Blue raft maui

Blue raft maui

This journey to the remote Kanio Coast includes all the same features as the shorter 4-hour adventure but makes a stop at Molokini too! Enjoy the sea caves, spinner dolphins, sea turtles and all of the fascinating sights of the rugged Kanio Coast along with Molokini Crater. The last stop for the day for this tour with Blue Water Rafting is at Molokini. Most of the daily Molokini charter boats will have left the crater by the time you arrive with Blue Water Rafting which provides an un-crowded experience as you explore the wonders of Molokini Crater. This is an awesome adventure for those who enjoy snorkeling in small groups and the rush of a high-speed raft. Blue Water Rafting provides an on-board continental breakfast, deli-style lunch complete with juice, soda, and water.

The ride down to the Kanio Coast is breathtaking. The snorkeling at these Maui snorkel sites is far superior to any other snorkel site on Maui.

The first snorkel site is along the Kanio Coast where Blue Water Rafting does what has become known as drift snorkeling. Drift snorkeling is smart snorkeling. Drift snorkeling is when the boat throws out a rope behind the boat grips it. The boat then moves forward slowly, motoring across the reef with the snorkeler moving across the area without exerting any energy. What a concept! As a snorkeler, you will see more fish along with covering more ground and spending less energy. If you are anything like me, that’s a good thing as I’m not in any shape to spend an extended period of time in the water without feeling fatigued.

The color in the reef speaks for itself. Nowhere on Maui are the reefs so alive and teeming with marine life. Thousands of species of fish call the Kanio Coast home and they move along the reefs, busy with their life’s in a leisurely manner looking for food and basically giving the reefs a lively look. Dolphins also call the southern coast of Maui home. Bottle Nose and Spinner Dolphins swim in pods that make the waters look as if they are boiling. Continuously playing, ever smiling the dolphins of Kanio are friendly and plentiful. Imagine snorkeling and have a dolphin swim up and smile at you. I guarantee you will be amazed. The Kanio Coast is the only place on Maui this is likely to happen, so what are you waiting for. Join us today.

Whereas the inside of Molokini Crater is bustling with charter boats, the backwall of Molokini sees none. Only scuba diving charters visit the backwall. The backwall of Molokini is deep and teeming with all sorts of marine life that isn’t present on the other side of the wall. The fish are bigger and there are a lot more of them.

I have snorkeled with Blue Water Rafting on several occasions. As an agent, every ne in a while it’s a good idea to check in with different Maui activities so we can see what has changed or not. In most cases changes The revolve around the menu. With Blue Water Rafting, the adventure is the same as it always has been. Their belief is if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. The Kanio Coast Molokini snorkel trip is one of my favorites. Small groups with only fish in the ocean. I like it that way. I know snorkeling the Kanio Coast and the backwall will always remain as it is, mainly due to the fact that Blue Water is the only charter boat company on Maui who snorkels these two areas.

Blue Water Rafting has been snorkeling Maui for over 30 years. They were the first snorkel boat on Maui to offer snorkeling tours to the Kanio Coast and the first to combine Molokini snorkeling into one tour with the Kanio Coast. The company is a small business on Maui that is family owned and operated. Snorkeling the remote southern coast of Maui is there passion. Showing snorkelers, the backwall of Molokini is special and Blue Water Rafting provides the only Molokini snorkel trip that does that.

Tip of the Day:Bring sunscreen and a towel No restrooms aboard.

Meals:Continental Breakfast Deli Style Lunch

Restrictions:No expecting mothers No people with bad backs no neck problems No children under the age of 6.

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