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