The Versatile Alaska 500 XL: A Boat Worth Exploring

The Versatile Alaska 500 XL: A Boat Worth Exploring

If you’re looking for a boat that combines functionality, stability, and style, then the Alaska 500 XL might be just what you need. This impressive vessel has undergone some notable changes, including a sleeker design with enclosed sides and a swept-back cabin. But that’s not all – the Alaska 500 XL also boasts a double-skinned hull that incorporates woven sandwich construction, making it virtually unsinkable.

A Safe and Practical Design

The Alaska 500 XL is built with safety and convenience in mind. The bow features a stainless steel safety rail that surrounds you when kneeling, giving you a sense of security. Additionally, there’s a stainless bow roller and mooring bollard, ensuring smooth anchoring. The cabin roof offers space for an optional stainless steel gantry, perfect for adding VHF aerials and rod rocket holders. The Nav lights are cleverly positioned high on the cabin sides, maximizing visibility in harsh weather conditions.

The cabin windows are split into three sections, with the middle one serving as a Houdini hatch for easy access during anchoring. The side windows provide ample natural light and give you a clear view of your surroundings. The Alaska 500 XL also features stainless steel grab rails on the rear cabin edges and gunnel tops, offering stability and peace of mind.

Thoughtful Design Elements

On deck, you’ll find the helm seat positioned on the starboard side, providing excellent visibility and control. The boat is equipped with two upholstered seats that also serve as lockers for storage. The helm console features a stainless steel wheel and sufficient space for instruments and electronics. For added convenience, there’s locker access inside the helm console.

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While the Alaska 500 XL offers a remarkable design, there are a couple of minor tweaks that could enhance the overall experience. The switch panel, for instance, is currently placed in a position that may lead to accidental switches. However, the manufacturer is aware of this issue and is considering alternative solutions. Additionally, opting for a slightly more powerful engine, such as the 60hp motor, could provide smoother cruising while maintaining fuel efficiency.

Impressive Performance on the Water

The Alaska 500 XL’s 7′ beam gives it a surprisingly spacious feel, and its stability allows for activities like reeling in sizable fish without any worries of tipping over. When underway, the boat impresses with its responsiveness and quick acceleration. Even at high speeds, the hull remains steady, providing a smooth and comfortable ride. Tight turns are executed with precision, showcasing the boat’s agility and maneuverability.

During testing, the Alaska 500 XL with a 50hp Yamaha 4-stroke outboard achieved a top speed of 24 knots. However, it’s worth noting that the engine was new and still in the breaking-in phase. With the engine fully broken in, cruising speeds of around 18 knots and a top speed of 28 knots are easily attainable. Fuel consumption is estimated to be approximately 15 liters per hour during cruising.

Alaska 500 XL

A Reliable and Versatile Fishing Companion

The Alaska 500 XL boasts a spacious and uncluttered main deck area, painted with a non-slip grey coating to minimize light reflection. The gunnels feature neat upholstered edges, providing comfort while leaning against them during fishing sessions. The transom is equipped with a full-width upholstered seat, and beneath it lies a generous storage space for batteries and additional fuel tanks.

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The splash well offers ample depth, accompanied by rod holders and tying off cleats. To further enhance convenience, the stern quarters feature a stainless steel grab rail on one side and an auxiliary engine bracket on the other. The boat is flawlessly finished, with attention to detail evident in the contrasting upholstery and fittings.


In summary, the Alaska 500 XL is a reliable boat with a strong pedigree. Despite its compact size, it offers a spacious and stable platform for fishing adventures. The comfortable helm seat provides excellent visibility and easy access to controls, ensuring a pleasurable boating experience. With ample storage compartments and the option to add a canopy, the Alaska 500 XL is versatile enough for both inshore and offshore fishing excursions.

Whether you’re an experienced angler or a beginner, the Alaska 500 XL offers an ideal balance of functionality and performance. Its well-thought-out design and impressive build quality make it a leader in its class. So, if you’re ready to explore the open waters and cast your line, consider the Alaska 500 XL as your trusty companion.


  • Overall Length: 16′ 4″
  • Beam: 7′ 0″
  • Freeboard: 30″
  • Weight: 500 kg
  • Engine: 50/75hp Outboard
  • Approx Height On Trailer: 7′ 0″
  • CE Category: C8

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