2 day grand canyon rafting

2 day grand canyon rafting

While Grand Canyon National Park provides information about these float trips. These trips are actually upstream from the park in Glen Canyon. However, these flatwater float trips are still scenic and the best opportunity to get a feel for the Colorado River for those not interested in a 1-day Grand Canyon white water adventure.

In 2022 these smooth water tours on the Colorado River run from March through October. The motorized trips meet and end in Page, Arizona, while the self-guided kayak tours begin and end at Lee Ferry the start of Marble Canyon and Grand Canyon National Park.

Alternatively, Papillon Helicopters offers a smooth water pontoon boat trip in Grand Canyon that includes a helicopter ride to the Colorado River and a small plane flight over Lake Mead. These trips meet and end in Las Vegas.

Glen Canyon Dam

Motorized Half Day Rafting Trips

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These trips run 3 times a day from Page, Arizona meeting at 6 am, 9:30 am, or 12 pm. After about an hour you will be transported from the meeting location to the base of Glen Canyon dam where the waters of Lake Powell once again form the Colorado River. There is an option to take a bus from the South Rim and then raft Glen Canyon.

The smooth water rafting trip is on inflatable pontoon boats with up to 22 passengers. The rafts will take you 15 miles downstream through Horseshoe Bend’s dramatic 1,000+ feet canyon walls. There will be time to stop to see petroglyphs of the Puebloan people. The tour ends at Lee’s Ferry, the start of Marble Canyon and Grand Canyon. From there an air-conditioned motor coach takes you back to Page.

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Guided Half Day Motor Trip

Check availability for half day rafting trips from the south rim.

Rates & Dates

Kayak Half Day, Full Day and Two-Day Trips

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Kayak trips meet at Lees Ferry where you are ferried up canyon by motor raft to your launch point. From there you paddle at your speed back down to Lees Ferry. Paddle Boards are also available for rental. Read more about Horseshoe Bend Kayak and Paddle Board Trips.

Full Day Kayak Trip

Meet/End: Page, ArizonaLaunch: Base of Glen Canyon DamTake Out: Lees FerryLength: 15.5 miles/7-9 hoursMinimum Age: 4 years-oldCost: $79+ fees per person to transport up riverRentals: 1 person kayak $30/day2 person kayak $45/day

Check availability for full and 2-day kayak trips.

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Glen Canyon above Lees Ferry

Half Day Kayak Trip

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Meet/End: Lees Ferry, ArizonaLaunch: Petroglyph BeachTake Out: Lees FerryLength: 10 miles/4.5 hoursMinimum Age: 5 years-oldCost: Motor Raft Shuttle – $75/personRentals: 1 person kayak $302 person kayak $45

Check availability for half day kayak trips.

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Horseshoe Bend, Colorado River

Concluding Thoughts

Paddling or motoring down through Glen Canyon below the dam is an unforgettable experience. The scenery is similar to downstream in the Grand Canyon, yet these trips cost a fraction and can be done in half a day. Overnight trips along the Glen Canyon section allow for camping along the river, an extraordinary experience. For those wanting a white water experience check out the 1-day or 3 to 16 day Grand Canyon rafting trips. You may also want to learn more about the best time of year to raft in Grand Canyon.

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