20 foot grumman canoe for sale

20 foot grumman canoe for sale

What you’re looking at is a 20′ aluminum canoe. I cannot prove beyond what I learned from Ohio Division of Watercraft, that this is the make, year and model of the boat I’m advertising. I bought the boat, minus any identifying brand, model or ORIGINAL H.I.D. Tags, other than the registration numbers, from the son of the estate owner( listed on the title and registration), buy power of attorney. I have covered their personal info in the photos, but it is on the documents which you may have for your trail of bread crumbs.

What I do have is a copy of the previous owner’s ( now deceased), title and a registration card. And a notarized bill-of-sale, to me, from the previous owner’s son. (See p.o.a. Above) If you look at the title copy and the photo of the old hull i.d. Tag, they match.

At some point, B. Of Watercraft re-issued the h.i.d number H31417 and tag(I have the old tag-removed) it is still on file in Columbus, Oh. It matches the title and registration. They had no reason why it was changed from the manufacturer’s. Maybe it came from Canada?

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Who knows. I give them all the paperwork and they chose to issue a new set of h.i.d. Tags and keep the original registration number set number set., as seen on the reg copy. OH4655FC. Watercraft also shreds titles in Ohio and only issues registrations now. There are two h.i.d.

Tags, one riveted to the bow and one under the rear gunwale. I also replaced the reg. Numbers with fresh ones. You will note the year and length discrepancies on the old title and registration. The title lists the length at 22′.

As far as I know Grumman made exactly one canoe over 20′ as a demo. The title copy also lists the year as Unknown. ‘Watercraft told me that any boat made before 1974 will have its manufactured year listed as Unknown. I didn’t ask why… The old 1985 registration lists the year made is 1962 and the length as 16′-26’. So ignore the title factoid and Bob couldn’t find his tape measure that day.

Gotta love the Watercraft people. I’m going with ’62 and I measured it at 20′. See also the old 1965 reg sticker. There were a lot of post war aluminum boat makers. I found this article dated 1972.

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Copy and paste to google.https://www.nytimes.com/1972/01/23/archives/grumman-features-two-20foot-canoes.html This seems to deepen the boat’s mystique. Which ever info you chose to run with, its a 20′ canoe. I currently have it registered as, “All- Water Pleasure Craft, Hand/Motor Powered.” Rated for 7.5hp with the use of a side mount kicker board. I’ve replaced the missing Load Capacity sticker with a vinyl reproduction I copied from another Grumman 20 Expedition. The boat has the typical aluminum canoe wear and tear from sliding of rocky river beds, but no large dents.

I dollied out quite a few acorn sized ones. One rib has half a dozen copper “Yankee” patch rivets. The bow nose had some damage from where it looked like is slid off the top of a truck and got dragged. It wore thru the nose. I had a local welder repair it, with both a reinforcing-hardened aluminum round stock 3/8″ dowel bent to shape, as well and 1/8″ flat stock.

You can hit the bow with a hammer and it won’t dent. The seams and inside were the recoated with urethane as the factory had done. I took it out on the water and nothing leaks, bow to stern. There is some small bulkhead panel damage at the bolt mountings, front and rear, that I did not address. Welding thin sheet like that could be difficult.

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I kept the missing tabs, four of them, in case you’d want to make a new set, maybe from stainless. Damage was probably from kid feet kicking it over the years. The bow and stern top deck plates have a few small cracks I would guess from the stress of lifting the 110lb beast to carry it. Perhaps some fancy made L braces with a fishing rod holder built to it would be cool. Some of the original nut and bolt hardware has been replaced with what worked.

Easily replaced with your choice. Also comes with two paddles and an anchor. If you’re semi-local you are more than welcome to come look at it. Or if the weather is nice, we can meet down at a local pond or lake, and go for splash. *The term “Expedition” is used loosely in the header.

Grumman’s two 20′ models were either called the War and Peace, or interchangeably Freighter and Expedition. These were two seaters. The War model had either no seats or six ,I think. The War model being, think Polynesian dugout canoe. Boy Scout camp racing, etc.

Message me with questions about any possible delivery costs or possibilities before bidding.

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