Best raft mods

Best raft mods
Video Best raft mods

Before you go jumping on the Steam workshop, trying to find Raft mods, it’s worth pointing out that Raft requires a third-party installer to be able to add mods to the game.

Use the button below, and install the Raft Mod Loader, which will be needed to run the mods for Raft and edit the game.

Mods change the way that the base game works, and can often be used to make a game feel fresh again, or simply fix some quality of life bugs that the developers might have missed.

Once you have Mod Loader installed, all you need to do is simply click on a mod you like the looks of, and then click install mod on that page, as pictured below.

Bow Release

Bow Release is a very simple mod, that honestly should be in the base game, without the need to have it modded in, as the name suggests, the mod allows you to release without firing an arrow.

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At the moment, it is not possible to aim, without firing an arrow in the core game, something which has lost me plenty of arrows during my time on Raft.

More Storages

With the base game only offering two types of storage, more storage is an essential mod, not only to give you more storage options but also to have the ability to add some variety to the design of your storage on your raft too.

You can also push your storage solutions further, by also using the stack mod, which is next on our list, allowing you to make the most out of your new storage boxes.

Stack Mod

Some of the stack sizes in Raft are frankly too small, for example, the ocean is littered with palm leaves, which only stack up to a size of 20 per stack.

It doesn’t take long for these to then start turning into multiple stacks, and eventually taking up multiple boxes, well this is where stack mod comes in, allowing players to choose their own custom stack size.

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Having the ability to change the stack sizes yourself is great too, as this means you can have them perfectly to your requirements.


Best raft mod: Raft MMO

This Raft mod is a little more unique than the others in the list, RaftMMO places buoys around the map, which when approached will allow you to trade with other players from other game sessions.

Raft can be tricky, and at times some resources can be a nightmare to obtain, so having the option to trade with other players can save a whole lot of time and hassle.

Solar Panel

Batteries can be a pain to craft, and until you’ve gained the ability to craft the battery charger it can be a nightmare having to keep crafting more, this is where the solar panel mod comes in handy.

The mod allows you to craft a simple solar panel, that recharges batteries during the daytime, making keeping up with your power needs, such as the receiver, much more simple.


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At the start of the game, nets can be a lifesaver, helping you to gather tons of resources, without needing to keep throwing your hook and hoping to hit something.

But, as your game progresses and you start to establish a bigger raft with more resources, you might find yourself throwing everything, but the wood out of those nets.

Well, thanks to the FilteredNets mod, you can now choose what you want the nets to catch, and stop it from gathering any other items, saving you time having to throw them away, or pointlessly filling up your storage.

Furniture Mod

As someone who loves building in survival games, the ability to have more items to craft is something I never pass up.

The furniture mod adds tons of new items to Raft, that offer both functional and cosmetic value, allowing you to build a much more detailed and homely raft.

You can see the incredible list of new items added to Raft in the furniture mod by clicking the button below.

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