Alberton gorge white water rafting

Alberton gorge white water rafting
Video Alberton gorge white water rafting

The region’s most popular trip, the Clark Fork River through Montana’s Alberton Gorge is an exciting, splashy ride through Class II-III whitewater. Thousands of people visit the Clark Fork each year for its amazing scenery and fun rapids. Our trips include a delicious riverside lunch, professional guides, and rafting gear. All we need are eager, enthusiastic rafters (first-timers and experts alike) that are ready to have an unforgettable day on the river!

We use 13′ paddle rafts so everyone is a participant. Each raft has a professional guide who teaches everyone how to paddle and as a team as you navigate the rapids.

Our season begins around the first week of July and goes until early September, depending on water levels. Rafters as young as 7 are welcome (check with us about early July water levels as it might be best to wait till mid-July to take kids younger than 9.) First-time rafters are welcome and all participants should be in good health and comfortable in water. The Alberton Gorge is well isolated from any roads with magnificent rock formations and dramatic rose-colored cliffs rising vertically on both sides of the river. You’ll see dozens of birds, including osprey, mergansers and if lucky, some Harlequin Ducks. We may also see deer, elk and beaver. Along the way our guides will spin a few yarns about this magnificent river named after William Clark of Lewis & Clark. Its headwaters are in the Beaverhead and Rocky Mountains near Butte, Montana, where the Indians called it the ‘Arrowhead’ River due to a semi-transparent stone found near the river that was used to make arrowheads. When the Clark Fork leaves Montana, on its way to Lake Pend Oreille and the Columbia River, it carries more water than any river in Montana.

Packing list

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What to Bring: Many days on the Clark Fork are hot and sunny and you’ll simply need a swimsuit, T-shirt and proper footwear. However, if the forecast is for cool weather in western Montana, you should try and bring a set of synthetic tights/leggings, a synthetic sweater/shirt and a raincoat. Our guides often find that synthetic leggings with a pair of nylon shorts over the top are the perfect combination for cool days. If it gets even cooler, adding a synthetic sweater and/or raincoat completes the outfit. The weather in Montana may be different than Coeur d’Alene or Spokane, so come prepared for a variety of conditions. Avoid all cotton materials as cotton makes you colder when wet! Rental Gear: We do have a great rental kit including a synthetic sweater, waterproof “splash jacket” (raincoat) and cap. If it’s really cool (or you’re cold blooded) we also have wetsuits and booties available. On cool or rainy days you should wear a synthetic shirt/sweatshirt over the wetsuit. DO NOT bring cotton sweatshirts to keep you warm. They just get wet and make you cold! A good waterproof raincoat (NOT a flimsy windbreaker) should be worn over the above. Wetsuit booties are best worn with wool socks. AGAIN, DO NOT BRING COTTON!

For Warm Days:

  • Sun screen and sun hat
  • Towel for end of day
  • Nylon shorts or swimsuit
  • Camera
  • Tennis shoes or sport sandals with straps
  • Head strap for glasses
  • Personal water bottle – optional
  • Windbreaker and/or raincoat in case of cloudy weather

For Cool Days:

  • Synthetic leggings or tights is highly recommended
  • Synthetic top*
  • Rain coat* (good waterproof kind – not nylon windbreaker)
  • See other items under “For Warm Days” too

Sample Itinerary

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9:00 AM PDT: Meet in scenic Superior Montana.

10:00 AM: After a safety talk and demonstration you’ll hit the river!

12:00 PM: You’ll stop for lunch on the beach and then back to floating.

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4:00-4:30 PM: Back to your vehicles.*

*Please note that due to the nature of the trip times may vary.


You can find local weather information here.

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