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Raft is a survival-based game as you float around the ocean. Although as you progress, Raft is not simply about survival but also about exploring new islands. How so? With a Radio Antenna, you can navigate several islands around the ocean. For that, you need to craft several items to complete its setup. So, here’s our guide on how to setup an Antenna in the Raft.

How to Complete Antenna Setup in the Raft

As mentioned, you need to craft different items to complete the setup. Here are all the resources needed in the setup:

  • Receiver
  • 3 Antennas
  • Battery

Now, let’s delve into these resources in more detail.

How to Craft Reciever in Raft

You need to get a Receiver Blueprint to craft a receiver. As you find a blueprint, it will already be added to the Research table. If you are unable to find its blueprint, pull one of the Floating barrels to find one.

Here are the following items needed to craft a Reciever:

    • 1 Hinge
    • 2 Circuit Board
    • 6 Plastic
    • 8 Plank
  • For Hinge, you can either craft it using one Metal Ingot or find it in several loot boxes.
  • You can craft a Circuit board using 1 Vine Goo, 2 Copper Ingot, and 5 Plastic.
  • You can find Planks by cutting down the trees.
  • Lastly, you can find Plastic in the loot boxes and vacated Rafts.
  • Then, you need to place them on a Research table to get the Reciever.

How to Craft Antenna

Similar to a receiver, you need to get its blueprint to craft it. You can find it in the Floating barrels floating around the sea. Once you get its blueprint, here are the following items you need to craft an Antenna:

    • 1 Bolt
    • 4 Scrap
    • 1 Circuit Board
  • You can find Bolts and Scraps in the loot boxes scattered around.
  • After you have these items, head to a Research table to craft an Antenna.
  • You need three Antennas to navigate the locations.

How to Craft Battery in the Raft

  • You need batteries to supply power to a receiver.
  • For that, you need to research a Battery at a Research table using a Copper ingot.
  • Every Battery charges a receiver for 500 seconds. So, make sure to remove the batteries after using them.
  • As you progress, you can also charge the batteries using Battery chargers.

Now, that we have all the resources, we need to place the Antennas at the right altitude.

Raft Antenna Altitude

  • For the Antenna to work, you need to place the three Antennas and Receiver apart from each other.
  • Make sure that these antennas are two or three blocks apart from each other.
  • You need to place the Reciever at the same altitude but three to four blocks away from the Antennas.
  • Once everything is placed right, use the Receiver to check if there is an island with supplies nearby.

How to Use an Antenna with a Reciever

  • As you use a receiver, you can look on its screen to find out the nearby islands.
  • You will see green dots on the screen to indicate the islands with loot.

raft antenna setup

  • You can also find a bunch of dangerous enemies. But the range for the Antenna is close to 1000 meters.
  • As you enter a 4 digit code, you can also find the quests. This is highlighted by the blue dots on the receiver.
  • If you did not place the Antenna or other resources right, it will also be detected on the receiver.

That’s everything covered about the Antenna setup in the Raft. If you liked this guide, check out our other guides on how to get the explosive powder, how to solve Utopia Cogwheel Puzzle, and how to build a beehive with honey in the Raft right here on Gamer Tweak.

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